Sirf Tum 20th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Suhani gets clean chit from Court

Sirf Tum 20th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranveer and Suhani sitting in the car and leaving. Ansh asks the goons to free his hands. They free him. Vikrant tells Mamta that she has done a big mistake by supporting her son. Mamta says I always supported you, but for my son’s betterment, I have to go against you. Ansh calls Kapoor and says that Ranveer. He says they got all the proofs from Manager and they went to reach court. Kapoor shouts and says they will not reach court. The prosecution lawyer says this is cold blooded murder. Rakesh says Vikrant sir is at home, this is not murder. Defence lawyer asks Prosecution not to call Suhani as murderer, until the crime is proved. The prosecution asks Judge to pass the verdict without wasting the court time. Defence lawyer asks for 10 mins time so that Suhani reaches the court. Judge grants him time. Defence lawyer calls Suhani. Suhani says we are reaching there in 5 mins. She sees someone on the road and asks Ranveer to stop the car, as someone met with an accident. Ranveer gets down and sees the man/goon faking to be unconscious. The goon attacks Ranveer and throws chilli powder in his eyes. Ranveer holds his eyes. Suhani calls Ranveer. The goon laughs. Other goons join him, and they all laugh. The goon tells other goons that he will handle Ranveer and asks other goons to handle Suhani, she shall not reach court. Suhani shouts Ranveer. Ranveer shouts Suhani. The goons attack him on his head with the rod. He falls down. Suhani is shocked.

Rakesh tells that Suhani is not picking the call and Sudha is asking about the case. Suhani shouts Ranveer, while he is beaten up by the goons. The lawyer asks when Suhani will come. He says Judge will call her in 2 mins, and if she didn’t turn up, then even I can’t stop him from giving verdict. Dadi asks Defence lawyer to stop him. Defence lawyer says Prosecution is not letting him take time, and says I am sorry. Rakesh gets worried. Dadi says may be miracle can happen and everything will be fine. Rakesh asks her to pray. They go back to court. The goons continue to beat Ranveer. Suhani brushes off the goon’s hands and takes rod from the goon. She starts beating all the goons. They fall down. Suhani asks Ranveer to get up. The goons hold Suhani again, while others try to hit him with their feet. Ranveer holds their feet and pushes them. He gets up and starts beating them. Sirf tum plays….he takes the hockey stick and beats the goons. He asks the goon, how dare he to touch Suhani. The goon apologizes and runs away. Suhani asks how is he? He says I am fine and asks how is she? Suhani says she is fine and wipes blood from his face with her dupatta. Sirf Tum plays……She asks you are fine. He says nothing will be fine, if we don’t reach court on time. They sit in the car and leave.

The defence lawyer tells that Suhani understands the seriousness of the case and there might be some reason that she is not here on time. Judge says I am sorry, this court is ready to give its verdict. He writes the verdict and says seeing all the proofs and witnesses, this court has come to a decision that….Ranveer comes there and asks Judge to stop. Suhani comes inside with him. Everyone looks at Ranveer and Suhani. Ranveer says few proofs are not submitted in court and gives pendrive to Suhani, asking her to give to Judge. Prosecution says case is over, so why new stories are hearing. Ranveer says someone wanted us not to reach court and that’s why attack us. Prosecution says it is a good excuse. The Judge gives a chance to Suhani to prove. Suhani goes to the witness box and says it has my innocence prove. Judge watches the CCTV footage and sees Ansh replacing the medicines. She tells that this is the CCTV footage of the hospital, you can clearly see how the injection is replaced. Judge shows the footage to everyone present in the court. Rakesh and his family are shocked to see Ansh in the video. Judge says it is proved that this injection was replaced due to some intention and Suhani didn’t intent to harm anyone, she wanted to save her patient. He says seeing this proof, this court is freeing Suhani from all the charges, with a warning for her carelessness. Everyone claps. Suhani looks at Ranveer happily. He helps her come out of the witness box. Suhani hugs Dadi. Others hug them. Dadi thanks God. Suhani hugs Rakesh. Rakesh says I trust you fully, but during the last moments, I was afraid. Suhani says I was not afraid to go to jail, but afraid that I might not fulfill Maa and Ranveer’s dream. She says Ranveer fought with the goons and brought me here. She asks where did he go?

Kapoor scolds Vikrant and says you had said that Suhani is trapped. Vikrant says Shashi. Kapoor asks him not to open his mouth. Vikram asks what is this misbehavior? Kapoor says I will take revenge for whatever you and your son did. Servant comes there and asks Kapoor to see Riya. Ranveer thanks the lawyer. Lawyer says we have won this case because of you. Suhani asks Ranveer, why did he leave her? He says he is holding her hand tightly and will not leave her even if she wants. Riya lights fire around her, on the mandap to burn herself. Kapoor asks someone to save his daughter and asks Riya to come out. Riya says if you come near me then I will shoot myself. Kapoor asks her not to do this. Vikrant and others are shocked. Riya says you all are useless. She tells that she just wants Ranveer and asks Kapoor to bring him, else she will finish her life. She says if you want to see me fine, then bring him here. Kapoor says Suhani got a clean chit from court and he went there. Riya says I sat on this mandap for Ranveer, and when he is not here, I am ending my life here. Mamta asks her to stop. Riya is about to shoot herself, aiming gun on her forehead.

Precap: Ranveer and Suhani come back home. Vikrant says this is my house and has no place for a poor girl. Ranveer asks him to talk with manners, to his would be wife and this house would be bahu. Vikrant says you are doing a mistake. Ranveer says he will not be afraid and will not leave his love. Vikrant says he will see, who is with him. Mamta and Samaira hold Suhani’s hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So court saw Ansh exchanging medication….so why is he not been arrested for attempt to murder?????

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