Ishq Mein Marjawan Season 2 – FF – Part 2

Let’s start

In Mumbai

Bansal Mansion

Pihu is seen drinking black coffee she thinks about her past and said: today was the day when I broke my all the relation with you. Why you did this with me why

Her thoughts where distrubed by a knock on the door she opens the door and found her mother.

Pihu: good morning mumma

Nandini: good morning pihu, I’m surprised to see that you wake up early today how’s this possible

Pihu: nothing ma, leave it and listen I have a really important meeting today so I have to get ready, bye

Nandani: ok and come fast I ll prepare your breakfast

Nandani enters kitchen and she thinks: I know you very well pihu that you are really upset today and u can’t hide this from me I don’t know whatever riddhima did with u was right or wrong but I also don’t like Atharva.

Raghav is seen in this room getting ready and he is talking to someone

Raghav: good morning di how are you and your cute little devils

Riddhima: good morning Raghav, I’m good and yeah they both are also good. By the way how is everyone especially Pihu

Raghav: di here everyone is good, dad has gone to Kolkata for a meeting ll come tomorrow, ma is also fine and ya pihu is absolutely fine.

Riddhima: hmm.. ok I ll call you later I have some work. Bye take care.

Raghav: ok good bye di.

They hangs up the call.

In Delhi

Riddhima is sitting in her cabin when a nurse came and told her that the head of the hospital is calling her she went in her cabin.

Riddhima: good morning Dr.

Head: good morning Dr. Riddhima please have a seat

She nods and sit

I have a great news for you that your transfer application to Mumbai has been cleared and next week you will shift to Mumbai and you ll be the head of our hospital in the Mumbai branch hospital

Riddhima: thanku Dr.

Head: it’s my duty.

Riddhima takes the envelope and came back and she thinks: I have taken this decision for my kids as they ll get better education and opportunity in Mumbai. I hope my decision doesn’t affect them and I hope we would not meet Vansh and my family again. Bappa pls give me strength to fight with my past so that it would not affect my present and my kids.

Same evening

Riddhima reaches her flat

Kavita: didi you came back early but you told me that you will come late is everything fine

Riddhima: yes Kavita everything is fine but where are Ayan and Ananya

Kavita: in their room

Riddhima: ok I want to share something with you that next week we will shift to Mumbai.

Kavita: that’s great news Didi but I am upset that I ll be unable to meet the kids again

Riddhima: ha you are right I have lot of work now because I have to start my packing,then have to go to their school and lot many more.

Same night

Riddhima makes her kids sleep in their room she takes black coffee and sit near window in her room and thinks: I now that my decision is very difficult but I have to do this for my kids I just pray that everything went well. I am aware that one day or the other day we have to face each other but I have made myself strong that I will not feel weak in front of you.

1 week later

Riddhima reaches airport and she makes herself and kids settle

Riddhima: both of you sit properly otherwise I ll make u out of the flight.

Kids’ ok mumma

The flight journey was going well both the kids fell asleep as they wake up early in the morning.

Riddhima was in her thoughts when one of the passanger call her

Passanger: hi myself Shweta

Riddhima: hii I’m Riddhima

they started talking and become friends.

At Airport

Vansh has come to pick Shweta.

Riddhima was looking for her luggage and kids were waiting for their mother. Raghav came to pick Riddhima.

Raghav was looking for Riddhima when he collide with someone she is Shweta she was about to fell but Raghav saved her in nick time. He was lost in her beauty.

Shweta: Excuses me

Raghav: Yes

Shweta: Ahm… leave me

Raghav realises and said her: Sorry

They both parted their path

Ayan and Ananya met Raghav they hug him. Raghav went to buy something as they were hungry.

Both the kids were roaming when Ananya collided with someone. He was Vansh. Ananya see him and said: Can’t you walk ha

Vansh was amazed to see her as no one dare to speak with such confidence. He says: you were the one who was running

Ayan: how can you talk to my sis like this

Before anyone can say anything Raghav see them and take them with him.

Raghav give them pineapple pastry but they refuse and said: we don’t like it.

Riddhima witnessed the seen and she remember Vansh. She said: let’s go

Raghav hugs Riddhima and said: how are you did

Riddhima: good are u okay you are looking weak

Raghav: come on di I’m absolutely fine. Let’s go now

Vansh was leaving the airport with Shweta and Riddhima was behind him.

Both were not able to see each other.

Both leave the airport in their respective cars.

There car stops at traffic light and their cars were parallel.

Vansh look towards Riddhima was looking at back seat to her kids. The traffic light went green and they went to their ways.

Raghav: di ll u go to Bansal Mansion

Riddhima: you better know the ans of this ques

Raghav: were ll u stay then

Riddhima: I have rented a flat I ll their


Siya is in coma

No Aahana

Kabir doesn’t live in VR mansion

Anupriya ‘ s truth is still unknown by Rai Singhanias.

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