Sirf Tum 15th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Ansh sends drunk Suhani to Ranveer’s house

Sirf Tum 15th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ansh throwing the party at his house. Suhani and Asha looks on. Ansh comes to Suhani. Suhani says she don’t want to dance. Ranveer comes there and switches off the music system. Ansh asks what he would like to have? He aims gun at Ranveer. Ranveer says I will take just 5 mins to bury your and your puppets’ anger in the mud. Ansh says I knew that you will come here, and that’s why I have made arrangements for you before. Ranveer asks if you have so much trust on your manhood, then why did you send Suhani to my house? Ansh looks at Suhani. He says you got pleasure by making my rustication news reach at home, and my Dadu got fracture in his leg. He says I have promised Suhani and that’s why leaving you this time. Ansh says why to leave to next time and aims gun at Ranveer. Ranveer breaks the glass bottle and takes the broken piece in his hand. Suhani asks Asha to stop them. She then requests Ranveer to leave from there. Ansh says my wife will not fold her hands infront of anyone. Asha says a mother can fold her hands and asks them to stop it. Ansh asks her to go. Asha asks Ranveer to listen to her atleast, and says I am not your mother, but I am a mother and asks him to leave from there. Ranveer says you don’t need to fold hands before me. He throws the glass bottle and leaves from there. Ansh shouts at Suhani and asks why did you go to Ranveer’s house, with whose permission. He says Maa has saved Ranveer, but nobody can save you from me, you will be punished and you couldn’t think of the punishment.

Ranveer comes home drunk. Mamta holds him and asks why is he taking revenge on himself. She says I need my son back. Ranveer asks why did Suhani come here? Mamta says Suhani came to inform us about your rustication, was very disturbed, she can’t see you ruining your life. Ranveer says Suhani cares for me day and night and asks did you see love in Suhani’s eyes for me, and says she just loves me and can’t love someone else. He says one day Suhani will come running to me forever. Mamta holds him as he stumbles. Ranveer goes. Mamta thinks Suhani told that only I can take care of Ranveer in this whole world, but you are the one who can handle him and take care of him.

Ansh keeps the wine bottle infront of Suhani. He says last time you had gone to Ranveer’s house without my permission. He says this time, I want you to go there, sit with him and make him drunk. Suhani says how can I make anyone drink, never to Ranveer. Ansh asks her to drink to get colored in Ranveer’s color. Suhani asks what are you saying, how can I drink? Ansh says I will call sasur ji and will say that. Suhani says don’t call Papa. Ranveer says your Suhani loves just you, and smiles looking at himself in the mirror.

Suhani drinks wine. Ansh gives the wine bottle in Suhani’s hand and asks her to tell Ranveer, how much she hates him. Suhani looks on. Ranveer checks Dadu’s feet and says there is no swelling in your feet. Dadu says there is pain inside. Ranveer says I will give you medicines. Dadu asks him to sit with him for sometime, and tells that anger is the enemy of human, and tells that wine combination with anger is not good, and the person can’t figure out what is right and wrong. Mamta says you have reached to your marriage venue late due to wine effect and Suhani got married to someone else. Just then they hear Suhani knocking on the door and shouting for Ranveer, asking him to open the door. Ranveer opens the door. Suhani knocks on his chest asking him to open the door. Sirf tum plays…..Suhani says there is nobody here and is about to go. Ranveer goes out behind Suhani. Suhani shouts his name. Ranveer says I am here. He sees a car coming towards Suhani and runs to save her. Suhani smiles seeing him. She then says I want to meet Ranveer.

Ranveer asks her to come to her senses and asks if Ansh made her drunk forcibly. Suhani asks if you are Ranveer. Ranveer says yes, and asks her to come inside. Suhani says first you will drink wine with me and then I will go. Ranveer asks her to stop the drama and come inside. Ansh is hearing her on his mobile, and Suhani’s mobile is also on. Asha also hears her. Suhani asks him to drink, else Ansh will get angry and she can’t upset him. Ranveer asks him to come inside. Asha asks Ansh why did he send Suhani there? Ansh says if I haven’t made her drunk then Ranveer wouldn’t have felt helpless. He says Ranveer will drink wine now and will do drama. Asha says I am scared, Ranveer will do some big drama. Ansh says I want him to do a big drama so that I send him to lock up. He says I have used Suhani to harm Ranveer, like I have used her for throwing him out of college. He says I knew that Ranveer will not let Suhani leave the college and accepted his rustication. He says I have used Suhani and will ruin him slowly, that he will fall down from Vikrant Oberoi. He says I will do such a thing, that Vikrant Oberoi will not have any option left than to accept me as his son, and says I will snatch everything from Ranveer.

Precap: Same as yesterday – Suhani Reaches Ranveer’s house drunk. Ranveer lets her in. Suhani says to him, whenever you’re not around me I miss you a lot, I close my eyes, I see you, I open my eyes, I see you, I won’t let you get destroyed alone, we will be destroyed together and try to hug him, Ranveer stops her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Cammie - Malaysia

    I am seriously thinking of stopping to watch Sirf Tum because of the EVIL N TERRIBLE N CRUEL BEHAVIOR OF ANSH @ Puneet Chouksey!!!

    Can never accept him playing such a NEGATIVE role n looking so TERRIBLY UGLY in that role too!!!#&#%”^”

    Be a MAN – your fight is with Vikrant Oberoi – attack him directly if u have enuf guts – instead of using Suhani n Ranveer to achieve your Target!!

    Silly FOOL!!!

    Boring track now – just 90 Episodes n we are being shown VIOLENCE n STUPIDITY of Parents who know what’s going on but ignoring it just to maintain their Image!!%#^:;:;

    Can someone pls give a TIGHT SLAP to that BasFhrdgcc ANSH!!!%%$^”

    1. Exactly my point, Ansh is a coward, he can’t even face the father who abundan him and he’s attacking Ranveer and Suhaani who has nothing to do with his boring life. He is just envious of Ranveer b’cos Ranveer faces his father directly, he doesn’t hide behind and use people to get what he wants. Ansh is just a scaring cat and doesn’t have the guts to face his father, that’s why Ranveer will always be better than him.

  2. This Ansh is so stupid, haven’t he seen how much Ranveer hates his father and doesn’t want to even see his face? Using Suhaani to destroy Ranveer so that Vikrant will accept him and reject Ranveer is foolishness b’cos Ranveer doesn’t even care about his father especially finding out that he cheated on his mother. Ansh will even do him a favour. I haven’t seen a son whose father has willingly abundan him will beg for his father’s acceptance instead of confronting him and fighting for his right, he is rather destroying his half brother to get acceptance from his father, what a foolish guy. That Asha too can’t put sense into his son and is allowing him to destroy someone’s son. Ranveer respect her a lot but what is she doing, she is allowing his son to destroy him. What kind of a mother is she? Every good mother sees other’s children as her own and will not let any harm come to them but for Asha, her son is the only one she cares about even if he is destroying someone else’s son. It’s so sad.

  3. I’ve become fed up with this show and interest going…..why all shows start good then go down hill….no logic about Ansh destroying Ranveer and Suhani life !! Plus Ansh mother needs a tight slap for not stopping her son….she’s a disgrace and pathetic mother who brought her son up badly !!

    1. Cammie - Malaysia

      I wonder if the Makers and Producers are reading what we take the trouble to write n to express our frustrations????

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