Chikoo – Yeh Ishq Nachaye 15th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhanush encourages Chiku

Chikoo – Yeh Ishq Nachaye 15th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhanush recalling everyone’s words and hitting the punching bag. Chiku sees the mirror. Dhanush comes there. He says sorry for everything, you dance which you like the most, you feel life, we have played competitions, but this is about dance, it completes you, say something. She says what do you think its easy for me, you know how everyone see fat people, we have no right to make friends or love, not even to breathe, when everyone saw my face, then they didn’t see my talent, they all laughed at me, they got pity on me, they didn’t accept me, girls are known by their size and weight, no one sees their heart and personality, you can’t understand this, you are popular, good looking and fit, you won’t understand me, I m tired of explaining myself, I m giving up.

Dhanush stops her. He says I was fat when I was a child, everyone used to make fun of me, I had no confidence and used to lose, I thought I can’t be sad and unhappy all my life, so I started dance and played sports, practiced singing, then my weight got down, the point is, I decided it and did it, I can understand your pain, I have undergone this and moved ahead, you can also tolerate this, you can do anything, you can do it. She cries. She says I can’t do anything.

He says you have a good soul, all looks well when I hold your hand, that is you. He wipes her tears. He says I don’t care if I win or lose, I want to compete with you, I m your biggest fan, I want to have fun, your decision will be right. Alka asks Mini to prepare for the tender proposal. Mini says I have to go to college for Dhanush’s final dance rehearsal. Alka asks her to sit and do the work. Keshav sends an offer message to Mini. He sees Mini and records her. She gets delighted seeing the dress. She pays the bill by Alka’s credit card. Keshav gets the message of the payment. He says I knew it, you can’t avoid the greed, congrats, you got caught red handed. Dhanush rehearses. Aarav says I m calling Chiku since a long time. Everyone waits for Chiku. Mini comes and says our plan worked, Chiku won’t come. Danny scolds Dhanush for not paying attention. He says call me when Chiku come. He goes. Dhanush asks where is Chiku, she didn’t come. Sameer takes a disguise of a pest control person and talks to Aai. He says you made the payment, I will do my work and leave. He asks Kanika are you ready, I m coming. Kanika says yes. He says I have come outside her room. He plays Nupur’s voice recording. He says I m a sound engineer, its not a big thing for me to recreate Nupur’s voice. Kamini screams and runs outside the room. Principal asks Dhanush where is Chiku. She says if she doesn’t come in 15 mins, then she will be out and Dhanush will get the scholarship. Chiku comes.

Chiku says I m really sorry, Dhanush sorry you had to wait. Principal says this is your last chance. Dhanush says I will teach you the steps Sir has taught me. Chiku dances with him. Mini and her friends look on. They warn Mini about Dhanush and Chiku’s closeness. Mini says Chiku is smart, she trapped Dhanush by acting innocent, we have to do something. Nivaan’s friend says she has trapped Dhanush. They also joke on Chiku’s weight. Dhanush asks Chiku to please stop. Kamini gets shocked seeing blood. Sameer puts the red light there. He recalls putting the chemical. Aai asks what happened. Kamini says Nupur’s blood. Aai says there is nothing, its pest control medicine, I m getting worried for you, what happened to you. Kamini runs out. She reads a message on her car and gets shocked. Dhanush asks Chiku to give them an answer once, they will get shut up. He says you don’t know me or anyone else, you can handle this. Chiku answers everyone. She scolds the guys. Dhanush, Nivaan and her friends smile. Chiku says I m not a loser, one who is scared makes fun of others, you guys have no talent, I don’t get angry but pity you, you have no other work than making fun of me.

Dhanush says our friendship has healed the wounds of our enmity. She says those who love us never hurts us. Alka scolds Dhanush. He calls it enough. He says I don’t want to become the type of son which you want to make me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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