Sirf Tum 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Mamta senses Suhani’s presence

Sirf Tum 12th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aditya seeing Suhani. Suhani greets Aditya and Nisha. Aditya says I heard that angry man made you stand all night and tells that he couldn’t sleep hearing this. Suhani asks him not to worry. Aditya asks how did you handle him. Suhani says such people satisfy their ego and I faced him without getting scared. She says now he must have understood that I will not fear. Nisha appreciates her. Aditya asks her to have breakfast. Suhani refuses, but he insists and gives the tiffin to her. He says we will meet in the evening. They go inside.

Ranveer asks Samaira what is special today. He asks Mamta about her back pain. He asks Samaira what is the excuse not to go to college. Samaira gets upset and says today is my birthday. She asks him to attend his party tonight. He says if I attend the party, but what will happen with the patients who wait for me. He says he don’t like parties and gives his credit card, asking her to buy whatever she wants. Samaira gets happy. Mamta asks him to have food. He says he isn’t hungry and says he will get ready and will take her to physiotherapist. Mamta tells Dada ji that Ranveer seems to be upset since 2 days. Dada ji says he don’t have time to talk. Mamta says he doesn’t talk to me when I talk about Suhani. Dada ji says his love is still there for suhani. Mamta asks what is this love, if they will unite or not. Dada ji says he is hopeful that everything will be fine in the end. Mamta hopes so.

Sudha asks Rakesh to call Suhani and says don’t know how she is bearing Ranveer. Suhani comes there and says she has to tell them something. She says today morning is happy and says she don’t get afraid of him, due to the courage which he has given him. Rakesh says you are surprised, but we are not, we always trust you. Sudha asks why did you mess with him. Suhani says I won’t be quiet if he threatens people. Rakesh says she did right, she shall not be afraid, but shall face him. Dadi says bearing the trouble is a sin. Suhani comes out and sits in hospital car. The driver gets a call and tells Suhani that he has to pick RO sir. Suhani gets worried. The driver takes her to Oberoi Mansion. She gets down the car. Servant is taking Mamta out. Mamta sees Suhani and thinks if she is Suhani. The florist comes there and slips, the flower petals falls on her. She recalls her entry there. Mamta asks Servant to see who is that girl? Suhani calls the guard and says can you call Ranveer Oberoi, car is waiting for him. Guard says ok. Servant tells Mamta that some girl came from Ranveer’s hospital. Dada ji comes out. Suhani goes back to car. Dada ji sees her from backside. She goes to sit in the car.

Ranveer comes there and sits in the car. He looks at Suhani in the car and asks her to sit in the front seat. Suhani says there is enough space, you can sit here. Ranveer says he don’t want to repeat his words. The driver folds his hands before Suhani. Suhani gets down and sits on the front seat. Ranveer asks driver to close the windows and not to disturb his sleep. Driver says ok. Mamta tells Dada ji that she felt that Suhani was outside, but she was some girl working in his hospital. Dada ji says we don’t know where she stays and asks her to handle herself.

Sudha comes to Dadi and asks what are you thinking? Dadi says I thought that Suhani will not see his face again after she completes one year job. She says we have to think about her seriously. Sudha says don’t know what she wants, she keeps fast for him every year, I don’t want him to give her same pain again, how to stop it. Dadi says I feel that she shall take divorce from Ranveer. She says she has become a doctor and has made her own identity, she shall separate from him. Sudha says we will talk to her.

In the car, Suhani looks at Ranveer, while he is sleeping. Driver throws a paper from his side of window. Suddenly a honeybee comes inside the car and sits on his neck. Driver stops the car and says if honeybee bites him then it will be a trouble. He tries to make bee move away from his neck using the paper. Ranveer wakes up and asks driver if he wanted to kill him. Driver says he tried to make honeybee go. Ranveer says I told you clearly that my sleep shall not break. He says he will punish him. Suhani asks him not to over react. Ranveer gets down and takes driver out. Suhani asks what is this madness, he didn’t do any mistake. Ranveer asks her to stay out of it. he is about to hit the driver, when Suhani comes infront of the driver. Ranveer stops seeing her.

Precap: Ranveer asks Suhani what she was doing, wanted to kill him in his sleep. Suhani says she didn’t want to disturb his sleep. She asks him not to over react as they tried to make the insect go away from him. He asks will you play games with me by making excuses, and says I will end your game right now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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