Sinhasan Battisi 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, into old fort raja bhoj says to maître tat its shocking tat vetal is chitragupt this is very shocking maître says tat yes vetal was chitragupt but he was not ready to accept this and this was also shocking for samrat and maître further narrates tat vetal didn’t stoped with tat he broke the idol into pieces and says tat now wat and he is not any chitragupt and asks samrat to go and bring the singhasan for him while samrat says tat he will bring it as friendship is important for him and then tells him tat he wants to talk to him ask him wat happened to him isn’t he worried about his family his wife is working in farms to earnlivlihood but vetal gets angry and says tat he is a ghost and so he is not having a family and asks samrat to go and being singhasan and then samrat leaves
Vetal after seeing samrat going say tat he remembers the friendship and he is a good friend and now he will get the singhasan for him soon and vetal then goes to a cave and calls for bhadraka bhadraka then arrives from different sauryamandal and into a one body and appears in front of vetal and asks vetal to give him singhasan and has he brought it into old fort raja bhoj says its bhadraka before this he has twice tried to achieve singhasan maître then says tat yes bhadraka is trying for this singhasan from last 1100 years and is still behind it but then raja bhoj says tat even this time bhadraka will fail but then maître says tat she doubts about this and raja bhoj says tat he fears tat this doubt wont turn into reality
Into the cave vetal asks bhadraka to forget singhasan as samrat is a smart and good person and he wnt give singhasan so easily and then bhadraka frightens showing vetal tat he has hostaged the souls (atma) and will release only wen he gets singhasan vetal then says tat he was just joking and he will bring singhasan for him and leaves asking him not to harm the atmas .while bhadraka thinks tat soon he will get the singhasan and he will rule the world .
Samrat is then seen talking to varhamirji and chitralekha where chitralekha says tat y did chitragupt turned vetal and did he tellu y this happened samrat says no he didn’t even agree to it and didn’t even recognized me varhamirji then says how do u trust him as a friend then samrat says he knows he trust his friendship and chitragupt and so he has decided to give the singhasan to vetal and then goes near the singhasan and prays all the devis to let him give this singhasan to vetal and then comes out mahamaya and she asks samrat not to do this as this is not right decision but samrat then tells tat he will fulfill his dharma of friendship and so he will give singhasan to vetal but then mahamay says tat ok she respects his decision but all the 32 godesses in this singhasan are against this and wont support his decisions and she disappears while samrat goes ahead with his decision and prays the singhasan to come along with him to vetala nd the singhasan is seen flying while samrat follows it on his horse and vetal welcomes him in the crematorium and then samrat puts the singhasan in front of him seeing this vetal gets happy and goes and sits on it and says tat after samrat he is the first one to sit on the singhasan and is laughing happily but then suddenly wen he turns back and sees tat there are no idols of the goddesses on it and he gets bafeled and starts blaming for his falsehood saying tat this is now an ordinary singhasan as there are no goddesses on it even samrat gets shocked and realizes this truth.

Chitralekha asks did he tell the reason to have singhasan then samrat says tat he has done his dharma of friendship and now he will do dharma i.e rajya dharma as promised to god indra.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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