Hamari Sister Didi 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Khushi cries that had papa been here, he must not have stopped her. Mrs. Kapoor asks Khushi what is this way to talk to mama. Khushi runs inside the room, and bolts the door. Amrita goes behind her, then stops. She was sad, and loses balance.
Karan was still in his cabin, angry. Dimple comes inside, smiles and picks the letter. She places the coffee for him on the table. She says she will talk to trustees. He says he doesn’t need to explain to everyone. Karan says why does Amrita always have problem with him. Dimple says she is a junior staff, and a nurse only. Karan says this is personal, what has he not done for her. Dimple looks at him, curtly. Karan says there must be something missing in him, and leaves for OPD. Dimple calls him for coffee, he says he doesn’t have a mood. Dimple says she will correct his mood, by putting Amrita out of his life.
Khushi looks at Avi’s photo, and says mama doesn’t recognize her as grown up. She wants to go on outings with her friends.
Mrs. Kapoor says to Amrita that this is what she is trying to tell her, Khushi is growing through such an age when she isn’t even grown up and not a child. Amrita says Khushi was such an innocent and simple child, she has filled so much fee for her tution and what has she got into.
Khushi talks to photo, that all her friends will be there, only she won’t be there.
Amrita says she trusts Khushi, but she has heard about Moira. She is from a very rich family, but she won’t be able to give her this life. Mrs. Kapoor says that after Kabir’s incidence, she thinks Khushi has been brought up so well, she won’t let her be ashamed.

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Khushi says firmly, that she won’t listen to mama anymore, with or without her permission. She will no longer listen to mama. She will be so stubborn, that she will send her to party. Mama called her stubborn; she will show her what stubbornness is. Sooraj announces mama is making cheese pakora. Khushi wonders pakora, then is thoughtful for a while.
Amrita asks everyone for the pakora. Mrs. Kapoor appreciates. Khushi comes to her door, and stands there. Sooraj and Mrs. Kapoor sits with the tray. Khushi looks away, when Amrita watches her there. Sooraj appreciates the pakora, Khushi’s mouth fill in water. Amrita asks Khushi to come, but she says she doesn’t need anything and closes the room door again. She goes to sit on the bed. Amrita is angry, and shouts that if she thinks she will let her go to party this way, she thinks wrong.
Khushi’s phone rings, she picks up the call and tells that she has asked her mama but she doesn’t listen. She tells her friend nothing is possible now. She keeps something from the wardrobe into her bag.
Mrs. Kapoor tells Amrita not to be stubborn. Amrita says it is so far away, she can’t go. Mrs. Kapoor says a friend’s mother will drop her, but Amrita says Moira didn’t even send her number, Moira’s tone is also not good. Amrita gets Babay’s call for an emergency. Mrs. Kapoor allows her to go.
Khushi was in her room, Amrita knocks at the door. Khushi takes her books urgently. She comes to sit by her, keeps her phone with Khushi’s. She tells Khushi that she has to go to hospital. Khushi says she has the freedom to go to anywhere. Amrita says she will let her go to the next party, once she meets Moira. She takes Khushi’s phone in hurry to leave.
Khushi leaves for her friend’s home. Mrs. Kapoor asks which friend. Khushi says Nisha, Sooraj knows about her.
Amrita arrives at the hospital. Babay says all the preparations are ready; Amrita just has to cross check. Karan meets them, and asks hasn’t she don’t the preparations. Amrita goes to OT, the message tone rings. She says this is Khushi’s phone, and reads Khushi’s message that she will come to party, must. She thinks when Khushi decided that she must go to the party. Karan calls Amrita, she comes to him. He asks is everything ready. She says yes. He asks for scalpel, she hands him scissors. Khushi’s voice echo in her mind. She again hands the wrong equipment to Karan as she was lost. Karan notices her mind running somewhere else. When he says it is done, she leaves the place. He scolds her, that this is OT, she must keep her house problems at the house, and be professional as she writes letters to others.
Amrita asks Mrs. Kapoor on call where is Khush. She tells her she has gone to her friends place. Amrita asks why she let her go there. Amrita starts the scooty and stops by Nisha’s house. It was locked. She watches the door was locked. She thinks she made her dadi mama a fool, and went for the party. She thinks about calling Moira, Khushi’s phone must have her number. Khushi comes and asks her what she is doing here. Khushi says she came to Nisha’s house. Amrita asks didn’t she go to party. Khushi gets if she was spying at her. Khushi says she forbid her to go to party, why would she go. She came for homework to Nisha’s house. Amrita says it is locked. Khushi says Nisha’s house is there, the other way. Khushi says she must now agree, that she doesn’t trust her and Khushi deserves this.

PRECAP: In the party, some boys misbehaves with Amrita.

Update Credit to: Sona

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