Sinhasan Battisi 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,martand and raja vikramaditya are fighting martand then says tat if raja vikramaditya is good in yogshakti then i m good in tantra shakti martand then with his tantra shakti creates mirror images of himself to fight with samrat but samrat wins over them and then the fight again starts between samrat and martand then martand goes near chitralekha and releases her from hypnotism and says tat if we cant live together atleast we can die together and takes her and jumps off the mountain chitralekha then calls out samrat for help and samrat saves chitralekhas life with his yogshakti chitralekha then asks are their two image of yours then samrat explains that it was his yogshakti image and he has to take that avtar to save her chitralekha then thanks him for saving her life and beliving in her love and raja vikramaditya and chitralekha get married
Into old fort yogmala concludes the story saying that to save a life one can take another avtar to save life and she disappears then appears maha maya and tells raja bhoj tat yogshakti is a very important thing raja bhoj is then seen worried and maha maya asks him is he afraid to prove himself or he doesnot believe in yog shakti raja bhoj then tells tat he will quit only if its hid last breath and not this way he is ready for the test and raja bhoj is seen vanished from the old fort to a village where he is hearing some voices but cant see anyone and so he calls out if anybody is there but finds no one when raja bhoj comes out he hears tat someone is calling him and asking him to hide as there is man named kaal because of whom the whole village is troubled and they tell him tat he looks like a human being but has very different powers with him raja bhoj then asks them that their is no need to be frightened of him so much the people then tell him tat he has a body but but has no face then raja bhoj tells them he will help them stop tat man from doing violence
People from the village are seen running shouting for help raja bhoj tries to ask them wat is the matter but everyone runaway to save their lives and arrive a man with axe in his hands raja bhoj then decide that he has to stop him or else he will kill the villagers the man with axe in his hand is calling out a name as suraj bhan raja bhoj is then confused and wonderd who is suraj bhan maha mantra then asks the sadhu babas that y haven’t they been succesfull in hoding sankateshwar while the sadhu babs are speechless as no mantra is working on him
Raja bhoj then stops sankateshwar and sankateshwar just bangs his foot on earth and raja bhoj is thrown away a long distance and faints as he gets hurt

Mahamantri then tells raja bhoj tat suraj bhan has cut off the head of sankateshwar and so he is this way and he can be stoped only by use of yogshakti

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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