Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Avni’s residence
Avni returns with her family, while all reprimand raj for his callous behaviour. Avni sits beside bhawna’s bed, and when she wakes up, she finds avni crying, and clucthes her tightly to her heart. They both cry their heart out. Avni returns to his room, remembering raj’sharsh words, and their intimate moments together, and frustratedly starts taking off every jewellerey and throwing it, also discarding all feelings attached to raj with them. She collapses on the floor crying.

The next morning, avni finds all the people busy apologising to people and relatives for the mishap. They receive a phone call, that tells them that raj has been booked for fraud by someone, and presume that suket must have done it and that he rightfully deserves it.

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Scene 2:
Location: Raj’s residence
Madhuri and her husband reprimands raj for what he did to avni and her family, but he is leats bothered and callously responds to their questions. anjali then comes to him asking him that they shall be with him, in every descision, but want to know the reason. raj says that they may be shocked, but it was a wrong descision, and hence stopped from two lives to be ruined before its too late. he carelessly leaves, asking himself to be excused. Madhuri and her husband leave too. anjali expresses her confusion to vikram, asking whether he got to know about their differences with bhawna, and vikram and virat vehemently deny that they didnt do anything. Virat wonders that raj ruined all his plans to take revenge on Avni and bhawna.

The next morning, raj is told by the police, that he has been booked for fraud and that he is to be arrested rightaway. they are about to arrest him, when ajali asks who filed the complaint. Suket walks in and the police say that they have come here to arrest only. But suket asks them not to, and apologises for his son, who filed the complaint. The police leaves. raj begins to go, when suket comes in to him, and then gets emotional, as he says that avni’s life begins and ends with him, and pleads him to take his descision back. raj curtly replies that he isnt his boss, hence he isnt obligated to listen to him, and asks him to leave him alone. raj leaves, while all are tensed and boggled at raj’s reaction.

In his room, raj talks to his friends asking for a break, and take a long vacation to go away from this unnecessary melodramatic environment in the house. Madhuri is shocked to find him talking like that and slaps him tight, shocking him. she asks if he is ashamed of what he did, and his double standards. She asks him how could he do this to avni and her family, and so easily ruin her life, and then go onto enjoy life. She says that he always was a son to her, but not for this. She says that from this day forth if he feels he is right, then she doesnt have any relation with him anymore. She leaves, while he is shocked and tensed. Raj too packs his bags and tells his family that he is leaving this country and this home forever, shocking them, saying that some relations he broke, but some were broken off with him. Anjali tries to stop him, but he asks them not to, and leaves.

Scene 3:
Location: Avni’s residence
Buaji and arpita try to get avni to eat something, but she runs tensedly from there. Buaji begins to reprimand arpita for what her brother did, to avni and all of them, and blames it all on her. arpita breaks down thinking that she is right and she hates herself for making raj her brother, and so wishes that she could change time, and that she wont be able to forgive herself. She leaves from there. Avni goes outside, to view the mandap where they were to get married. She starts eyeing the things, vermillion and the mangalsutra, and throws it all in the hawan kund, while suket is apalled. Suket tells her that abhas had given a complaint, but he took it back, as they should givbe some time to him and then he shall reconsider his situation. avni asks why. He says that raj could have gone to jail due to this. He says that raj could have gone to jail. She says indifferently that he should have gone to jail, as thats what he deserves. she says that he only deserves hatred, as he ruined not just her life but her family’s reputation, and that she hates him to the core and has no place for him in her life. He asks her to look at herself, and say how will she get him otu of her life. she says that she knows very well what she has to do. She goes to her rokm and the collects all raj;s stuff that she had been gifted by him. She comes out baffling everybody. She tosses them all in the hawankund. Avni burns all of raj’s belongings, saying that from this day forth, there shall be nothing of raj in her house, and he wont even be mentioned, and that she burned everything of raj, along with his presence and memories. She says that raj has ceased o exist in her life. All stand tensed and apalled for avni’s plight. Meanwhile, Raj leaves, and passes by avni’s house who has resolved to get raj out of her life and her house. The screen freezes on raj’s and avni’s tensed faces.

Precap: At an auction of their house, viratt and vikram are tensed to find that suket has bought it. Virat is about to express his frustration, when avni stops him saying that life teaches lessons the hard way, and even when things dont turnm out right, one should have the capacity to bounce back on, and move on in life.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Cannot believe someone can be so cruel………………

    1. Hes not cruel, bhavna asked him to not marry avni due to virat

  2. I like how the show is heading, its different but interesting looking forward to c a changed avni

    1. Raj and Avni both were each other’s first love. I personally would like to see her changed, but pretty sure under some circumstances they both will come and fall in love back again. #FIRST LOVE !!

      1. princess akeela

        she couldnt have done that she need proof and all the proof are against her……. and virat is smart so i believe she acted smart

  3. I was talking about Bhavna all she had to do was tell everyone the truth when Virat had threaten her…………She is the cruel one

    1. Seems to me first had probably raped her or try to am guessing that’s where the story heading but I dnt c how vikram is involve in that

  4. i feel sorry for avni
    if i was in india right now i would go to raj and slap him

    1. princess akeela

      y wud u want to slap him if hse had tlk the truth it would have gotten worst and if avani at gotten married to raj and go and live with him virat wud have plot against her in such away that not even raj would have recognize that

  5. That’s y in today’s epi first was saying raj spoiled his plans

  6. I love the precap go avni…..

  7. love avni. good payback

  8. raj is an ass…go avni u deserve the best

  9. Raj is not an ass….he is protecting her as usual.Remember when Virat threatened Bhavna she called Raj because she knew Raj would only want to protect her. She asked him not to marry her.

    1. As far as i know, I 100% don’t believe that Raj stopped loving Avni, it has to be Raj and Bhavna’s plan. I feel the secrecy now.. Deff. a plan to rat out Virat, dont know for sure!

  10. i think raj is doing this because Bhavna told him abt her past life and asked him to save Avni

  11. writers please let us know what is going on with this soap all we are seeing is a lot of breaking up with each other and anger and up to now we still do not know the causes; what did bavna do in her past that is still yet to be disclosed, why all of a sudden raj walked out on avani and hurt her so badly telling her all those hurtful things about herself and family; what made raj turn against we want answers we are fed up being kept in the dark; come on writers disclose these things you are prolonging it tooooo long.

  12. Nice
    But what is arpitas fault in all this
    Feel so sorry for her
    I hope avni won’t be so angry on him
    Love you raj

  13. Hi all ,
    I feel some former fans of EMA here.
    Please writers, producers, and directors of Aur Pyar Ho Gyaa……….. We are little bit tired of all this drama. First we are still denied the story behind Bhavna, so also Virat is now making all this noise……. We know the trend of Raj always doing what is right for Avni even at a detrimental cost but for how long will we twist this story when the love story behind Arpita and Akshat is still in crisis. Who ever is behind this serial streching it is not the problem but we want a reasonable story……and what is this about Raj’s house on auction and Suket buying it?

    We are reasonable people here so we deserve a reasonable story……..

  14. This is unbelievable. Another story that we enjoyed until some mercenary writers decide to RUIN THE STORY. NOT A HAPPY VIEWER.

  15. Raj knows wat he’s doing……. He’s a great actor…. I feel something shocking coming up

  16. Hate raj

  17. May b raj heard d cnvrstn of bhwna n viraj. . .n so he’s acting

  18. May b raj heard d cnvrstn of bhwna n virat. . .n so he’s acting

  19. Aj ka epskse

  20. where is todays epi

  21. I cant believe raj said all those harsh things to avani

    raj I didn’t expect this from you

  22. Raj iz acting coz of bhawna where is 9 oct update

  23. Where is 9+10 october’s updates???????

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