Sinhasan Battisi 6th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 6th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,after martand wins everyone applauds and now its chitra;ekhas turn to marry martand as he is the winner her father tells her to go ahead and put the garland in martands neck chitralekha moves forward with the garland in her hand she looks towards raja vikramaditya and goes walking towards him everyone is confused seeing wat chitralekha is doing and chitralekha goes towards raja vikramaditya and puts garland everyone is shocked to see this
Into the old fort raja bhoj then tells tat chitralekha disrespected the swayanvar practice to this yogmala replies tat she has not disrespected anyone but did wat is right swayanvar means choosing according to ur wish and chitralekha did it
Martand is seen very angry chitralekhas father then asks him to calm down and orders chitralekh to put garland in martands neck but she refuses and tells tat this is her final answer and leaves the hall martand gets very angry and tells tat chitralekha belongs to only him come wat may
Chitralekhas mother talks to chitralekha telling her tat she understands her situation but she also has to think as maharani of this village her father arrives and scolds her for her behaviour and asks her to marry martand but chitralekha asks her father weather she has the right to choose her life partner to this her father replies tat wat will it take to change her decision she then tells tat if he is requesting as father she will think wat can happen but if he is ordering as a raja she will protest and her father then tells her tat he is requesting as a father to her to this chitralekha replies tat he has to understand her as she is in love with raja vikramaditya and leaves
Martand then scolds raja vikramaditya tat it is all happening because of him and asks him to leave and there arrives chitralekha and tells tat he will not leave while martand tells her tat he is her husband and she has to listen to her as he has won her in swayanvar to this chitralekha replies tat that condition was put forth by my father and not me so he should go and talk to him and asks martand to leave as she wants to talk to raja vikramaditya alone
Raja vikramaditya then asks her tat y did she do all this she then asks him to come with her where she will show wat made her forget her dharma and do this the reason is only love and takes him to the hall where she has kept all her paintings martand sees them walking and says tat he has to soon talk to chitralekhas father and leaves chitralekha then shows raja vikramaditya her paintings after seeing the paintings raja vikramaditya asks chitralekha wat is this then chitralekha tells tat this is the proof i wanted to show u y i married u
Into old fort raja bhoj is stuuned and praises chitralekha tat she painted with so much love and perfection witout seeing raja also and such is called true love yogmala then tells tat if love is true then to achieve success sin tat love is also difficult as martand is still in the way

Yogmala tells tat martand takes away chitralekha telling everyone tat he is taking her to raja vikramadityas place raja vikramaditya tries to find her by using his yogshakti

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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