Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 6th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 6th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Avni’s residence
The ritual begins, while virat exclaims that bhawna seems tensed. suket says that anjali and vikram too feel tensed. But virat wards it off. Arpita asks suket and bhawna to wash off vikram and Anjali’s feet. Suket performs the ritual, and then asks bhawna to do it too. Bhawna begins to do, but anjali says that she cant do this with bhawna. virat is pleased while all are tensed. Virat asks anjali to get it done as its a ritual. But arpita and avni say that since suket has already done, she doesnt need to go through it all over again. Next, gifts are exchanged and avni received them. She is about to offer them to the temple, when virat stops avni saying that the bride would have to drink the water in which her in laws wiped their feet. all are shocked and avni is tensed, while suket asks if this is actually required. Virat says that so is the ritual in their village. Vikram and anjali are surprised but stand quiet. virat asks bhawna how important it is, and asks for the descision. bhawna is tensed, and then goes to collect the water and then gives it to avni, apalled from inside. virat smiles, as avni is about to drink it, but is stopped by suket. Suket says that since they didnt believe in the rituals much, and they did all rituals in their own style, but he doesnt want this to be done, and asks them to respect it. Anjali agrees. Virat asks them to leave as its getting late. They all leave, while suket thanks them yet again. Bhawna is tensed, as virat smiles at her.

Outside, Bhawna calls out to anjali and confronts her, saying that she knows her very well, and that vikram and anjali are very good people, and she knows that maybe she wont be forgiven for the past, but since they love raj, they arent calling off the marriage, and hence she is assured that they wont do anything wrong to avni. anjali taunts that avni is her daughter, this itself is a curse, she doesnt want avni to bear more. They leave. Virat comes to her amusingly and says that she wants this marriage to be done, so that his purpose is complete too, and once avni comes to his house, after marriage, she would have noone to turn to, and would fall in his trap. She warns him not to do anything with her daughter, and assures that anjali and vikram wont let him do anything wrong to avni. Virat says that it would happen when anyone would belive avni, and that avni is her daughter, and when the time for a descision comes, they would all remember her mother’s past, and think that like mother, like daughter, she too has a habit of lying and they would instantly believe virat. she says that avni is going to a place where she would be hated due to her, and then she would have just one life support, her own uncle, i.e virat. He adds that then he would have his chance. he leaves, while Bhawna is tensed, as she eyes the marriage preparations. she says that she knows what needs to be done, and decides to talk to raj, as only he can take her out of the situation, as raj loves avni very much and can protect her.

The next morning, festivities and celebrations are on in full swing, while the marriage preps keep happening. Arpita and avni’s friends meanwhile, are getting avni ready. They all compliment avni, who asks if raj would like it and is assured. Akshat is under the impression that bhawna is helping avni get ready. avni starts ranting like a blushing bride, and arpita wishes the both of them all the happiness in the world. the arrival of raj and his family, excite her friends and they all leave, while avni is tensed and nervous.

All wait outside for the Baraat to come, while Bhawna is tensed. The youngsters are dancing and enjoying in full swing. when buaji asks about Bhawna’s tension, she waves it off. Avni calls devika to come up straightaway. She complies.

In her room, avni is extremely nervous and shy, and thinks that raj promised he would be whenever she needs him, and she wants him now to calm her down. She wonders that he could have atleast placed a call. Devika comes and says that she was waiting for the baraat. Avni says that she needed her to calm her down. she dials raj’s number and wonders why it didnt go through. the dhol sound stops, and avni gets tensed. devika says that rituals must be beginning and she shouldnt be tensed, and that she is getting married to raj, the love of her life, and then she would forget all the tensions. Devika gets a call, and is asked to get avni down. She complies. They bow their heads at the temple, and avni asks the Lord to give her blessings for everything to be fine today. As devika gets avni down the stairs, near the mandap, she is shocked, while avni keeps walking with lowered eyes. When she finally looks up and casts a glance she is tensed and surprised too. She finds her family and Raj’s family in a confrontational mode. She gets worried. She finds Anjali and Vikram leaving, along with madhuri and her husband. Avni tries to stop them, but they leave without saying a word. Akshat and Suket start apologising to the guests and the priest, and all leave. avni goes to everyone but they dont respond. Avni asks where’s Raj, and distraughtedly asks suket whats wrong, as she saw everyone from his family. but not Raj. Suket stands speechless, while avni is terribly worried. Suket finally says that Raj didnt come. avni asks what happened to raj and when he doesnt answer, she goes to bhawna and asks what happened to raj and that she wants to meet him rightaway. she starts shouting at them asking to be taken to Raj. when they dont comply, she starts running out herself. All stand shocked, when suket says that raj didnt come as he doesnt want this marriage to happen. Avni is shocked. the screen freezes on her apalled face.

Precap: Avni is shocked when raj tells her that he was a fool to think that he could spend his life with her, as she is nothing but a naive, stupid immature girl, who loves in her bubble of a dreamworld. Raj tells her thet he doesnt love her, and adds that he decided therefore in the morning, that he wont get married to her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Nooo hw can Raj say tht !!??!!

    1. Cause he is a idiot

  2. Raj need to learn the truth about his uncle and exposure him. I hope we find this story about Bhawana and the soon

  3. This show is getting too stupid now & its frustrating dat the truth of bawana past is just not been revealed. ..

  4. I think Bhavna told Raj his Unlce’s plan and is getting on this way now to protect Avni! At least I hope so *crossing fingers*

    1. Hope so too

  5. I hope Raj is doing what he is doing because he have learnt the truth and his protecting his protecting avini and its not some useless drama these directors are beginning to do cause all these soaps suddenly losing their stories lines when the directors and producers bring about a twist the only soaps that have kept on track is Jodha Akbar so please get this one right

  6. i think raj is joking.

  7. Bring this film early

  8. Mje hi huwa hai only pyar :p

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