Sinhasan Battisi 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja vikramaditya is showing the Brahman the arrangements made for his wifenandini and also introduces mangla and totaram the servants for help the Brahman they takes keave while raja bhoj wishes him happy and safe journey Into old fort uttara then tells tat guests are treated as god while raja bhoj says tat he don’t want to be god then uttara asks tat y is samrat always saying uttardaitva then raja bhoj explains tat it is a responsibility ND SHOULD BE DONE PROPERLY uttara then says tat he is right and he also succeded in the test then raja bhoj says tat she took her test without telling him then uttara tells tat tests taken surprisingly shows a humans quality of thoughts uttara then tells tat samrat used to take food for nandini daily and samrat is seen arriving with food in hand and suddenly arrives a soldier who tells tat the community of bhiru has attacked on the borders and samrat has to urgently leave then samrat orders totaram and mangla to take good care of nandini and gives him permisiion to make use of the food court when he is about to leave he sees maharani chitralekha in a get up of soldier and asks her tat theor is no need of her to come for the battle while chitralekha explains samrat that yet our soldiers are not tat good in defending the batteling techniques and will also requires a firm leader to lead as soon as they leave thotaram and mangla are seen happy and talking tat now they are free to to make wrong use of the food and the wealth they get and can now earn lot of money with this Into old fort uttara tells raja bhoj tat it is difficult to judje and look after wen the employees get gridy and then raja bhoj asks wat happen next and then samrat from the battle ground use to send a soldier to take news of nandini devi into old fort uttara tells raja bhoj tat samrat has given the authority to take decisions to mahamir ji and devi nandini is searching for totaram and mangla as the food has not arrived and then she sees them having food and when asked them they told her ta the food is not been given from the food section and wen she leaves they laugh and say tatt this is the food of her tat they are eating and then in apalace mahamir ji asks totaram about devi nadnins health and is she alright totaram then tells tat she is fine and wants nothing while mangla tells tat devi nandini wants to donate food and wealth everyday and then mahamirji gives them the permission to use it maha mir ji then send s a soldier with a message tat nandini devi is fine Devi nandini is seen getting ill and then she tries to find totarama nd mangla as she wants food and wen she reaches the hut she sees tat totaram and mangla are seen counting coins wen she asks for food they tell her tat the food section has stopped giving food for her while nadini decides to go and talk to mahamantri ji herself listening to this totaram and mangla get tensed while they think tat this could be dangerous fr them they stop her and asks her not to go she then tells tat if something happen to her they willbe blamed as samrat has given her uttardaitva to them and then they asks her to rest and they will go and talk on behalf of her in the hut then she takes her husband name and prays so tat he should come soon Into old fort uttara tells raj bhojj tat the battle was not getting over as the head of bhiru community was very evil and strong then raja bhoj replies tat how is it possible as samrat is so strong then uttara further narrates tat bhiru at one point get caught by samrat soldiers and then the head targets the javelline at samrat and chitralekha where they successfuly avoid it then samrat attacks and there begins a fight between them and then samrat concenterates andtargets the arrow with full concenteration

PRECAP: Raja vikramaditya is seen in the palace where the Brahman dev comes with his wife nandinis body and samrat asks tat wat is wrong wit her the brahmandev tells tat she is dead and its all because of him as the responsibility was taken by samrat while maha mir ji defends but samrat stops him

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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