Laut Aao Trisha 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratik asks Amrita to attend press conference as Trisha’s mom, if not his wife. Sonali says Lavanya Pratik will not be able to handle press. Lavanya says she does not like sharing space with Pratik if not for the company. Sonali says let us see if Amrita attends conference or not.

Trisha sees kidnapper’s goon writhing in pain and trying to apply bandage over his wound. She helps him bandage his wound and tries to brainwash him by telling he is risking his life for money, says she will get money from her papa with which he can spend his whole life happily and asks him to give her his phone. He gives phone, but before she calls Pratik snatches it and says he is already sold to kidnapper and asks her not to get oversmart.

Amrita attends press conference with Pratik. He taunts she would have at least groomed her hair. Press conference starts and Amrita tells the incident happened. Pratik says he was in a flight with his international client for the betterment of his company and employees, says he did not want to but had to go as professional life and personal life is different. He says his wife had to go alone and he is proud of Swaika family that they helped with what ever money they got, but kidnapper demanded 20 crores ransom, so she had to sell her shares and her parent’s flat which was very dear to her. He says Amrita acted according to situation and requests kidnapper to leave his daughter and get how much ever money he wants. Lavanya thinks Pratik has learnt handle media being with her for so many years.

Kabeer asks his officers how can kidnapper evade from the area. Officer says he checked all the area, but did not find car. Abhay says we can check clinics as even kidnapper got injured by his bullet. Kabeer says he will not go to any clinic and asks him to investigate on Prem’s murder and question Swaika’s again.

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Amrita sees Pratik happily speaking on his phone that with conference, company’s shares went up again and his reputation also improved. She says why did not he think about his daughter than company. He says he has to take care of many things and says he had to gain sympathy and its employee’s betterment. Amrita says she is feeling hatred for him as a father would never do this and use his daughter for his benefit. Pratik gets a call again and shockingly asks why now.

Sonali tries to brainwash Gaurav again. He asks her to stop and says he has a meeting with clients tomorrow and wants to concentrate on that. Vivan comes and asks money. Gaurav asks why he needs it. He says he is not answerable to him and asks when you accept Pratik’s order, then why is he commanding him. Gaurav says Pratik is my elder brother and I have to obey him, but you are my son. Vivan says you are just a rubber stamp and knows only to obey orders. Amrita comes there and hears their conversation.

Varsha meets Amrita and says she wished Trisha would have come back. Amrita says she has not lost hope and knows she will get her back and says even Kabeer thinks the same and he is with her. Varsha says he is risking his life in this case and says she knows him since many years and did not see him getting weak like this befor. She asks what does she mean. she says she is talking psychiatrically and says Kabeer sees his daughter in Kabeer and his emotions have crossed his logic in this case, says he with great difficulty got out of his sorrows and she is afraid that he is going back to it again. She says Kabeer is not just her patient but also her friend, so she is worried about him. Amrita says she can understand her concern. Varsha requests her not to tell Kabeer about their meeting. She says she will not.

Precap: Kabeer informs Pratik that he catched Prem’s murderer. He also informs about it to Lavanya and Kushan. Kushan asks if he thinks him as murderer. Amrita at the kidnapping spot says Kabeer that kidnapper phone has fallen somewhere here.

Update Credit to: MA

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