Sinhasan Battisi 26th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 26th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,queen chitralekha turns into her own beauty and skin and calls out samrat for help samrat is still searching for his queen .Then queen chitralekha is seen crying near a mahadev statute raja vikramaditya then finds her and cries out of happiness and is happy to know that raja vikaramaditya recognized her and then queen chitralekha asks him to take her to the palace and then she faints raja vikramaditya then runs out to bring some water for her and there arrives queen priyavandha and raja vikramaditya asks her to stop doing all this and tells raja vikramaditya that she will leave only if he marries her .Queen priyavandha then tells raja vikramaditya to take away this garland of chanadan it will be uselful to him and she disappears .raja vikramaditya then runs towards where queen chitralekha is lying queen priyanvandha then leaves a snake near queen chitralekha and again disappears the snake then bites queen chitralekha and leaves raja vikramaditya arrives there and sees this he takes queen chitralekh into his hands
There arrives queen priyanvadha and tells raja vikramaditya that his queen will die now and of he wants to save him then he has to agree to marry her raja answers that he will die along with her but will never live a life being vharacterless person raja vikramaditya then takes queen chitralekha near river and reminds of all the times spent with her then he says that by doing yog he will die and fullfill the promises taken during marriage raja vikramaditya is seen doing hard prayers
God indra then tells rushi muni this is all because of his tests taken to know rajas character if this wont stop the entire world will destroy along with raja vikramaditya to this rushi muni replies that he knows the way to come out of it and asks god indra to come with him
All the gods along with queen priyanvadha arrive in front of raja vikramaditya ,rushi muni then stops raja vikramaditya from his prayers and asks to open his eyes raja vikramaditya then asks that what has brought all gods here then they tell him that his prayers to die with his wife made them bring here to this raja vikramaditya appologieses
Listening to this queen priyanvadha appologiese to raja vikramaditya and tells that she did all this as ordered by rishi durvasa then rushi durvasa tells him that he war being tested for his character and his wife is not dead but alive and raja vikramaditya then sees his queen alive
God indra then asks rushi muni to what is his result after testing raja vikramaditya he says that he is the most respected and a person with character queen priyanvadha say that until rajas like raja vikramaditya are there no female will be scared to be beautiful
Into old fort goddess of character concludes the story and asks raja bhoj that he should also have an a good character and has to prove that then only he will be allowed to move further and then arrives their mahamaya

A boy is seen talking to raja bhoj that he don’t know who his father is and people don’t let him live happily without knowing his father’s name his caste and then raja bhoj is seen fighting with some people and then he assures the boy to help him find who his father is?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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