Tumhari Pakhi 26th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 26th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pakhi asking Anuja what is she doing with Riya’s purse. Anuja says she won’t let Riya come close to Veer. Pakhi thanks her for reminding her aim, and says its good to keep enemies close. Anuja says not so close to show your secrets. Pakhi says I don’t have secrets and many people’s truth have come out. They taunt each other with a smile. Anuja says she will walk ahead. Pakhi says yes, as she is a mum. Anuja says your smile won’t be for long. Pakhi says your son Anshuman told my smile gives him peace always, this won’t go. Pakhi says your tension will show my smile is intact or not, you are my Maa, if you get hurt, I also feel hurt, I can’t bear this.

Anuja says our way is different now, I m fan of your positive attitude, but now I won’t leave any hope for you. She leaves hiding a book with her which she found in Riya’s purse. Riya talks to someone and says this is not infatuation, I love him. She turns and sees Anuja with her book. Anuja asks what happened, I can understand I m thinking right, you are in love, with some married man. Riya takes the book and asks her to mind her work. Anuja says great. Riya says what will you do, complain to my father, fine, I don’t care.

Anuja says relax, I won’t tell Veer, you are 18 and can decide, you can run away with the man you love. She asks Riya not to show this book to anyone, as the title is how to romance married man. She says Pakhi can see this and make an issue. She fills Riya’s ears against Pakhi. Riya says go and tell her, make a scene. Anuja says when will you understand me, I m Ayaan’s Dadi, so your Dadi too. She says she has many ways to win the case, but she wants to win by truth, as she has to show her face to Lord, she will not ruin her true love, I know what is real love.

She says love is boundless, love does not see a man is married or not, the people are lucky who get love, I m with you, I will make sure you get your love, take this book. Riya nods yes and leaves. Anuja thinks its good that Riya runs with this man and then she will win without fighting. Veer comes to Pakhi in the kitchen and asks can he help in gift wrap. She says no, its done. They have a talk. He sees her cutting potatoes and asks her to cut it symmetrically as its an art. She says see I m cutting well, and says lets have a competition, lets see who cuts it better. They start cutting.

She is shocked seeing him cut it so fine. He says see its same. She says no, I want like this one. They argue. He says you have cut like stones. Riya comes in kitchen and sees them arguing. Pakhi asks Riya to see both the potatoes cut and tell which is better, as we had a competition. Riya says ok and checks it. She sees Veer’s fine but says Pakhi’s one is good. Pakhi is happy. Veer says she will take your side as she is annoyed with me. Pakhi says yes, its simple you cut better, I agree, and I know Riya is annoyed, I know how to make the relation well, I got the idea. He says what/ She says I won’t say, you cut it well, cut more potatoes now. He says I knew this.

They come to room and she gives him coffee. She says even if you do good thing, she will not praise you, but praise me. He says so? What will this do? She says she will explain. She says we can’t make Riya come closer, till they know why she is annoyed, so we will show we are against each other, then she will support me and we will come closer then I will know whats in her heart, why does she hate you, then we will get the solution. She says Riya will come close to you and Ayaan will be with me. He says yu have huge advantage as you stayed with family, why did I not think this. She says you are good cutting potatoes, you do this. He says Riya won’t share things with you.

She says you don’t know girls, once they sit to talk, they share secrets. He asks he is curious to know what do girls talk. She says what guys talk. He says bad things? She looks at him. He changes the topic and says he will cook anything she says. She says does he always think only about food. She says she is tensed. He says relax. She asks did he get idea. He says I m working, it will come. He smiles and says its small fight, we have to work on similar. She says no, we need a big fight with some story. He says he can’t think, you think. She says she does not know. He talks about Anshuman and she looks at him.

Veer apologizes to her. She smiles and says I had small fights with Anshuman every day and then it used to get over in some time, we used to fight to make up to each other. She asks about him and Kirti, and their fights. He says yes, she used to fight for small things, like not calling, just that stuff, let it be, you won’t get any hint from my life. Ayaan comes and gives his laptop. He says its outdated, get it upgraded. Veer says fine. Ayaan leaves. Pakhi and Veer get the same idea of internet. She says it good to know you think in hindi. He says does it matter if I think in Haryanvi. She smiles. They search for top 5 reasons why married coupled fight. They see a video and play it.

They hear the man saying the first and biggest reason to fight occurring between the married couple. is not having physical relation. Pakhi gets embarrassed. Veer looks at her. The man says its required to talk and understand, as body needs are not silent, its important in married couples. Pakhi gets up and goes away being tensed. The man continues and Veer shuts the laptop. Pakhi applies cream to her hands. Veer starts the laptop and the video starts again. She says can’t you shut it. He says Ayaan will use laptop tomorrow, is he sees the video, his education will start tomorrow. He shuts the videos and laptop. They get uncomfortable. He says the fan is running fast, I m scared, it fell on me when I was small. She says why does this strange things happen with you. She gets the idea to fight. He asks what. She shows the fan and smiles.

Pakhi and Veer promote the show’s new timing at 8. 30 PM. Pakhi and Veer start fighting about the fan damage. Anuja, Riya and everyone hear them fighting.

Update Credit to: Amena

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