Sinhasan Battisi 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj reaches shankhlok and sees there are shells on floor all broken he then ask the shells tat who did all these injuries to them then the shells tell tat shankhasur did this and also tell him tat killing shankhasur is not tat easy and also tells tat they are so badly injusred tat they cant create sound and then rajabhoj says tat if u have a thought of donation then everything is possible and then suddenly shankhasur’s soldier attack raja bhoj then raja bhoj hits him and the soldier tells tat shankhasur will not leave him and goes to inform shankhaur
Raj abhoj asks the shells about matsygandha but they don’t know about her and then raja bhoj thinks tat may be he may get to know about matsygandha from shankhasur
Shankhasur is then seen scolding his soldiers about how did a human being entered his land and arrives raja bhoj and warns shankhasur to stop this adharma or else he will kill him shankhasur then says tat it is not possible to kill him while raja bhoj tells tat he knows how he can kill him by creating sound from the dakshin mukhi shell then shankhasur laughs and then says tat lets c wat he can do and then he calls andhakasur and asks him to b ring the dakshin mukhi shell here andhakasur then arrives with the shell raja bhoj then prays to the devi seen in theshell and then when he approaches the shell to create sound the soldiers get hold of him and fight with them then shankhasur attacks raja bhoj with big rocks hitting him hard raja bhoj then starts fighting with shankhasur and when he gets hit hard by shankhasur and faints
Into old fort mahaya says tat the one who takes effort and one who is not selfish and can do charity can only win then come Yogmala n chandrakal and they say tat they don’t think tat raja bhoj will win while mahamaya says tat she is not expecting raja bhoj to win but she is confident that he will win but he has to go through lot of tests to win
Raja bhoj is then seen prisoned in dark room where he shouts out to release him and fight with him while andhakasur tells him tat he will never go out and will die here while in the village the people who are turned into gold are requesting rushi gyaneshwar to do something or atleast help them die but rushi gyaneshwar ask them to be patient as raja bhoj is trying hard to give them their normal life
Then raja bhoj is seen doing concentration and parayer and there is seen light getting emmited out of him where andhakasur then gets disappear as the light comes on him and raja bhoj then sees the dakshin mukhi shell and then he calls out to matsygandha and she comes out and asks him tat y is here raja bhoj then tells tat he is here to take her away so tat he can help the people in the village who have turn into gold due to her curse given to samant while matsygandha asks him to leave and sh will not be able to come with him raja bhoj then tells tat he will rescue her as he has promised to the mermaids
Andhakasur is seen telling shankhasur tat for the first time in his life he is scared of some one and tells tat he is scared of raja bhoj and asks shankhasur to kill raj abhoj and also the dakshin mukhi shell and also requests to leave the thought of marrying matsygandha and also kill her and shakhasur agrees to it and tells tat he will kill them today itself .
Raja bhoj then asks matsygandha to get ready to marry shankhasur this is the only way we can get out of this darkness while matsygandha first refuses saying tat when god saved them from tat point of time they consider the god as their husband and they cant do this raja bhoj then tells tat she is only thinking of her self but the decision is her’s and listening to this she agrees to raja bhoj
Into old fort mahamaya is seen worried about wat raja bhojis trying to do and comes yogmala and chandrakala and they also show the concern saying tat wat raja bhoj is trying to do here is adharma and now they doubt tat he will win while mahamaya also agrees to wat they say and is says tat if he is doing adharma he wont win this singhasan and has to leave the thought of achieving the singhasan

Matsygandha is seen agreeing to shankhasur to get married to him and then raja bhoj is seen using dakshin mukhi shell to create sound to kill shankhasur

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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