Bigg Boss 8 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

day 32
Diwali spacial
song happy Diwali starts playing, all dances.

Gautam says to pritham that I will not say sorry to Ali, gautam says I was just defending my team, I called my team to clear things, I talked to him rudely as he was alleging my team, I used slang but It was in anger, not for him.

diandra says to arya that if I would know that without doing anything, I cane become captain then I would have not done anything in tasks, sushant do nothing in tasks, upen or me should be captain, Karishma has weird and I don’t think sushant is deserving for being captain, I love him, I am not b*t*hing about him but tell on what basis he should be captain, he do nothing.

Soni, sonali and sushant are talking, they have fun, Sonali says I was sleeping and puneet made me get up, sonali says no one is more good looking than upen in house, soni agrees.

Praneet reads the announcement that the designer dresses which you chose has reached the house, you all have to wear them and have to organize a fashion show, show will be choreographed by diandra, all takes their dresses from store room.
All are loving their dresses.

Ali talks to pritham and have fun he ask him one question that name the person who sleep in morning and cries in night, pritham says sonali, Ali says you should not have taken the name, now I will fly, ali runs from there, Puneet talks to gautam and says there should lock on washroom we would lock ali in washroom then. Gautma says I wish I had powers of Mr.India, Gautam says there is a lot of torture in house, in kitchen diandra is torture, in house Ali is torture.

Guthi and Palak comes in house from comedy nights, they meet inmates and wishes them happy Diwali. They take them in house. they sit in lounge. Ali gives flowers to palak, guthi says we are girls from good family, Ali says this is from whole house, Guthi takes the flowers, guthi says we met bigg boss and had tea with him, diandra ask how bigg boss look like? guthi says he cant be seen, it was just speaker, he told us on speaker that he is drinking tea, Guthi ask Ali to go and bring things from store room, Ali brings it and these are fire crackers, Guthi says these fire crackers are like you people, Guthi says we will tell who is like fire crackers in house and will give fire crackers to inmates who have traits like them, one is parachute rocket fire cracker, guthi says it burst in sky and then safely lands so this fire cracker is minissha lamba, next is fire cracker which blows slowly and then burst, palak gives it to Diandra, next is rocket with cap on it, if cap is removed then it blows without direction, guthi gifts it to Arya, Arya hugs her, guthi says don’t meet girls like this, Palak says next is fire cracker which has no voice, it has just smoke, she gives it to Upen, Guthi says next is fire cracker thread of 5000 small fire crackers, it keeps blowing, all say this is Karishma, Guthi gifts it to karishma, next is match stick, guthi says this is for lightening and also to put fire in it, guthi gifts it to puneet, guthi says about gautam, he is not bomb of Diwali, he should be sent to border as he is big frire cracker, guthi says we could have give craker to soni but she would give to her brother upen so we gave to him directly, guthi says your family has send gifts for you but to get it, we will make two teams, you have to do the tasks and those who win will get the gift while those who lose will not get the gift.

the first task is tug of war/pull the rope, its between minissha and karishma, palak is on karishma’s side while guthi is with minissha, Karishma pulls the rope and wins the task. next is diandra and Praneet, they have to dance and the whoe dances more goodly will win, they Dances with palak on song aata maji satakli, all votes for Praneet, he wins, Guthi says next is paper dance game, paper will keep getting small. on one paper is gautam and Sonali, on other paper is Arya and Sushant, song tum hi ho starts playing, Gautam dances romantically with Soanli, he pulls her closer and dances, they enjoy the dance, paper folds to short, sonali and sushant stand on feet of guatam and arya respectively, guthi puts dupatta on guatam and sonali’s head, both the team dances nicely. song ends, Guthi says now I will announce winners, guthi says actually all will get the gifts, this tasks was for drama only, all inmates will be given gifts, guthi sings Diwali song, all dances, Guthi and Palak leaves the house.

Ali and pritham talk, Ali says they should have sent entertainer not jokers, they sent fire crackers to right people, ali says gautam is trying to talk to me, I will talk to him when he comes to me.
Karishma talks to Upen that you are always silent so you got silent fire cracker.

Sushant says to all that gifts have arrived in store room, all comes in store room to see the gifts, Sushant says I got three gifts, he is all happy, he thanks his mother, guatam gets a card from his mother of best son, he cries seeing the card, Sushant gets a card which has pictures of him with his family, he cries too, Praneet shows his family’s picture to diandra, diandra says so sweet family. karishma gets clothes from her family, Sonali says in camera that my parents, happy Diwali, I am happy here, I cant take care of myself, Puneet gets some letter from his family, he says thanks bigg boss this letter is unique gift I have ever received, I always wanted a letter from my wife through which I can feel her thoughts, he cries.

all are in garden area, suddenly light goes off, some dancers there, Mouni roy comes there, she dances beautifully on song ghagra, all inmates enjoy the dance, Mouni brings all inmates and dances with them, she meets Karishma and all, she leaves from there. Pritham says we all are ready to do the thing which all young people want to do that is to do modelling, he says here all are young, puneet says all are of 24 years here, Pritham says we are presenting you a fashion show which diandra have choreographed, first comes on ramp is sushant, he does cat walk, next comes soni, she walks on ramp, next upen, he takes off his sherwani on ramp, he kisses on cheek of diandra, next comes puneet, he dances on ramp , next comes sonali, she falls on ramp, all makes her get up, she walks and dances, next comes Pritham, he dances too on Punjabi song, next comes Karishma, she walks, next comes Praneet, he does bhangra, next comes ALi, he does the walk, next comes minissha, she does some steps, next comes arya, he dances, next comes Gautam, he does some steps, Next comes Diandra, she dances on song favicol song, all boys dances around her, the fashion show is completed. Pritham says you all enjoyed? all nods, Pritham says there is one between us, he shouts, he sings whole the time, he should come on stage, his talent doesn’t let us sleep, please welcome Ali quli mirza. Ali Comes on stage and sings song Tum hi ho, All enjoys his performance, Gautam points to Sonali and sings for her, Ali brings diandra on stage and dances with her, while Sonali and Gautam are talking with eyes only, they are enjoying the song, next Ali brings minissha on stage and dances with her, Gautam keep singing for sonali, she gives him smile. Next Ali brings Karishma on stage. The song changes and now ali sings bore bore song, all dances with him. Sonlia takes Gautam from there and dances with him. Fire works are being done in sky, all enjoys and have good time.

diandra says to Ali that I liked your performance as captain, ALi says new life will start from tomorrow as captain will change, Ali says there are few friends here of mine that will stand for me, like you karishma upen, you people will be with me, diandra says you are sweet and you were fair but you were little harsh, Ali says I told on first day that I will entertain all.

Puneet talks to Gautam and says I don’t understand his songs, he says there are two kind of butchers, one is who cuts the meat and the other is who takes off filth from the meat, Ali is that butcher who takes off filth, he is a big liar. Praneet says listening to ALi’s songs is like punishment, puneet says we will not let him sing now.

Gautam comes in bed room, he sleeps in bed alongwith Sonali, he teases sonali in sleep, its all silent in room, all are sleeping, Gautam and sonali talks in very low tone, the keep looking at each other. Sonali puts blanket on her face, Gautam kisses the blanket and sleep.

PRECAP- bigg boss says all inmates should give two names of contenders to be captain of house. diandra ask Karishma to give her name. Karishma says we need a balanced man and that is sushant and Upen. later bigg boss says next captain will be chosen through a task.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Poor gautam,he’s the target all along,I hate puneet,he’s 2faced,I want gautam and praneet to win they are very entreating and true all rest are fake.

  2. Dubai,Ali should be thrown out,he’s a show off.

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