Sinhasan Battisi 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj comes in jungle and calls bhringraj out and asks him to come in front as he wants to know his aim to achieve the kamal yantra bhringraj comes and then asks him to go and bring the kamal yantra if he wants to save his wife and kingdom and vanishes raja bhoj then hears sound of maharani vallari to save her and then some villagers are running and maharani vallari is calling raja bhoj to not to come close to her but then raja bhoj catches her hand to stop her and then she and the other people burn anf turn into ashes in front of him and then raja bhoj cries saying tat maharani cant go this way and then there comes bhringraj and ahe then says to raja bhoj tat don’t cry as his maharani is here only and raja bhoj gets angry onn him but then bhringraj asks him to calm down and says tat maharani is alive and this was just and example to show tat wat could happen if he did not bring the kamal yantra and then raja bhoj decides tat he will bring the kamal yantra and use his smartness and patience to achieve this and then raja bhoj reaches the palace and calls dwarpal to help him and dwarpal arrives and raja bhoj asks him to tell the way to reach the yantra dwarpal then says tat he don’t know but then raja bhoj says tat as he is a dwarpal he must definitely know and then dwarpal tells him tat he has to go behind the palace and further tells him wat he has to do and says tat this is all he could help him but then raja bhoj says tat yet he wants to know tat wen will the time come and the dwarpal tells tat wen the east and west will meet at a point and leaves raja bhoj then goes at the back of palace and thinks on wat dwarpal has said
Into the caves bhringraj calls bhadraka to appear and tells bhadraka tat it’s a good news tat soon it will be the rule of bhadraka all over and the entire earth will be caged in this book and bhadraka blesses him and leaves
Raja bhoj is standing at the back of palace and thinks of how the way will he get and he reminds the conversation between him and maharani wen they talked about the meeting of east and west and then he gets the idea tat it is this time wen the east and west wil meet he then reminds tat dwarpal said tat wen the east and west will meet there will be ray which is the way to meet mahantdas and then raja bhoj starts chanting the mantra and the ray appears and then he rushes to the ray as it stays for small time and enters it and finds himself on the chess platform
Into the caves bhringraj tells the other tantrik tat raja bhoj is very close to achieve the yantra and now he has to keep watch on him as he wont use his brain after receiving the yantra and then bhringraj says tat raja bhoj is intelligent as vikramaditya and for his wife and the entire kingdom he will bring the yantra definitely
Raja bhoj then understands tat he has to play chess and win to go forward and he starts playing at last step remains only both the rajas and then raja bhoj uses his smartness and kills the other raja and wins the game and there comes a flash light and he finds himself on a land and sees around tat there is that man who was a singer and he had met him first but wen he sees around all the people are same in face and personality and it was now very difficult for him to find the real one and raja bhoj thinks tat the one who is playing the instrument and tries to touch him but then he hears bhringraj sound to stop and tells tat this is not the real one and into caves bhringraj is seen watching raja bhoj and his moves in the book and then tells raja bhoj tat if he did any mistake he wont get the yantra and this will inturn lead to danger for his entire kingdom and maharani while the page turns and maharani vallari is seen and she comes out of the book and she then warns bhringraj tat he will not win as he is following adharama nad raja bhoj will win and save her as he is following dharma and always the one wins who follows dharma and the she asks him to go back to his place or he would be killed but bhringraj says tat she is wrong and he will show her wat he will do to them wen raja bhoj is back with the yantra
Raja bhoj is then seen thinking tat this wont be the real mahantdas as he might be the one who is very known and good person as bhringraj cannot himself come in front of him but instead sent him tat definitely means tat he is a man who will help others and here he can see tat the one who is feeding the cow as in hindu dharma cow is considered as the god with 32crores god in her and then goes near the one who is feeding cow and greets him while the mhanatdas gets happy with his vivek and comes front in real and says tat he is happy with his smartness.

Raja bhoj asks mahantdas to give him the yantra and mahantdas then tells tat if he wants the yantra then he has to kill him and listening to this raj bhoj gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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