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Nandini asks Meethi loudly if she will stop her but Meethi warns her not to talk to her in this tone. Take my name with respect, call me Meethi ji. I would only take 2 seconds in reminding you of your place in case you have forgotten it. your time is up. It will be good if you pack your bags and leave from this house. You only have ten minutes. only ten minutes! nandini heads upstairs.

Meethi assures Rani that she has nothing to worry about. I am with you. I love you a lot. Meethi hugs Rani. Mukta and Akash smile seeing them together.

Ambika gets to know that her mother is in the jail because of Nandini / Chameli. I thought she will prove to be a plus point for us but I had no idea that she will play smart with me. Ambika thought that she is here because of Meethi. Malvika denies. we were wrong in judging / understanding Meethi. she is a very good human being. Everyone was against me but it was only Meethi who stood by me. she told everyone that I am innocent. Only Meethi came to meet me in the jail. Ambika is making faces.

Nandini is irked that she lost her one chance again. I had thought that I will rule this house after marrying Akash but Meethi ruined everything. I wont spare her. I will destroy her even while leaving this house.

Sankrant is in taxi. He is upset with himself for sending Ambika alone. I could have waited outside for her. he decides to call her and tells the driver to stop the taxi. He calls Ambika but she is not picking up. He calls at the clinic and gets to know that Ambika has not gone there. He is all the more surprised to know that the doctor is on off today.

Nandini smiles looking at Akash’s photo. She recalls an incident when he had hugged her from behind (thinking her to be Meethi) and was all romantic with her. she decides to feed that poisonous apple to Meethi. I will distribute sweets when she dies. She takes out the apple from the drawer and looks at it determinedly.

Ambika is irked seeing Sankrant’s call. Malvika tells her to pick up the call. Ambika picks up the call but doesn’t let him talk. I am in the clinic to get my check up done. I am next. I will be free in 15 minutes. I will call you then. it is not allowed to talk on phone here. She ends the call. Sankrant is shocked / confused. Has she gone to meet someone else? Is this why she went on her own? Why is she lying? Ambika promises her mother that she will teach a lesson to Nandini for sure. But we have to get you bailed first. Malvika reminds her that she is known by the name Mauli here. No one knows me as Malvika here. It will be easier for me to get out of here once my identity is proved. Ambika nods.

Rani apologizes to her Meethi Ma. My Chameli wont say sorry to you so I am saying sorry to you on her behalf. Meethi says you don’t have to feel ashamed because of someone else’s mistake. You are my princess, my beloved daughter. You gave me all the happiness of the world today by accepting me as your mother. I don’t want anything else. Akash and Maiyya come there. Maiyya is happy that Meethi has told Chameli to leave from their home. Meethi request her not to say anything in front of Rani. She is already embarrassed at her mother’s antics. Maiyya agrees.

Maiyya finds out that Meethi has not eaten anything. You will fall ill this way. She gives some fruits to Meethi to eat. Meethi keeps the plate back saying that she will eat in a while. Nandini notices their convo while standing at the stairs. Maiyya asks Meethi to go upstairs to check that Nandini is not stealing anything. Meethi shakes her head.

Nandini hides the apple under her saree’s pallu. I finally got a chance to mix this apple amongst all the other fruits. Show your power once Guru Ma. She descends the stairs. She tries to talk to Rani but Maiyya doesn’t allow her to. You might teach her something wrong only. Nandini looks at Meethi first and then at Akash but he doesn’t even so much as looks in her direction. She pretends to slip and collides with the plate. She begins to gather the fruits and is successful in replacing the apple. Maiyya scolds her enough and then tells her to leave. Nandini thinks that she will definitely succeed in defeating Meethi. you will be dead in 5 days. She finally walks out of Bundela House.

Khanna is talking to someone on phone. It will be great if Akash’s loss is big. The bigger the loss, the better! He ends the call as he notices Nandini standing at the door. she keeps her bag aside and sits down beside him. he asks her if Akash threw her out of the house. Nandini blames Meethi. I have kept the poisonous apple back at that house for Meethi. she will die eventually. Can I please stay at your house for a few days? I will keep you very happy. it is just a matter of few days. Khanna laughs at her that she came to him when her lover threw her out of his house. You can stay here. Change clothes. Nights will pass easily now that you are here. Have you brought that pen drive? He scolds her for the same. she promises to bring it in a few days time. I cannot go there as of now. Please let me stay at your place for a few days. He declines. If Akash gets that pen drive then I will be dead. Bring that pen drive first and then you are free to stay here. She requests him but in vain. He closes the door on her face.

Everyone is pleased to see Sankrant. He has brought gifts for everyone. Meethi asks about Ambika. He tells her that she has gone to doc. She must be coming. Meethi notices Ambika at the door just then. ambika touches Maiyya’s feet. Maiyya says you could have come home first then we could have gone to see the doc. Meethi adds that she could have called her. I would have come with you. Ambika says I was worried so I went to see the doc. This is why I thought to go for my check up first. Sankrant is watching her keenly. She asks about others. She notices Rani. Where is her mother? Maiyya speaks against Nandini so Meethi reminds her that Rani is sitting there only. Maiyya agrees. Ambika thinks that she lost her chance or she wouldn’t have spared Nandini.

Sankrant puts the laptop on recording. Ambika asks him why he closed the door. he lies that he was changing clothes. She says I too am thinking of taking a bath. He goes out on the pretext of talking to his brother so that she gets some time alone. As soon as he is out of the room, Ambika calls Advocate Khatri.

Maiyya is really relieved that Nandini has left from their house. Meethi affirms. It feels like Rani too is under no burden now. What would have she taught Rani after all! Maiyya notices that Meethi has not eaten fruits. I wish no new trouble comes now. Meethi assures her that everything will be fine. She is about to take a bite of the apple when they hear Sankrant shouting for Ambika.

Sankrant brings Ambika there by dragging her. Akash too comes there. They are taken aback to see him behaving like that with his pregnant wife. Sankrant turns to Ambika. I am giving you one and the only chance to be honest with us. If you hide anything from us now then the doors of this house will be closed for you for forever. Ambika says I have already accepted all my mistakes. What truth are you talking about now? Meethi tells Sankrant to calm down. What’s the matter? He tells Meethi that she was right. People like Ambika can never change. He plays the video clip on his laptop. They find Ambika calling Advocate Khatri. She talks about bailing her mother. All the accusations are false. She has been jailed for attempting to murder Ekadish Chatterjee. Everyone is shocked to know that Mauli, Malvika Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore, is actually Ambika’s mother.

Precap: Maiyya is irked that one problem sorted and now another has come up. Sankrant tells her to think that the house is cleaning up. We are catching all our enemies red handed. You (Ambika) can give any (false) explanation right now if you want to. You may lie or be honest now but you will definitely leave this house now.

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