Sinhasan Battisi 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,namdev has took samrat to a doctor and he is treating him with medicines he then tells namdev tat he has done his work but now its up to god as the poison on the arrows has been spread in his complete body namdev then asks wen will he get up doctor then tells tat he should wake up till next morning but if he wont then u need to inform his family Into old fort padmavati then asks raja bhoj tat wat does he thinks will samrat succed in his task and will he be safe then raja bhoj replies that their is no doubt that he will be safe as he has his wifes support padmavati then tells him tat an individuals life is his own and is not dependent on anyone then raja bhoj tells her tat after marriage life is not of an individual but its of the two and maharani chitralekha will save samrat from vikramaditya Then maharani chitralekha is seen doing pooja of lord mahadev (mahakaal) she prays god to help her save her husbands life then namdev is also seen praying to god to save samrats life then maharani chitralekha is seen with diyas in her hand and praying mahakal she then swears on god tat these diyas will lit until samrat comes and blesses her .she then starts praying hard and enchants prayers while doctor and namdev are also trying hard to cure samrat suddenly then all the diyas goes off and vahamirji is seen worried then the next day arrives and he sees tat all the diyas are lit again and then he tells maharani chitralekha tat the sun has raised and now samrat is safe and raja vikramaditya is seen waking up namdev and doctor are seen happy to see him alive then doctor asks raja vikramaditya to take rest and tells him tat he is surprised to see the recovery of samrat he was not sure weather he will be alive but by gods grace everything is fine Raja vikramaditya then tells that sometimes instead of medicines prayers work then samrat feels tat chitralekha must have prayed hard for him and so he is safe today then the doctor takes leave to collect some more medicines then namdev touches samrats feet and thanx him for saving his life then samrat tells him that actually he is thankfull and happy to help namdev then tells tat he will go in jungle or to any other village along with his mom but samrat in his mind is still worried because even if namdev is safe from raja but kaal will not stop following him samrat then asks namdev for wat was he been chased by raja riudrpratap he then tells tat he is also unknown but they were calling him an untrust worthy person samrat then asks namdev to bring his mom near a riverside and he will wait for him their Raja rudrapratap is then seen asking senapati that how did they let the rider who saved namdev to let go then senapati tells that they have injured the rider enough then raja rudrapratap says that it is not important to kill him but to have him here as it would have helped us to find maharani and then arrives samrat in the palace and he tells raja that it was who saved namdev and raja rudrapratap is shocked to know this samrat then asks raja that wat was the reason to give death sentence to namdev then raja tells tat he has betrayed us and he is the one who has kidnapped the maharani Into the old fort padmavati tells tat then one who is doing paropkar should complete the paropkar then only it will count the importance she then asks that wat is the difference between paropkar and tyag(sacrifice) raja bhoj then tells tyag is something tat is done with considering all the things but paropkar is doing a task without thinking anything he then also tells tat one who is sacrificing are the known one but one doing paropkar there are all unknown Into the palace samrat asks raja that does he has any proof that namdev has kidnapped maharani rajeshwari he then tells tat yes as he is the security guard of maharani and that morning maharani came to him and told tat she is going to nag temple for doing prayers and pooja so tat they will also be blessed with a child then comes namdev and tells tat he is ready to take maharani to temple and further raja rudrapratap tells tat bad faith happens that he is not even able to narrate the further story then he tells tat maharani was praying to lord nagdevta to bless them with a child and there comes namdev who holds her hand and tells her tat he will help her and asks her to come with him while she tries to stop him she then asks her dasis to call the soldiers and when soldiers enter he fights with them and takes maharani away raja rudrapratap then tells samrat that these are the soldier who are trustworthy and have told him this story The soldier then tells tat we have never seen namdev this way he was so powerful tat we were like ants in front of him then raja asks samrat wat does he thinks now samrat then tells tat namdev is not guilty while listening to this raja rudrapratap is shocked then samrat requests him to put a stay on the death sentence given to namdev and aks him to make preperations to welcome maharani rajeshwarii also Then kaal is seen calling out raja vikramadityas name to release him and let him go to namdev then samrat is seen meeting namdev and his mother namdev then asks samrat that where he is coming from samrat then tells tat he has met raja rudrapratap and they say tat u have kidnapped their maharani rajeshwari namdev then tells that this is not true as y will he kidnap her as he has not gone to the palace yesterday namdevs mother then also tells tat he was with him raja vikramaditya is shocked to know this and wonders how must have this happened and asks namdev to think has anything happen inbetween Namdev then tells samrat that yes he reminds something and tells tat when maharani was conducting pooja there was a snake who used to come and stare maharani i did not gave much importance at starting but later it cam eto my notice he used to come daily and stare maharani one fine he stoped him while entering and aksed him who is he and y does he comes here everyday and then the snake turns into a human body and tells him tat he is takshak snake and asks him to go away from his way while namdev tells tat he is a special security guard of maharani and its his duty to look after and he will not leave his way and not let him disturb maharani during performing prayers takshak then warns namdev tat he will kill him with his poison but he wont do this inside the temple but he will surely punish him for making him stop and then takshak again turns into snake and leaves Samrat is then shocked to hear this and says tat so it was the argument with takshak snake and says tat now he understood how must have been the further story

Precap: Samrat is seen in the snake temple talking to the idol due to takshak snake the importance and value of gods has been challenged and requests god to tell a way to reach takshak snake to save maharani rajeshwari then samrat is seen fighting with takshak snake

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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