Maharana Pratap 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Fatta’s horse suddenly stops near Pratap. Fatta is surprised to see him there. You came here before me even when I am riding a horse? Pratap says my feet are way faster than your horse. They brought me here faster. Fatta feels being a horse caretaker he must know it better. Why are you standing in my way? Pratap repeats his proposal of joining him in his rebellion against Chittor. Fatta appreciates him and respects his dedication / passion. You are super talented but we, Bijolia people, only include people who are certified for the same. He relates an incident when 20 thugs had attacked on his village. I had been hit in my ribs. Plus I had evened it out with Afghani soldiers once and they had lost in front of me. I am not saying all this to sing my praises. Why don’t you learn some skills from your army men? It will be good for you. You can meet me then. Prepare yourself well. Pratap challenges him to test him right away. it is ok if you don’t want to make me a part of your group but allow a Rajput to fight with another Rajput once atleast. He holds out a sword for Fatta. Fatta is indeed impressed by him. I wont be able to refuse you now. but don’t take the results to your heart. He holds out another sword for Pratap who instead tells him to keep both the swords. Fatta smiles thinking that this guy (Pratap) has chosen a path to kill himself. Pratap wonders if he said something to which Fatta again requests him to take the other sword. I don’t attack someone who is unarmed. Pratap takes out his sword from his back finally. Chakrapani reaches there too. Fatta tells him to take his friend to Vaid ji asap in case it is needed. Take the horse as well. Pratap calls Chakrapani DHyan Singh. Do what he is telling you to. Chakrapani smiles and agrees for it. fatta and Pratap start their sword fight. Fatta is again impressed with Pratap’s yet another talent.

Ajabde reaches there along with her troop of people. They feel that Chittor has announced death penalty for him. Ajabde tells them all to surround the hill while she decides to fight the killer (Pratap) all by herself. They all disperse.

Even Pratap is impressed with Fatta. Pratap is distracted by the neighing of a horse. Fatta tries to attack him using the opportunity but Pratap wards off the attempt on time. Pratap tells him not to cheat to which Fatta tells him to stay focused in war time. This time Pratap starts attacking him angrily. Fatta retreats with each step while he tries to protect himself. Chakrapani tells Gyan Singh (Pratap) to stop but in vain. Fatta falls off in a pit. Pratap is worried for his friend. Just then someone points the sword at his neck. Pratap turns to look at the person.

Dhaman Singh asks DB why she let Pratap go to Bijolia. The moment he will reach there he will get to know that we dint let any communication happen between Bijolia and Mewar. Forgive me, you are a Maharani. You will be easily forgiven but no one will spare me. she warns him to be quiet or he will be meted with death penalty. He apologizes but he is really scared. She tells him not to worry over small things. We will have to be really strong to achieve our aim.

Ajabde warns Pratap not to move. Do you think I wont be able to handle you in case you attack me? pratap affirms. Chakrapani tells him to attack her but Pratap stops him. he turns to look at Fatta who is struggling to come up. Ajabde is about to attack him when Pratap holds the sword in time. Blood comes out of his hand and falls on the ground. They both stare at each other in that position. He finally pushes the sword aside. Ajabde starts attacking him then while he ducks all the time. She makes his pagdi fly high in the air but he catches it in time. Fatta and Chakrapani look on from s distance.

US thinks of Fatta’s words. DB comes there. He tells her how that guy was lying. I have checked my accounts. It is clearly mentioned here that we have sent all the necessary stuff / army of people to Bijolia when they needed it even though our relations had gone sour. We have shared our army and basic necessity stuff time and again. she nods in acknowledgment. Pratap has gone there. He will set everything right.

Pratap uses his pagdi to save himself from AJabde’s attacks. Fatta falls unconscious finally. Pratap catches hold of Ajabde’s waist using his pagdi’s cloth and pulls her to him. he holds her hand and she looks at him in amazement. She backs off immediately which confuses him.

DB tells US that pratap will set everything right as soon as he will reach Bijolia. But I am worried what if he falls in Ajabde’s spell again. I wont compromise with your respect. He assures her that I wont happen. Pratap wont do anything that will affect me wrongly. She too trusts Pratap but she is not so sure about the opportunist Ajabde. What will we do then as she is his wife after all?
Ajabde notices her set of soldiers coming in. Pratap tries to go ahead but she keeps the sword near his neck so as to stop him. she orders her men to take Fatta away asap. I will stop these men here till then.

US has full faith in Pratap. He knows it well that she has no relations with him or us anymore. DB continues to talk against Ajabde. You also know that Ajabde is used to cross her limits. We will do something if she does something outrageous again? he promises to punish her in case she does something like that. DB suggests him that he should remove Ajabde and her family from Samant’s stature as their punishment in case they try to come closer to Pratap. US gets up from the couch. He doesn’t agree with her. I cannot do this. she apologizes for giving such a suggestion but I only have anger in my heart for Ajabde since jija has left this palace. He gets thinking. He agrees with her finally.

Chakrapani wonders why they are not doing anything to stop her. pratap reminds him that they don’t raise swords against women. He turns to Ajabde. If you think that we did something wrong then you can even make us your prisoners. She knows that he did everything as per the king’s orders. I don’t fight with those who do their work diligently. Tell your king that they dint do it right by trying to kill Bijolia’s messenger. It will cost them badly.

Precap: DB tells VB that she will stay in this palace happily till the time Ajabde is away from this palace. In case she returns here then all your happiness will vanish. VB sheds tears silently. Ajabde feels that Pratap and Chakrapani are following them. She orders her daasi and soldiers to make sure that they both are unable to enter Bijolia. They scatter in different directions Pratap and Chakrapani get entangled in a net / trap that was laid for them in the jungle.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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