Sinhasan Battisi 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja vikramaditya is seen fighting with kaal then namdev is seen feeding his mother she then says tat that she had enough food then na,dev asks her tat he will go as maharani must be waiting and namdev takes her leave while raja vikramaditya is seen fighting with kaal he then asks raja vikramaditya that is this enough or he wants to fight more samrat says tat he will not stop and while kaal is about to hit samrat samrat ties him to a tree with his powers and asks him to not to kill namdev but kaal tells tat even if he cannot kill namdev he himself is going towards death and namdev is then seen leaving his house and soldiers arrive and hold namdev while namdev screams and asks y is he been captured this way wat is his mistake namdevs mother hears this voice and goes out to see wat is happening and hears tat namdev is been held and taken to kill
Into old fort padmavati tells raja bhoj that now u think how is raja vikramaditya going to save namdev how will his paropkar help him do this. And then kaal is seen warning raja vikramaditya tat he is challenging his own life to death and he should not do this but raja vikramaditya leaves
Maharani chitralekha is seen with sword in his hand and is going to stop kaal from killing samrat but mahamirji stops her and asks her to wait as this is not the way to stop kaal to stop kaal there should be a mahakaal pooja done and he will tell them the right time of starting the pooja
Raja rudrapratap is then seen angry and scolding namdev for kidnapping maharani while he tries to convince him tat he has not kidnapped maharani but no one belives him and raja rudrapratap asks his soldiers to hit namdev with arrows till he tells the truth or dies and senapati is seen tieing namdev to a tree and asks him to tell the truth he will asks raja to forgive him while namdev tells tat he has nott kidnapped maharani and swears on his mother but senapati does not listens to him
Into old fort padmavati releases arrow on raja bhoj and raja bhoj saves himself from them while padmavati tells him tat the way he saved himself now namdev is not able to save himself while raja bhoj says tat raja vikramaditya has not yet reached there how is he going to save namdev as the soldiers who r going to hit namdev are good in using and targeting their arrows padmavati then tells tat raja vikramaditya arrives and picks namdev and release and runs away while the soldiers are seen running behind and then 3 of them hit samrat with arrows at their back
Into old fort padmavati then tells raja bhoj tat to save bamdev raja vikramadity has put his life in danger while raja bhoj gets angry and says tat this is not right as samrat is a good soul and he is trying to help namdev he cant be killed like this padmavati thentells that she is overwhelmed with wat he said and wishes tat raja bhoj successfully completes the singhasan batisi and the she further narrates that namdev and samrat stop near a river while samrat fells down as he is injured namdev gets to know tat samrat is hit with arrow and removes the arrows samrat is in bad pain then namdev brings him some water to drink while samrat asks him to take his mother and go to a safer place while namdev says tat he wont leave him here as he has saved his life samrat then faints and namdev gets to know tat he is none other than raja vikramaditya samrat of Ujjain and promises himself that he will save his life and goes to call a doctor
Maharani chitralekha is seen worried about samrat and then she sees a black cat and says tat this is bad sign and prays god to save samrats life then comes mahamir ji and tells tat if todays night is completed witout any bad sign than samrat will have a good life ahead she is worried and asks him tat wat she can do to save samrats life and she swears on god tat if kaal tries to kill samrat she will curse kaal .

Chiitralekha is praying mahakaal tat the diyas in her hand will burn until smrat comes and put sindoor in her forehead and raja rudrapratap says that kall will kill namdev as they r thinking tat he is been injured with arrows

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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