Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
As she takes the route, the same two hooligans offre to take her to Umatgaon, as they too are going that ways, once she has trouble remembering the entire route, when she confesses that she has forgotten the way to umatgaon. they decide to help her, while having evil intenions. they get in the car. As she passes by a milestone indicating that umatgaon is in the other direction, 6kms from there, the goons ask her to leave this village and go far away, if she wants her safety. she is scared, and asks them to take off the knife, and then she would comply to her wishes. When they do so, not scared of a girl, she pulls the pepper spray on them, and their eyes start stinging. she throws them out of the car, and then drives off. But she is shocked to find that she is being followed in a jeep by more men. she starts driving fast but then finds that after a point of time, her car comes to a screeching halt. she gets out and starts running. through the forests, barefoot, with hooligans after her, with sticks and lathis. Her leg gets stuck in the ground, and the goons get her. But before they can take over her, she throws a stone at him and rushes away, they compose themselves and then run after her yet again. She hides and ducks underneath a boulder, when a person fights with them and drives them away, hearing and seeing which avni is surprised. the goons run away from there. she goes to a villager and thanks him and the strange person’s help, but he says that the person isnt related to him, but is just a guest. avni decides to wait for that person to come back, who has run away after the goons. She goes on the route, and finds that person with his back turned on her. As his back is turned on her, she goes onto thank him, and then when he turns around, both are shocked, as the person turns out to be raj. Avni is apalled to see him, as past memories flash in front of her, of Raj’s betrayal and stinging words. She runs away from there, still remembering Raj’s barbed comments. The same villager finds her running in haste, and asks her if she is okay. avni is dishevelled. the person asks her not to be scared and takes her inside, his lodge. She thinks that she cant take seeing him anymore. The person again starts asking if she said thank you to that person. Avni begins to leave in frustration, but raj comes inside. She turns away shocked. the person instructs her that in this extreme weather, avni shouldnt leave as she would be lost in the jungle, and its very dangerous. Her asks raj to get her to understand. he resignedly complies, and asks her not to leave. Avni is tensed. She wonders how is he here and then thinks that she wont talk or think about him, and wont be bothered, and then thinks that she would behave just like a stranger with him, as she should. the person comes in, and starts ranting about raj and his praise. avni asks him to stop praising raj. Raj comes in, and the person offers to get Avni hot steaming tea and dinner. he notices raj’s wounds, and then gives avni the first aid kit, to dress his wounds, while he goes to arrange dinner. She remembers raj’s tensed words, and throws the kit at him. She is about to stumble, and raj gets ahead to attend to her, but she moves aside. then remembers the way raj fought off the goons. She turns around to look at him. As raj is attending to his wounds, singlehandedly, in great difficult and in pain, avni, unable to see it any longer, goes and does the bandage herself, while he watches her tensedly, with a curt face. She remains stoical and finishes her job.

Scene 2:
Location: Avni’s residence
The weather is bad even in her place, as bhawna gets tensed of the storm. Bhawna tries to speak about avni, and suket says that avni is out of town due to some important work. Bhawna asks if she went alone. arpita asks how she wanted a fersh start, and they had to agree in front of her wishes. bhawna is tensed. Bhawna expresses her desire to talk, and suket tries the number, but it doesnt go through. He thinks that she would be very tensed, if she gets to know that the phone isnt going through. he fake talks with avni, and then tells bhawna that avni was almost asleep, and hence she would talk to her in the morning. bhawna resignedly agrees. Outside, suket and abhaas are worried that avni hasnt called, and her phone isnt getting through.

Scene 3:
Location: In the lodge
The villager comes in with dinner and gives them a common tincase, to eat from. avni thinks that raj is just a stranger and shall eat, not being bothered by his presence. As fate would have it, their hands collide, as they go to take the food. The villager asks her to take it first. She takes hastily and steps aside. The villager notices the tension between them and is amused comments that they both shall be good for each other. both are tensed. After dinner, the villager shows them a room, with elctricity and two separate beds too, asking them to both to sleep here. Avni is shocked and says that she shall and would never sleep here. The person starts saying that raj is a very nice guy, and no other room, has electricity. Avni says that she would rather sleep in darkness. She leaves. the screen freezes on raj’s tensed face.

Precap: As the storm kicks in, both raj and avni go to close the door, and thier hands collide. avni refrains hers, and sits back tensedly, while raj closes the door. Avni lies down on the bed, and sleeps resignedly. Raj notices her sleeping tensedly and disturbed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. OMG raj and avni face to face

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  2. I stopped watching aur pyaar ho gaya… now this story is irritating

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