A simple story (episode 23)

The last episode ended with Laksh taking heavy breaths under ap’s lap
Doctors were checking laksh while ap and whole mm were waiting outside with tension.swara also came there and tried to enter ot but ap didn’t allowed her.
Swara: badima what r u doing?Leave me i have to go inside so that i can save laksh.
Ap:?? no u wouldn’t go.im sure u will kill my son,till I’m here i will never ever let any harm to my son.

DP:ap,have u lost ur mind.leave swara let her go, otherwise our son will be in danger.
Sanskar:badima atleast sake of laksh let her go.
Ap:do u think I’m fool to believe this girl,after knowing my truth..(suddenly realised wat she is gonna speak)i mean she is against ragini,for hurting her she may hurt laksh.thats y i don’t want swara to treat laksh

DP(angrily more worried about his son):pls let her go.our son is in critical condition, only swara can save him.i trust her and u also know she cannot do any wrong thing.so pls,i beg u.
That time only ragini came,but her condition is not that much good.her knees are bleeding,her face is pale her body is so weak that she can’t even walk properly.
Dadi and sumi both supported her and made her sit in the chair
Dadi:laado wat have u done to urself?

Ragini:(weakly) dadima how is lakshji,i have prayed for his well-being.did operation got successful.did he got consciousness.(she saw swara standing there where ap was holding her hand tightly)swara u say na.y all are silent.how is lakshji?
Doctor came out from ot with a sad face.
Everybody surrounded him

DP: doctor how is my son?Is he fine?
Doctor:I’m sorry Mr.maheshwari ur son is no more.we have tried our level best but we couldn’t save his life.
Hearing doctor’s words every one were shocked and started crying. Ragini rushed inside the ot.
Ragini:lakshji u r angry with me naa as i made ur life hell.thats y u r playing with me.pls lakshji get up and say that doctor is saying lie.i know nothing has happened to u.u r too much angry on me for spoiling ur life na,then don’t worry i will give u divorce.yes u heard it right i will free u from this unwanted relationship,but pls once u get up and say that u r fine.
Everyone came inside the ot and seeing ragini with sad and crying face especially sumi and dadi.
Ragini:u won’t listen me right.But u will listen to ur maa right ,look na she is crying like hell look at ur papa how shattered he is.pls lakshji get up for once.

Dadi:(cryingly) ragini beta,laksh is no more accept the fact beta.
Ragini:(frustrating)no no u r saying lie.let me show u laksh is fine.lakshji u can’t do this to me.pls laksh open ur eyes pls.
With that she started to hit laksh’s chest, within a minute or so laksh started breathing heavily.all were shocked and happy to see that.

Swara:laksh!(checking his pulse) sanskar call the doctor immediately.and yes pls all of u go out.i have to treat him.
Ap was going to say something but dp bolded her hand and literally dragged her out.soon doctors and swara were operating laksh.
Here outside ragini is thanking God for saving laksh.
After a couple of hours, swara and doctors came out.
DP:swara how is ..
Swara:bade Papa ,laksh is out of danger.(hearing this all were relieved)but..
Sanskar:but what swara?
Swara:but due to accident he is partially paralyzed.

Hearing this all were shocked.
Ap:i told u na ji,this girl wantedly did this so as to take away all our happiness.(crying)laksh mere baccha.
Dr:stop it Mrs.maheshwari,it’s not her fault.its entirely ur fault if u hadn’t stopped Dr.swara that time ur son would have been fine.
DP:what have u done to our child ap?How can we face laksh now?How would laksh react to this news.

Swara:BP, now we should be strong enough to handle laksh,he is now weak.he needs ur strength and care.laksh is now unconscious but after sometime we will shift him to the ward.u all can see him.
After sometime all left to laksh’s ward
Here swara is taking little steps since she is very tired after the operation,she is feeling dizzy and about to fall.but sanskar came in time to catch her.
Sanskar:swara r u ok?
Swara:I’m fine it’s just I’m feeling tired.

Sanskar:u r not fine let’s go home and take rest.
Swara:but sanskar,laksh is not well.in this condition how can we leave?
Suji:beta it’s ok,i will say it to bhaisa and others.u go home and take rest.sanskar take care of her.
Both nodded their heads and left for home

Here in hospital
Ap:(mono)how dare you swara?How can u hurt my son?I warned u already,if u ever harmed him then consequences won’t be good but u?Now see what i will do with u.u are flying so high na.I will cut ur wings now.u have to pay for hurting my Laksh,my life.i will destroy ur life and u can’t be able to save urself from my wrath.

Precap:swasan out of mm.sanskar getting his life’s biggest shock or trying to pretend that he is shocked.while swara is full angry

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