Meri Durga 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Meri Durga 24th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Billu saying I will tease the girl, I just want cash. Sheela says I did all preparations, reach on time. Billu says fine, I will come. He gets busy on call. Sheela shows the photo of Amrita and Shilpa and says this right one, she is not smart like you, but bear her, just do it. He says fine, I will do it. Sheela, Shilpa and her friend wait for Amrita. Sheela asks Shilpa to take Amrita to market on time. Yashpal is at tea stall and misses to see Madhav. He goes back to the workshop to see Amrita’s boss. Amrita does the work on mirror. Madhav says its good, you can go now. Billu comes there to tease Amrita.

Yashpal gets shocked seeing Madhav with Amrita. He recalls Amrita’s words. Madhav says you are getting leave as work was less, but tomorrow work will be double, come well prepared. Yashpal gets angry. He says Madhav you come home, I will see you. He leaves. Amrita meets Shilpa. They go to the market. Billu sees them and says which one to tease, I did not see photo well, who is that girl.

Durga comes home by balancing boxes on her head. She thinks when I tell Rajveer about this, he will be glad. She gets shocked seeing Rajveer at home and drops all the boxes. She thinks coach Sir and Bua together, I m gone. Bua acts and says you got so much, I would have gone and get this. Uncle asks Subhadra did she make Durga do this work. Subhadra says she does not listen to me and does everything on own. Uncle asks Durga why is she scared, you did good thing to save a kitten. Durga asks what. Rajveer says you saved my kitten from the tree. He asks Durga why did she not go to school. Durga says because…. Subhadra worries.

Durga says I was not well. He asks what happened to your health. Subhadra smiles. He says thanks for saving kitten. Subhadra says if she works hard in studies, she will get good marks, she is very helpful. He says helping is also necessary, Durga is talented, she will get good marks. He goes. Subhadra acts good.

Billu goes to tease Amrita and Shilpa. Madhav is called by someone and goes back to workshop. Sheela worries. Billu sees both of them. Shilpa signs him to tease Amrita. He blocks their way. He teases Shilpa. Sheela hits her head. Shilpa signs him. Billu sings Akeli na bazaar jaya karo….and dances.

He holds Shilpa’s hand. Sheela asks why is he teasing Shilpa. Madhav sees Billu teasing Shilpa. Amrita moves Shilpa and slaps Billu. Sheela and Shilpa get shocked. Amrita shouts how dare you touch my sister, I will not leave you, I will complaint about you in police. They go. Billu goes deaf and asks the men to catch those girls. Madhav looks on and goes after them.

Durga meets Rajveer. She says I did not waste the day, I did balancing in the market. He says great, you are coming for training tomorrow. She says yes, if I don’t come, you come here and take me. He says good, you have to win in race. She asks him to go. He goes. She turns and sees Shri. Shri asks did you take part in race.

Billu and his men stop Shilpa and Amrita. Sheela looks on. Billu teases Shilpa again. Amrita stops him. Billu says you have much power. Amrita pushes him. Sheela looks on worried. Yashpal asks Annapurna about Madhav. She says he will come in evening. He asks do you know, Madhav is Amrita’s boss. Dadi asks what happened. Yashpal says even I was shocked seeing him, he is troubling Amrita by work name, she did not tell me thinking I will worry, I won’t leave him today.

Brij asks him to calm down. Yashpal says I will not leave him today. Billu catches Amrita and scolds her. He asks her to push him now. Shilpa gets worried. Madhav comes there. Sheela says this is good, now Madhav will become hero in front of Amrita, I will go home. Madhav beats Billu and asks are you guys playing some game. Billu asks do you know me, I m Billu. They argue. Amrita takes the hockey stick and beats on Billu’s head. Shilpa and Sheela get shocked. Billu fights with her. Shilpa falls down. Amrita fights herself. Madhav looks on.

Billu takes hockey stick to beat Amrita. Madhav stops Billu. Billu asks him to beat him. Madhav slaps Billu a lot. Amrita and Shilpa look on.

Madhav fights with Billu and his men. Madhav comes home. Yashpal scolds Madhav and throws his bag, asking him to leave from house. Durga says Bua should not know about the race. Shri says you will hurt Yashpal more by lying, I will tell them the truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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