hi guys this is my new ff promo . am writing is that you ragini ff , this is my new ff based on ragini and swara . in this ff swara has a very different character and in this ff ragini is the main lead let me start the promo

so lets begin

a girl is shown she is looking like a perfect business girl . she wearing a pant and a shirt with over coat her hair is messy. she is recording something in her camera lets see what is it
girl:hi am ragini ( so the girl is ragini ) i live a simple life in a big city . i run my own business . i have a fashion designing boutique wear . many people tell that this world is big but for me this world is so small compared to my life . i don’t have a group of people in my life but i have few people who is playing an important role in my life .

“swara ” my best friend works as a teacher .the scene shifts a girl is shown wearing a red sarree and wore her hair in bun .and wearing a big glass
(ragini is narrating )she is a nerdy . she has no fashion sense but her passion is all about culture and religious tradition .

the scene changes
a vegetable seller is coming in his vehicle telling fresh vegetables …………………
girl : bhaiya stop (she is swara)
swara:baiya kya yah tamaatar hai
seller:jee hain
swara:yah fresh nahin hai
seller: it is fresh behanji
swara:ok 1 kilo brinjal aur 1kilo carrot
seller:100 rupess

here is it scene changes to ragini where she is narrating
ragini:swara most common word to that seller is kuchh takasaal daal na .and then “sanskar” my lover but i never care that he loves me or not but i cann’t stop loving him . physical can also go wrong because opposites pole sometime cannot be accept also . “sanskar” in one word lazy . the most funny part is lazy goose runs a big company srry i can’t be so mean to my lover sanskar will never be in time just opposite to me . but he loves swara
swara is not bother about him . she is always busy in telling maa aur paa first god ……. she obeys her mom and engaged to ?????

“laksh” meri best friend in one word angry bird . searching for a job because he wants to stand in his own legs . and he is enageged to swara

and last but not least “parth” in one word i cann’t tell anything about him because he has big story we cann’t understand anything about him because he is different very very very different . he is unique . and the most funny thing is sanskar , laksh ,parth are borthers
these three maheswari brothers play an important role in my life . i wish if i have time machine i will go change my life that is i will not make me to visit them . i never thought my sweet simple life will change like this am not blamimg others am blaming myself .first time in my life me . ragini gadodia took a wrong decisionover my love but time is so stronger than but i have one option left i can’t change the time but i can face it and am going to do it before my marriage
one tear skips from ragini eyes . but she wipes it and tells “am not that week i can face it “.

so guys i think you like it so story revoles around these four i think surly i will intoduce another girls but their will love triangle . ragini loves sanskar and sanskar loves swara . what decision ragini took and why????? with whom she gonna marry??? and what she want to do before marriage ???
to know this you have to read my ff

about the pairs literally i don’t know but the plot is gonna be good and ragini is the lead .
so if you like this i will continue

  1. nice make ragsan

  2. Follybraverl

    Ohhhh that was nice want to see bubbly Ragini as in is that you Ragini….

  3. Lovely7

    Nice, Feeling bad for ragini

  4. Plz make it swasan and raglak

  5. Berdilla

    Awesome dear friend

  6. Shrilatha

    Awesome whatever is the decision it’s for others happiness..I guess.plz make ragsan

  7. A.xx

    amazing and wonder what she does she might marry parth? xx

  8. Asra

    awesome dear….loved it…

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