Pyaar Dard Hota Hai : Kriyam Episode 12

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Episode begins.


Its morning. Sayaam wakes up. He sees Krishna combing her hair at the dressing table.

Sayaam: Good morning.

Krishna smiles.

Krishna: Good morning.

Sayaam: Krishna im going back to the office today. Will you be okay?

Krishna: Of course. And anyways there are so many people here who take care of me. Dont worry.

Sayaam nods and goes to the washroom. When he comes out he gets ready. He talks to himself.

Sayaam: Where is my tie?

He messes up the room looking for his tie. Krishna comes there.

Krishna: Sayaam! This much mess! Oh god!

Sayaam: I was looking for my tie ……

Krishna: And all this was necessary?

Krishna opens the cupboard. She gets out his tie.

Krishna: Here.

She hands him his tie.

Sayaam: Thank you.

Sayaam leaves it hanging around his neck and rushes around.

Sayaam: Now where is that file ……

He searches. Krishna stops him by his shoulders. She starts to fix his tie and tie it for him.

Krishna: Sayaam, why are you so stressed? You act as though you havent been to the office for years.

Sayaam: Its been 3 weeks. I am the co – owner of the Birla Companies Krishna. People depend on me for things. Especially papa.

Krishna holds his face.

Krishna: You will be fine.

They smile.

Krishna and Sayaam enter the hall.

Yuvaan: Here he comes. Mr Sayaam Birla. Sir!

Yuvaan imitates the scared employees. Everyone laughs.

Yuvraj: Sayaam, beta. Im glad you are finally going back to work. This business needs you.

He looks at Yuvaan.

Yuvraj: Both of you.

Sayaam hugs Yuvraj. Suhani comes there. Sayaam takes her blessings.

Suhani: Stay happy. All the best, beta.

Sayaam and Yuvaan go to leave, but Sayaam whispers to Suhani.

Sayaam: Maa, please take care of Krishna. She is still weak, even though she wont admit it.

Suhani smiles.

Suhani: Of course I will.

Sayaam and Yuvaan leave.

Krishna: Maa, I will start preparing lunch.

Suhani: Krishna, theres no need. Please. You rest. Baby will do it.

Baby is shocked.

Suhani: Baby?

Baby: Um …… yes Krishna, you rest.

Baby leaves angrily.

Krishna: But maa ……

Suhani: Leave it Krishna. You need to be careful. Did you have your medicines?

Krishna: Yes maa. Sayaam wouldnt let me forget!

Suhani smiles.

Suhani: Im going to check if Yuvani is okay.

Krishna: Maa. If you dont mind. Can I go?

Suhani nods and Krishna leaves. Suhani thinks.

Suhani: Krishna is so caring. She mended her relationship with me and is trying so hard with Yuvani. Im glad Sayaam chose her.

Krishna enters Yuvani’s room. She looks around and doesnt see Yuvani. She leaves the room and starts calling her name.

Krishna: Di! Yuvani di!

Yuvani responds from the terrace.

Yuvani: Yes Krishna? Im here on the terrace. Wait. I’ll come down.

Krishna walks towards the stairs, as Yuvani begins to walk down. Krishna smiles at her. Yuvani walks and suddenly slips on a step. Krishna screams.

Krishna: Yuvani!!!!!

Yuvani rolls down each step, until she gets to the bottom. She cries loudly and clutches her stomach in pain. She has a cut on her forehead that bleeds. Krishna runs there quickly.

Krishna: Oh God! Yuvani!!

Suhani and everyone else come and help her. Yuvani groans in pain. She grips Suhani’s hand in pain.

Yuvani: Mumma!! Do something!!

She cries.

Suhani: Krishna! Quick call the doctor!

Krishna calls the doctor.

Scene shifts to the hall. Everyone wait there for the news. Sayaam and Yuvaan come there. Sayaam panics.

Sayaam: Maa! Yuvani? How is she?! She didnt get hurt too badly? The baby is okay?!

Suhani: Sayaam. Calm down. We dont know anything yet.

The doctor comes to the hall.

Sayaam: Doctor! How is Yuvani?

Doctor: The patient is fine.

Everyone feels relieved.

Doctor: But im sorry Mr Birla.

Sayaam is confused.

Doctor: The child is no more.

Everyone is shocked. Krishna puts her hand to her mouth, in shock.

Suhani: What! ……

Doctor: Im sorry. I have left medicines with the patient. Its best you tell her yourself.

He leaves. Suhani breaks down crying.

Suhani: What will happen to my daughter?! Why?! Why Yuvani?

Krishna tries to console her. Everyone cry. Sayaam is left in shock.

Episode ends.


Yuvani hugs Veer, Sayaam and Krishna watch from the door.

Q. Do you ship Yuvani and Veer? Or shoud I say Veerani??? ???

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  1. Ahhh so yew liked the name veerani??And the episode was superb✌❤and say yam care for krishu??

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      Yep x thank you ❤❤

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    Lovely… ? well done… Hmm…. Waiting for the next episode…. I like veerani… Keep going…??

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      Thank you x will update soon ??

  3. Nice episode

  4. AnahitaAnnie

    Yep veerani jodi is really cute…i ship them them…and the kriyam scenes were really adorable…keep going…

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