Silsila Pyaar Ka 17th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Janki says Raunak is my life but Randhir is burden n I don’t wish to carry this burden n loose my son, I know I’m the first women who is willing to kill husband for her son n this is all bcoz of Kajal, I would have never taken this step if Kajal hadn’t brought him here but I can do anything for my son n his love n that includes even killing Randhir.

Sakshi says papa look I made a family drawing n what marks are on ur cheeks, did someone hit u,Raunak says nothing,Kajal walks to them n says no one hit ur dad infact this is done by dadu,Sakshi says why papa made some mistake,Raunak says Kajal cmon u must be very happy,Kajal says I’m not happy abt this but abt the fact that u stood by me,Sakshi says what did u do papa,Kajal says sir u need some ice pack,Raunak says ok n leaves,Sakshi shows her drawing to Kajal n says look it’s Vinay mama n Neeti mami n their baby,Kajal says very good.

Sanjana says Didi how Did jiju take such huge step,Radhika says Neeti ur ma will be very upset seeing u,Neeti says I’m not going Bhopal,ma had said that Vinay is my huge mistake n I don’t want to prove her right by going home,Radhika says where will u go,Sanjana says Didi u go stay with my friend n I will stay he n try convince jiju,Neeti says u are my best sister Sanju thanku,Sanjana says I will come to see u everyday take care.

Ashok n Munshi see Neeti with her bag,Ashok says Neeti where are u going,munshi says keep it back in ur room,u are going no where,Sanjana says let me drop u till cab,Munshi says how dare u ,Radhika talk to Neeti,Radhika says what will I do,Neeti says don’t worry I’m staying in Indore itself till Vinay calms down,here is hostels address,I will keep in touch just take care of Vinay Sanjana says Didi don’t worry abt jiju I will take are of Him.

Kajal helps Raunak soothe his cheeks,Kajal goes very close to Raunak,Raunak says I will do it on my own,Kajal says ok, n gets busy with her work,Raunak says how is his Heath,Kajal says whose,Raunak says u know who,Kajal says papa will be fine soon,doctors said he is recovering, Raunak again hurts his cheeks,Kajal says I told u let me but u never listen n helps him,Raunak says I will manage n drops some water on kajals face n says sorry n leaves,Kajal says sir all will be fine.

Kamini says oh god rauank what’s wrong with ur cheeks,Raunak says why do u care leave me alone,kamini says I’m telling u this is all bcoz of Kajal send her away,Raunak walks away ignoring her,Vidhi shows Kamini n munmun poison bottle n walk to kitchen. Kajal busy with her work, Kamini says Kajal go look after Randhir I will cook food,Kajal says what wrong aunty are u scared to for Janki ma,Kamini says don’t take Janki lightly n dare u speak a word against her or else,Kajal shows knife n says try doing these things with someone else, n dare u cross ur lines,Vidhi says enough,Kamini don’t bother her b Kajal do ur thing.

Janki n Harish in corridor,Harish tells Janki something n she walks down n sprains her leg n shouts, Kajal rushes to Janki,Harish purposely shouts oh no Didi,rauank says ma what’s wrong, u come with me n takes her to sofa,Kajal says show me,Janki says no I’m fine ,Kajal says show me, mean while Vidhi n Kamini add poison to randhirs glass of milk,Kamini drops some poison on floor .

Rauank says Kajal go get ice,Janki says no I’m fine,Raunak say Kajal go get it,Kajal says ok n walks to kitchen,munmun says ma stop dropping it on floor,Vidhi mixes the poison,Kamini hides the bottle,Kajal walks in kitchen take some ice n napkin n Rushes back to hall.

Kajal applies ice to jankis leg,Janki acts as if she is in great pain,Kamini munmun n Vidhi come out n sign Janki work done.

Pre cap : Kajal says ma this milk has poison right,Raunak also present in hall along with others.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. I like today’s episode. becoz her are some raunak and kajal scenes they look cute each other. I just love their pair. But we need more raunak and kajal scenes.pls quickly expose the truth. And join kajal and raunak plzz. I like the scenes very much. plzz more scenes of raunak and kajal

  2. waow nice one

  3. Lovely episode.

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