D4 Get up and Dance 17th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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Mikhail tells the composers that his lead dancer is injured because of an accident, she isn’t well right now. He gives them only two weeks, they show reservation as it is less time. Mikhail suggests they must work right now.
Aneri comes to ask when he will get free, can he come out? Mikhail apologizes as he is busy right now. He asks her instead to try Baby’s number. Baby was sitting in her room upset. Mikhail happily works hard for production. Aneri sat in her bed upset.
Amar and Sonam were shocked to hear Harry said this. Baby forbid them complain Mikhail about it, else she won’t talk to them both. Sonam insists she can’t give up. Baby says this isn’t a decision because of Harry, she must take a decision and her decision would be for Mikhail now.
Two men come to meet Harry, Harry watches them inspecting the academy and asks them to wait outside as the class is going on. The men asks for a round of property, they are buyers and heard the academy is going to get sold in two months. Dia also comes there. Harry tells them they have been fooled. Nehtra comes there saying the whole market know this academy is mortgaged to Lalwani. She laughs and leaves. Harry tells Dia they don’t have a choice, this is why he said that all to Baby. Dia says lying to Mikhail is also wrong, she is going to tell the truth to Baby. Harry says he is atleast happy that Baby understood him and left the academy. He turns to see Baby, and warns her to stay away from Mikhail. Dia stops Harry and apologizes Baby. Harry insists he never thought Baby is so dumb that she won’t understand a simple issue. Baby asks to go to Mikhail.
Sonam asks Amar about his kiss. Amar curses her to be the mood killer, why she had come there. Sonam explains she came to cheer him up, but he left the won game. Amar holds her neck and warns her not to warn her date next time in life. Sonam says she isn’t any more interested in his love life, she has got someone else now; Aneri
Mikhail enjoys the music with composers, and suggests about piano. Aneri comes inside finding him lost with his work. She says good morning and wants to speak to him. Mikhail takes some time, and takes her to listen the music of Soul Mates. He was excited and shows her what they are composing. Baby comes in with Dia, Mikhail was concerned and asks if everything is fine. He tells Baby that Jack, Soul Mates composer will play Soul Mates entry music for her. He wants her to feel it.
He instructs her to feel the music, she will have to wait her heart to respond so that her legs start moving. Baby tries to speak, but Mikhail heads towards playing the music. Baby looks quizzical, Mikhail asks if she liked it. She says it’s really good. Mikhail tells Baby she will have only one month to practice, after two months they will have the show. Baby thinks about Harry’s words.
Amar was working at shaft. Sonam comes to tease her if he is thinking about date. Sonam confirms what he needs for the final goal of date is heart out, she gives him ideas about dancing and kissing. Amar cheers, and appreciates Sonam’s plan.
Harry comes to Mikhail who was excited about music. Harry points out that Baby is still on wheel chair. Mikhail was sure she will get fit in next ten days, he is sure about the power of dance. Baby wants to stand up, dance and become Aneri; she is ready to work to her full. It’s his experience, if a man is determined to do something even the impossible can be done. Mikhail was ready to do the next show of Soul Mates in next two months. Harry tries to convince him about not booking the hall, but Mikhail was determined.
Baby tells Sonam and Amar that she has decided not to stay in Goa anymore, she is going back to Delhi.

PRECAP: Sonam reminds Baby she loves him. Baby says this is why she is going, else he will be destroyed. She asks Amar to book tickets.

Update Credit to: Sona

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