Silsila Pyaar Ka 14th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 14th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Janki says Kajal look u had to bend on ur knees in front of me n now go pack randhirs clothes go,Kajal say su are overconfident ma,Kamini says u lost but look at her attitude, Janki says let it be Kamini after all I won, Kajal says u are so right I have to now go do the packing, Harish says me n Kamini will help u come come.

Radhika says Neeti how dare someone come n say so much abt our Vinay,Neeti I’m sorry this won’t happen,Radhika says ok take care, Kartik n Sanjana hear this, Sanjana says look Kartik u took me wrong u don’t trust me,here’s ur ring, I will help my di on my own, Kartik says sorry now I know what s the truth n now i will separate Neeti n Vinay n leaves,Sanjana starts laughing on Kartiks foolishness, Radhika says what is this Sanjana how fare u spoil ur own sisters house n starts smiling too,n says don’t stare thank me, I did this to keep ur side in front of Kartik ,I knew abt plans, simple u want Vinay n I want Neeti out of this house n so I’m with u, I’m waiting for the day Neeti will walk away with her baby n Janki will have to face hardship n even ur revenge for ur father n brother, Sanjana says I don’t care abt all that I just want Vinay that’s it.

Harish n Kamini walk in randhirs room, Kajal locks them from out side n puts in jankis photos,Janki says stop it Kajal,Kajal wakes Randhir, Janki says are u mad, Kajal says u used my little daughter n so I did this.(Sakshi tells Kajal that mamaji told me to go in dadus room I was playing with him n Kamini aunty n tells whole story to Kajal.)

Janki says open the door, Kajal says no I won’t,Janki says what u want, randhir sees jankis photo n again looses his temper n starts throwing things on Kamini n Harish. Randhir starts hitting Harish pushes Kamini,Janki says kajal plz, Kajal says I will open the door only when u will call Raunak sir that u want papa to stay with u, janki says n if I don’t,Kajal says then this continues,Janki goes near door n says plz stop hurting them plz, Randhir sees Janki n throws things at door,vidhi says Didi stay away or else he will kill them,Harish says Didi save me, Randhir keeps hitting them,Kajal says these are the tablets which help papa calm,call Raunak sir n all will be ok,munmun says plz share my mom Kajal,Kajal says u shd have thought abt it before using my daughter ,vidhi says Kajal cmon open the door, Kajal says Chachi plz stand aside.

Janki calls Raunak n says Raunak I don’t want ur papa to go back plz stop,Raunak says ma what’s wrong, janki says I waited for him for 20 yrs plz try n understand , I will look after Randhir n this won’t repeat again, I promise for me son come back,Raunak says ok ma.

Janki says thank god Raunak agreed, Kajal open the door ,Kajal opens the door n walks to Randhir n stops him n gives him tablets, munmun n Janki get Harish n Kamini out, Kajal gives him tablet n calms Randhir,Randhir goes back to sleep,Kajal locks the door n leaves.

Harish says God he hit me so much,Kajal walks to them, Kajal says Raunak sir is on his way so go change if he sees u , Kamini n Harish walk away,Kajal says ma it will be good if it stays between us or else even Sakshi will open her mouth, Raunak walks in says ma are u fine,Janki says yes I’m fine, I was just worried abt ur papa,I can’t let him go away again, I will look after him n now go Sakshi was asking for u,Raunak says ok n leaves.

Janki says Kajal happy,Kajal says no not yet, there’s lot more,n now ur secrete soon will be out n so will papa be fine so,janki says Kajal this won’t happen again,i won’t let u play any more games, Kajal says for me what matters now is papa n his health n when he will be all ok,ur true face will be out too.

Sakshi n Raunak join everyone for breakfast,Raunak sees Harish n asks mamaji what’s wrong with u,Harish says I went near honey comb so,Raunak says plz go see doctor, Raunak asks where is Sakshis tiffin,Vidhi says Kajal is busy with doctors I guess she forgot.

Raunak n Sakshi walk to kitchen,Raunak says looks like ur ma forgot us,I will help us with tiffin, Sakshi says no papa look my tiffin n why dint u support ma,Raunak says I will now come lets go school.

Doctor tells Kajal that they will be going for shock treatment so that Randhirs past memory gets activated,Kajal sees Vidhi n Janki murmuring something.

Pre cap : Raunak pulling Kajal,Kajal saying plz sorry this won’t repeat,Raunak abt to slap her,Randhir stops Raunak n slaps him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. i like today’s eisode .kajal is too good .i like her atttitude. all the time heroines shouldnt be quite kajal did right. precap is good. but if raunak knows the truth about his father his love will become more but still now you didn’t show abt kajal’s love anyway goood raunak confessed but what abt kajal they should make some more kajal and raunak scenes.They should make raunak to do something so that kajal should fall for him.more enemies. They should join the couples soon. It willl attract the viewers.I like sakshi. Even my mother likes sakshi. she isa good daughter. she understands.plzz change her frame.

  2. sathiya i think i agree with you. more scenes of raunak &kajal

  3. Shitty serial.. Should go off air… Sorry for silsila livers, but this is an imitation of anil kapoor and aruna Irani movie “beta”….
    And serials like tamanna should be encouraged…

  4. mujhe bhi aisa lagta hai,beta movie ki zerox copy,raunak janki kd saga beta nahi hoga

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