Love is Painful and its complicated (Episode 43)

The episode starts with after the baby shower of Swara Raglak marriage took place ( I dont want to stress more on Raglak ). Now Parish son Rajat is 7 months and so Swara.
In MM ……
Sanslak are sitting infront of couch keeping their both hands on their chin. A small baby boy is sitting on the couch surrounded by toys. Yes its Rajat.
Sanskar: Rajat tell Cha….. chu tell na Cha….chu.
Rajat: chu….chu…..
Laksh: Arre chu chu nahi Rajat Cha….chu…
Rajat suddenly starts crying loudly.
Rajat (cries): Choti…..Ma…..

A lady comes there in maroon saree and takes Rajat and calms him.
Laksh: Ragu…
Yes its Ragini. She looks at the both angrily.
Ragini: How many times should I tell u both not to distrub him.
Sanskar: this is too much he is speaking Choti Maa, Maa Dadi but Chachu.
Laksh: yes I agree.
Ragini: I dont how God gave these two incredible brain and Swara comes there with very big baby bump.
Swara: Didi I think God was sleeping when he was designing these two and both laughs.
Laksh: Shonu laugh how much u can.
Swara: Lucky he is just seven months he will slowly learn.
Suddenly Swara gulps holding a bump and smiles.
Swara: Didi baby is kicking me continuously.
Ragini: Really….
Sanskar: Swara first you sit and talk u r weak and made her sit.
Swara: Hey Mr dont talk to me I hate you.
Sanskar: Why Mrs What happened.
Swara: You r telling I am weak na but look at me I am very fat and fed me too much food Now I am looking like a eoad roller and she pouts.
The trio laughs seeing her antics.
Sanskar: Shona you are cute with chubby cheeks.
Swara: is it.
Ragini: Haan Shona look ur healthy because ur both princess are healthy.
Laksh: but Shonu u look more beautiful than before. And all makes her laugh.

In the jail…..
Aman: so all set na lawyer.
Lawyer: yes Aman all set at sharp 10 a constable will open ur locker.
That time a constable comes and opens up Aman.
Aman: thank you lawyer and cuts the call.
Aman: Ragini I am coming for you and he escapes the jail.

In the afternoon…..
Sanskar took Swara out for a walk in the garden.
Sanskar: slowly Shona walk slowly.
Swara: Sanskar we will sit for sometime and sit on the bench.
Swara holds Sanskar’s arm tightly and keeps her head on his shoulder. Sanskar feels something different.
Sanskar: Shona what happened.
Swara: Sanskar I am afraid.
Sanksar: about what.
Swara: what if I die before seeing you amd our babies.
Sanskar makes her face him and saw tears in her eyes.
Sanskar: Shona why are thinking like this.
Swara: tell na Sanskar.
Sanskar: nothing will happen to you when I am here you trust me na.
Swara: yes and hugs him side ways.
Swara: I love you Sanskar.
Sanskar: I know and I love you too.
Swara: I know and Sanskar kiss her forehead.

They went inside and saw news about workers strike and all roads are blocked.
Pihu Baldev and Swetha also comes too MM.
Laksh: what a surprise Baldev.
Baldev: we got stuck in the strike so thought to stay here till it ends.
Sanskar: No problem yaar.
Pihu: Ragu where are the others.
Ragini: all went to yatra for two days Pihu tomorrow morning they will come.
They hear a loud sound from the kitchen.
Sanskar: what sound is that.
Baldev gets a message.
Baldev: ssshhh….. Guys Aman eloped from the jail.
Laksh: may be its him.
Sanskar: do as I say and tells them a plan.
Swara gets afraid and holds Ragini.
Sanskar: Shona nothing will happen ok dont stress.
Pihu: I will take care of her.
The boys trio moves towards the kitchen. Someone pushed them inside and locks them.
In the hall main gate gets locked. Swaragini and Pihu turns and saw Aman standing with evil smile.
Aman: congrats Pihu I got to know u r going to become my Bhabhi soon.
Pihu: shoot it Aman why u r here.
Aman: Oh… not bad Pihu even now u r brave and now I am here to get my revenge done with Swara.
All are shocked to here Swara name as none expected it.
Ragini: what rubbish Aman.
Aman: yes Ragini I wanted to take revenge from you but when I analysed the whole story the main cause is ur sweet sister Swara so If I kill her means everything will be solved na and he takes out a gun and points it towards Swara.

In the kitchen…..
The trio escapes from the kitchen through the window and they enters the hall.
Sanskar: dont you dare Aman Khurana.
Aman: Wow what an entry Mr. SM or I say the great Sanskar Maheswari.
Laksh: what you want Aman.
Aman: ur wife’s happiness.
Suddenly they hear shooting sound and all are shocked. Aman falls down and Baldev shooted him.
Baldev: I should have done this long before but its Ok.
Sanskar: Baldev.
Baldev: he is unconscious only we will tie him in the storeroom.
Laksh nods and they disporse Aman.

After sometime…..
All the six are chit chatting happily.
Laksh: Bhai its been long time lets have a drink.
Sanskar: No Laksh I wont allow you its dangerous.
Laksh: come on yaar.
Swara: Sanskar you three go we will be here na.
Sanskar: but Shona….
Laksh: Bhai Shonu gave permission na come and he drags Baldev and Sanskar.
Ragini: Achaa Ok Pihu come we will go bring some snacks.
Pihu: Swetha u take care of Rajat ok.
Swetha: Ok Maa and they leave.
Swara feels bored and sees flowers in the Mandir.
Swara: I am feeling bored let me mala for God its been so long Swetha u be with Rajat I will come.
Swetha: Ok Aunty.
Swara walks towards the mandir and the oil bottle falls down.

Screen freezes on Swara and Oil on the floor.

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