Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal and Nandini realize love for each other

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Around the bonfire, Nandini begins to shiver feeling cold. Kunal covers her with his jacket. He notices Nandini had fever and takes her into the tent.
Mauli requests an extra blanket from hospital reception. Rajdeep stops her way. She tells him to leave her way. Rajdeep asks her to find her own way, she is already an expert in calling coups. He inquires about Kunal and Nandini, Mauli wasn’t ready to tell him anything about them. Rajdeep says he has lived with Nandini for years, he is sure one day Mauli would regret giving her shelter in her house. Mauli calls Rajdeep cheap and goes to her room.
Kunal notices Nandini had high fever and place wet cloth on her forehead. He checks her pulse and sit with her until she has fallen asleep. Later he comes outside and finds a place near the lit fire to sleep.
The next morning, Nandini finds herself in the bed and thinks Kunal must have brought her here. She goes outside the tent looking for Kunal. The weather was chilling. She spots Kunal sleeping on the floor in front of tent. She hurries into the tent and brings the blanket for Kunal draping him into it. She then sits beside Kunal recalling all their interactions with each other. Kunal chances his side and his hand was about to fell on the lit ashes. Nandini saves it by placing her hand under his. Kunal opens his eyes and was shocked to see Nandini’s hand under his, he withdraws his and sits up to look closely into her eyes. Nandini was uncomfortable and runs into the tent. Kunal wonders if whatever he has seen into her eyes is true? There, Nandini wonders if there was really love in Kunal’s eyes for her; she was afraid and denies it. Both think eyes never lie. She convinces herself this can never happen. Kunal walks outside the tent.
Nandini finds someone outside the tent.
Kunal calls from outside if whatever he is hiding and whatever he just saw in her eyes is true? Mauli opens the curtain of the tent. She hugs Kunal at once saying she wanted to surprise him, still he had seen her. Kunal stares at Nandini who turns her face away and cries. Mauli was concerned about Kunal’s head injury, she promises to do the dressing and even give a tetanus shot to him upon return. She shares with Kunal that last night was really difficult. Everyone in the hotel hardly slept, she was thankful that Kunal and Nandini were together to support each other. She goes inside to see Nandini who wipes her tears and smiles at Mauli. Mauli notices Nandini’s hand were cold. She was concerned and calms Nandini down. Kunal says its an effect of shock and weakness. Nandini asks her for a few minutes till she is ready. Mauli notices the bracelet wasn’t there. Kunal apologizes for having lost it in the storm. Mauli says she only asked by the way, that was only a thread and doesn’t matter until her name is written in his heart. He assures their names are written together forever. Mauli asks Nandini why she feels ashamed of their romance. Nandini grabs the candle gifted by Pandit, wipes her tears and walks outside. Mauli grabs arms of both to take them to Dida.

PRECAP: At home, Mauli asks Nandini what happened to her, it seems she has stolen something and is afraid of police now. In the room, Nandini throws away all the pillows and cushions of her bed. She calls it a crime to ruin the house of Mauli who filled her life with happiness.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Have some shame to continue this kind of serial! stop it here! let nandini find a diffnrt life partner! dont spoil the beautiful love story between kunal and mauli! Stupid story! Stop this serial! Enough !!!

  2. Disaster for a wife and husband relationship! Have some basic morals! God plz save us from these stupid stories

  3. By the way whose name ur talking Kunal, am 100,%sure that it’s nandhini, seriously hating Kunal more, dono how much they are going to show in future, abt their love, agreed with rajdeep words, hope in future he turns positive and support mauli, BT am afraid what if makers make mauli negative, seriously can’t understand what makers are trying to prove

  4. Pathetic story. Everything is happening wrong here. Seeing such stories warns one not to help anyone in trouble. This is really wrong happening to mauli.

  5. Lust between Kunal and Nandini.. watching this disgusting serial friends might lose trust on each other and might find difficult helping each other. This is another shit after dil se dil tak. It must be banned.

  6. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay can’t wait for the next episod please! Don’t be late to update the next …. and just do your job , don’t read the negative comments ..its just a series and somehow this happen in real life …this series is not teach us not to help others..just be care on what you decide becaus everything has negative and positive effect..?Kunaaaaaaaaal and Nandini ……you go guyz ?? are ny favourite couples of the year..????????????

  7. True. Disgusting show. Makers are playing romantic songs when nandini kunal scene comes as if they are lovers and lead actors but we are not interested to watch nandini kunal pair. Both characters are disgusting. Hope mauli stay the same positive powerful character. And she must leave kunal in future and live independent life. Kunal doesn’t deserve her. Bring very good male character for mauli.

  8. In Dil se Dil talk Parth didn’t fell for teni when shorvori is alive..he was committed to his marriage,he married teni only after they thought shorvori was dead,but here Kunal and mouli did love marriage and when mouli is there he is falling for another women..idk why makers are showing it as love,it’s just attraction…they should overcome this attraction to save his marriage,if this doesn’t happens it will be the worst show ever then there will be no meaning to love and marriage

    1. Ugly rangeela’s ugly shows

      Well parth marrying teni by sending shorvari out was a forced track make teni the only heroine and get her accepted by the audiences as parth’s partner which was not happening with shorvari being around..the male lead sidharth shukla wasnt happy with that development at all..accepting a third woman with or without the first wife being alive and he quit the show instead of promoting such sick concepts..unlike the male lead of this show who says no one is wrong in ema! Dsdt was wrong in its own showed tat a infertile woman has no rights to get any happiness or have right to live and the surrogate snatches it all..and its absolutely fine…and here it shows tat a woman being independant and strong is wrong because that is gonna make ur hubby fall for someone else..both the concepts are ugly! My respect for sidharth increased after i saw shakti’s interview justifying this show and his dirty character

  9. Nandini character is so beautifully presented, and every man in this world want a girl like her . on top of that she has suffered so much in life and kunal and mauli feels the pain. felling they both are getting is obvious. but yes they have to overcome. women like mauli hard to find in this present world. haha 🙂

  10. Nandini character is not beautiful but weak.she looks attractive just because of her clothes and backless blouse. People like kunal only wants a girl like nandini. She is not perfect woman but mauli is perfect.

  11. Mauli has beauty with brain. Strong positive powerful beautiful character. She is the combination of inner outer beauty. She is loyal and caring person. She is it wearing backlesa.clothes like nandini but still she looks attractive and nice. She never tries to impress other man. Kunal is her world. She deserves much better. Makers should not make mauli negative in future.they can show nandini negative that’s acceptable. And then only kunal can understand the difference between both the woman and value his own wife. Mauli is like Dr.simran of astitva ek prem kahani. Kunal must suffer after losing mauli.

  12. Yeah you have to say that they are differ because mauli is an educated person but nandini is not educate but still she traditional duties…?????????nandini you are the best♥️????

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