Dev (Colors) 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Dev finds Mahek’s another lie

Dev (Colors) 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dev is going in evidence room but officer says Narvekar has not allowed anyone to go in room. Dev calls Narvekar but Narverkar says I am busy on a crime scene. Narvekar comes behind balcony, they see Ankita’s deadbody there, he asks officer to inform her family. Officer says today is father’s day. Narvekar says we have to do our duty, she didnt do suicide, all things were in place in washroom from where she was thrown, even window glass was in place and Ankita cant do it after jumping from there, her head wound shows that someone hit her first and then threw her, he asks to call forensic lab.

Dev calls officer and says bring TT’s case file. Officer nods and goes in evidence room, he takes file and leaves. Dev goes in evidence room and thinks that I have to find bomber’s box, I will find some clues. He sees Jayant’s box and sees clothes inside, he sees clothes were made by arif trailer. Officer comes in evidence room and asks who is inside? Dev hides and leaves from there. Officer sees him and says you? Dev says there are rats here. He leaves from there. Officer calls Narvekar and tells him about Dev’s act.

Officer talks to building people, one woman says I heard a thud sound in morning, I didnt hear any screaming.

Mahek thinks that I cant let this pendrive’s truth infront of anyone. She puts pendrive in her jewelry box. Apa comes there with breakfast. Mahek hides her box.

Dev comes to Arif trailer and asks if Jayant was their customer? I need his details, Arif says we dont give your customers details. Dev says not even police? Jayant says sorry and shows him Jayant’s dress order, Dev takes it and leaves.

Officer says to Narvekar that nobody heard any noise before she fell from building. Narvekar looks around in washroom, he finds blood on mop, he says this was not suicide, send these to lab. He asks them to scan her phone and social media. Someone from her friends killed her and threw her from window and left her. Kelkar says I can be strict with them to make them talk. Narvekar says no we cant do it, I need reports.

Narvekar starts investigation, he asks Sharad that last night Ankita went in room, then Mohit went behind her and then you went behind them, what happened? Sharad says Mohit had a bad eye for Ankita, he used to harass her, Ankita was drunk and Mohit was trying to take her advantage, I went to Ankita to warn her and she told me what was expected. Flashback shows Sharad and Mohit fighting but Ankita stopped Sharad and told him that she can handle her problems, he got angry on her, argued with her and left from there. Flashback ends. Sharad says I left Ankita after argument as I was angry. Narvekar shows towel to Sharad and says this is yours? he nods. Narvekar says this was wet in washroom, did you kill Ankita at night and threw her from window? Sharad says what are you saying? Ankita was my girlfriend, I woke up in morning, took bath and went back to sleep. Narvekar says okay you can go.

Narvekar investigates Swati and says you made videos of party, do you know anything? Swati says no I slept after party, I dont know anything, that night Ankita and Sharad had an argument but I dont know after that.

Narvekar talks to Mohit and asks him to answer him, Mohit is using phone. Narvekar takes phone from him, Mohit’s father comes there and says my son have given the statement, Ankita was Sharad’s girlfriend, they used to have arguments, they were drunk last night, Sharad threw her in anger. Mohit has nothing to do with it. He takes Mohit from there.

Scene 2
Dev comes to address which was written on dress order. He is about to open the door but some goons ask him why he is here? he says I have to give some parcels, goons ask him to leave. Dev thinks and leaves.
Dev enters Jayant’s house from back window and searches it. He finds some papers. Goons open house and come inside. They see Dev running from there, they run behind him but Dev drives away. Dev has taken picture of Mahek with his mother from Jayant’s house. He thinks that Mahek met my mom but she always lied, even this time she chose lie over love. He recalls how he kept asking her about his mother and she always denied.

Narvekar says to officer that Mohit and Sharad are our suspects, he asks to let everyone else go. Officer says mop showed blood that matched with Ankita’s. Narvekar says I knew.

Dwani looks at pictures she took of Jayant’s wallet. She sees pendrive mark and says there was a pendrive in wallet? Wish I had seen this pendrive before giving it to Mahek, what if something was inside related to Mahek?
Dwani calls Apa and says there was a card in wallet which was pendrive, Mahek must have hidden it, you have to find it. Apa recalls how Mahek hid her jewelry box, she says I might know where it is.

Narvekar meets Ankita’s father. Ankita’s father sees Ankita’s video where she dedicated her award to her father and how she said that girls can do anything. Father cries and says my daughter was my everything, please find her killer. Narvekar says all were drunk in party, even Ankita. Father says Ankita used to tell me everything, you have to punish them.
Dev comes to police station. Narvekar asks Dev what were you doing in evidence room? Dev ignores him, Narvekar says this is my police station, you were looking at Jayant’s file? we didnt find anything relating to Mahek in his things but I am sure that Mahek was involved in this sin. Dev says we are both involved in this case but we can focus on our feelings, we have to work on evidence, he leaves. Narvekar thinks that he can try to save Mahek as much as he can but I will trap her.

Officers are watching clips of party night. Dev stops party night, Dev plays his father’s statement that his son is not killer. Dev focus on his neck. He checks all statements. Dev calls Narvekar and says I know who killed Ankita, Narvekar says you dont know about this case, you didnt even see crime scene. Dev says thats not important, I am going to grab killer and also save person who have proof.

Swati comes to party house and takes out phone from behind TV.

PRECAP- Narvekar says to Sharad that all friends were sleeping in party but you were awake only? why? Sharad cries and says I didnt kill her.
Dev says to Mohit was wearing a chain in party but it was missing when he was giving statement. Dev says statement says that all friends were sleeping when Ankita was killed but Swati uploaded photos on that time in her instagram so it means either is a danger or she is in danger and have proofs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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