Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal and Nandini walk towards the temple

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 7th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunal requests Nandini to accept that he can’t put her life at stake just for Dida’s mannat. Nandini was sure nothing will happen to her, Dida takes care of them. She must also do this for Dida. Kunal thinks if this girl is made out of a different clay, she always thinks about others.
Rajdeep brings the girl to a hotel and explains their plan was ruined because of land slide. They dreamt a lot already but now they have no option.
Mamma was tensed and continuously trying Kunal’s number. Mauli takes the keys of her room and takes Mamma and Dida inside. Rajdeep enters from behind to book a room for two.
In the way, Nandini screams as something gets into her feet. Kunal was tensed. Mauli was trying Kunal’s phone but no network. Mauli was upset. Rajdeep brings the girl into the sitting area. Mauli was able to connect to Kunal and comes aside to speak to him. She asks where he is and when would they return? Kunal says Nandini is going towards the temple to fulfil Dida’s temple. Mauli says this is the old Nandini and can do anything to fulfil other’s wishes. She asks Kunal to come soon, she is much tensed for him. Kunal looks on to see Nandini’s bleeding feed and cuts Mauli’s call. Mauli was relieved. Dida was worried. Mauli says Nandini wants to complete Dida’s mannat. Dida prays for Nandini and was happy that even their generation know how to keep elder’s promises and ethics. Mamma tells Mauli she got a good friend as Nandini is a nice girl. Mauli asks everyone to eat. Dida says she isn’t in a mood, she has a heart burn as well and turns to get some limewater. They turn to see Rajdeep flirting with the girl.
Kunal comes to point towards Nandini’s injured feet. He offers to do dressing of her feet but Nandini insists he must do it after the mannat has completed, the sun is about to set.
Dida curses Rajdeep for ruining his face with another girl. She regrets suggesting Nandini to give him another chance. She wanted to slap Rajdeep twice on face. Mauli stops Dida and asks what she would get through it, Nandini has already decided to part ways from him. She goes to get yogurt for Dida.
Kunal follows Nandini upstairs and could now see the temple ahead of them. He panted and his legs ached, but Nandini was determined and continues walking ahead. All at once her foot steps over a stone, it bleeds and she falls behind. Kunal holds her into his arms. The bracelet Mauli just tied on his hand slips. Nandini tries to straighten up. Kunal checks her feet, then scolds her being insane. He warns it will ache a little while he will pluck the stone. He counts twice but Nandini clutches his hand out of pain. Kunal withdraws his hand then washes Nandini’s feet. Tears fell off her eyes. He gives her a handkerchief then rolls the cloth to tie on her injured foot. All at once he notices having lost the bracelet. He asks Nandini to wait here while he himself goes to find the bracelet.
Mauli stood at the door of hotel. Mamma comes to take her to the room. Mauli hugs Mamma sharing her fear that she feels as if she will lose something dear to her soon. Mamma assures nothing will happen.
At temple stairs, a Pandit comes to sit beside Nandini. He says Nandini had to reach here, her time is changing. She even completed a single testimony left for her today. She will now have to find a new way, though through struggle and difficulties. Now she will get what will always be hers, he will be a good companion, will respect and love her. He had to come to her, only she needs to step towards him now. He asks Nandini to close her eyes and she will get the vision of the one who will dearly love her and respect her as well. Nandini closes her eyes, she can see herself standing behind a wall while a man walked towards her, it was Kunal. Soon, Kunal calls Nandini’s name. She opens her eyes and was shocked to see Kunal there.

PRECAP: Rajdeep warns Mauli that he will revenge her whole family. Dida heard him misbehaving with Mauli and throws a show towards him. He in turn pushes Dida’s chair backward. There in the temple, Kunal was sleeping on the floor, as he turns his side Nandini holds his hand to save it from falling over burning coals.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Bakwasss serial! what r u trying to tell ppl by taking these kind of stories?? al husbands should get attracted to some X lady ?? I dont undstand whr the morals r gng! Try to show how to solve a problem between a couple rather than creating a problem in life by involving a third person! Bullshitt serial!! Bullshit story!! V dissapointing!!

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