Dil Hi Toh Hai 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Palak and Ritvik lie to each other

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Manjeet ji and the card designer discuss the pending work.

Mamta is busy making preps. Reeva has fallen asleep on the sofa. Mamta sweetly asks her to sleep in her room. Dadi and Tari notice Saanchi and Rishabh speaking cutely to each other. Taari mentions that it’s been 3-4 years but they still have no kid. Dadi jokes that they should have been born in this era. Life is so easy now.

Aman tells Ritvik to be clear about things. You are getting married to Ananya and Palak is going to Mumbai. She said she will settle down there. Ritvik says it is good. Mamta asks them where they were. Ritvik says I just went out for some work. Reeva asks Ritvik why he left so suddenly. Ananya would have felt so bad. Mamta tells her to not intervene between Ritvik and Ananya. They understand each other well. Brush your teeth in your room. Reeva goes. Mamta tells Ritvik that Ananya is a very understanding girl but you should also spend some time with her and let her know about your whereabouts. Ritvik decides to tell Ananya that he kissed Palak. He calls her and offers to come up but she tells him she will come.

Mamta asks Ritvik to rest but he tells her that Ananya is coming. I need to tell her something urgent. Need to speak to her.

Rohit comes home. His mother asks him if everything is ok. He shares that IT Department was questioning him. Ananya teases him on his wedding. Mr. Puri decides to implement the next step of his plan tomorrow in Sangeet ceremony. He pours himself a drink.

Ritvik asks servant to send 2 coffees in his room. Vijay asks him about it. Ritvik shares that Ananya is coming. I need to spend some time with her. Vijay nods. Ritvik heads to his room. Vijay is thrilled to see Ritvik finally trying to spend time with Ananya. He happily tells it to his wife. I see all my kids happy but I feel pained to see Ritvik recalling his sad childhood. Look at Rishabh. He is happily married and will soon have a family. Will Ritvik fall in love ever? Mamta gives his example. You lost your love and then gained love again. It will happen in Ritvik’s life too.

Rishabh asks Ritvik if everything is ok. Jitters are pretty normal. This is what every guy feels before wedding. You have no idea how scared I was. You look extremely tensed though. Ritvik denies. Rishabh tells him that he and Saanchi went to counsellor before wedding. Mom and Dad were with you in your convocation. Everything was sorted by the time they came back. Ritvik calls him the anchor of their family. you handle everything. Rishabh says you and Ananya are very practical. It is perfect for business but things change in wedding. Ritvik nods. This is why I called Ananya. I want to talk to her and spend some time with her. Rishabh teases him.

Aman compliments Reeva on her blog. Just focus on your strengths and you will be able to write a good book one day. He pulls her leg calling her a gossip girl. you have a nice idea about human nature. She praises his capability of praising even the wrongs so nicely. You can prove a murder innocent. Thanks! You make me feel I also have potential. I feel low sometimes because of Bhai and Rishabh Bhai’s talents. Shivam and his sister come there chasing each other. Palak comes there. Ketchup falls over her face. Aman directs her to the washroom. Palak tells him that she wants to talk to Ritvik about something important. He is at home right? She heads inside without really waiting for an answer. Aman wonders why Palak has come here. Ananya is also coming. Ritvik is here. What is about to happen! He is about to go after her when Dadi asks him to fix her phone.

Servant tells Palak that the bathroom is under repair. You can use the restroom in library. She heads towards the library.

Reeva takes Ananya with her to show her some dresses.

Ritvik asks the servant to tell Ananya he will wait for her in the library. Servant nods.

Palak is washing her face in the restroom. Ritvik realises that someone is inside and starts talking thinking it to be Ananya. We always tell each other everything. I kissed Palak. We kissed each other. I know it will be very awkward for you but you expected me to tell you everything honestly. We kissed each other. This is it. I am sure you would feel like slapping me tight and you should but it meant nothing. A lot was going on. Things just happened in the spur of the moment. That kiss does not matter to me. Palak stands teary eyed. Ritvik adds that it dint matter. Palak steps out of the restroom and wipes her tears. Really? Good! He looks at her. Palak says this is what I wanted to know. Friendship is enough with you. Ritvik asks her if it does not affect her. She lies. You thought it was serious? In fact I wanted to talk to you about whatever happened but I dint get the time. It felt as if there was something between us but it wasn’t the truth. He nods. She reminds him that he is getting married. You are so honest to Ananya. She is really lucky. All that dint matter at all. Why tell Ananya when it dint matter to you or to me? Let bygones be bygones. He nods feeling emotional. It dint matter to you and it does not matter to me anyway. Why tell Ananya when that was the case? She nods. Ananya asks them if they were talking about her. Palak asks about Rohit. Ananya tells her not to worry. Tell Setu not to worry. It was a routine processing. She asks Ritvik if this is what he wanted to say. Palak apiologizes to her for disturbing them like this.

Ritvik says you are my would be wife. I have a lot to say to you. We have to plan so much. She calls it happy realisation. He nods along. Palak excuses herself. Ritvik and Ananya go together.

Palak cries thinking about her moments with Ritvik. Aman finds her thus and asks her if she is fine. She wipes her tears and lies that she is fine. He tries to talk other but she leaves. Mamta also calls out to Aman. Why did Palak come? Aman lies that Palak suggested doing a skit but I declined saying we don’t have much time. Mamta likes the idea. Take me to her home tomorrow. Aman agrees.

Ananya asks Ritvik if he called her here to find out how to decorate the room. He says you are part of the family now so we must discuss this. She sits in his lap. Marrying someone means we accept the other just the way they are. He sits there uncomfortably as she hugs him.

Palak is crying on the side of the road.

Precap: Aman asks Ritvik if his matter with Palak is sorted out. Ritvik dismisses it. Mamta tells Ritvik that she is happy. It was entirely Palak’s idea. I am so glad. Ritvik looks at Palak. She too looks at him.

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  1. Can anyone tell me what was palaks idea in precap. I don’t got to watch the last part. But loved the episode. Unpredictable episode, just speechless??

    1. Palak didn’t give any ideas… It was a story cooked up by aman…

  2. Palak didn’t give any ideas… Aman lied to mamtha about it

  3. Sry for repeated replies…..

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