Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Mayank’s wedding

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 5th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mauli wonders what Nandini is doing in the coffee shop, she just said she was at home. Mauli gets a call from her mother and was worried at once. She turns away as such. Kunal gets a call from Mauli and was also shocked asking Are you serious?
Mauli’s parents were angry with Mayank as he stood with his wife. They had done a court marriage. Maa curses Mayank and wasn’t ready to accept the girl as her daughter in law. She knew Mayank won’t marry a rich girl, she wonders where she brought this girl from. Mauli reach home and asks Maa to stop saying anything. She asks Kunal to speak to Maa. Maa continues and asks Kunal if his marriage is a destruction or not? Kunal agrees that may be shocking someone isn’t right, but this girl is Mayank’s choice. He loves her, and love isn’t

right or wrong. People try to tie it in the right and wrong circles, but are unable to do so. Mayank has married the girl of his choice, they will live happy and got their true love; doesn’t Maa want her son to be happy? Maa objects they didn’t match their birth charts as well. Kunal says no one knows what happens in lives. Love is when someone remains by your side in tough times, does she want to leave her son’s side? People only gossip for a few days. Maa didn’t like the court marriage as well. Kunal asks them to get ready, they will marry them in temple today. Mayank thanks Kunal and Mauli. Mauli smiles towards Kunal.
In the temple, Mauli thanks Kunal for all his preparations. Nandini comes to the temple and complements Mauli. Nandini greets Mauli but Mauli seems annoyed with her. Kunal also notices her behavior. Nandini asks Mauli if she is annoyed. Mauli replies yes, and even shocked. She didn’t expect this from Nandini at least. Nandini asks what she did. Mauli says she caught her red handed in the coffee shop today. Nandini and Kunal were shocked. Mauli says she wonders if Nandini can do this to her? Kunal hides his face. Nandini explains she never intended to hurt her. Mauli questions why she lied to her? She wanted an outing, Nandini lied that she had a head ache and as soon as the call ended she spot Nandini at the coffee shop. Why she needed to lie to her? Nandini holds Mauli’s hand and apologizes. She says the ladies from her cooking classes took her for coffee, she had a head ache there. And when Mauli called her for shopping she had no stamina. She apologizes for her mistake. Mauli eyes her saying she was sure Nandini never lies, at least to her. If she finds out that someone has lied to her, she can’t control her anger then. Nandini apologizes again. Mauli opens her arms for Nandini to hug her, after all she got a sister in law. Tears fell off Nandini’s eyes. Mauli complements Nandini to look really pretty. She sends Nandini inside with Kunal and goes to bring Mamma and Dida.
Kunal and Nandini walk into the temple side by side. Kunal speaks to Nandini that he is aware she feels guilty. Mauli’s Maa stops them from stepping up the temple stairs and asks if Nandini has come here as well, with her cursed shadow. She can’t welcome her new daughter in law in hands of a divorced woman. Kunal corrects that she left her husband by herself. Maa calls Nandini as selfish, shameless and characterless. She left her husband, still she makes up so well to attract others. Who invited her here? She has no place in this function. She reminds that Mauli had forbidden her at her own house saying Nandini is invited at her house, Maa must do anything at her. She joins her hands to Kunal saying Nandini must leave. Only respectful and well charactered people are invited here. Nandini runs out of the temple building.
At the entrance of apartment, Nandini sobs about the words of Mauli’s mother. She cursed Nandini for doing all the makeup even after leaving her husband. She enters the house and walks inside without noticing the mess around the floor. She throws her jewellry on the floor and sits down on floor. A bead of blood fell over her forehead, her body then fills with blood. She looks up terrified to find the fan soaked in blood, feathers of a bird lay near her. She looks towards a wall and reads Dead Mrs. written with blood.
Kunal was worried about Nandini and leaves the temple. He reaches the apartment and calls Nandini from outside. The door was unlocked. Kunal gets in and was shocked to see the blooded view, and the words on the wall. She shouts Nandini’s name hysterically.

PRECAP: Kunal returns to the room. Mauli asks where he had been at the times of wedding rituals, she tried her phone so many times.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. i feel tricked by the writers, as if they are forcing me to sympathize with Nandini. so much is happening to her. the fact that Rajdeep is so abusive to her is so horrendous to imagine, and the fact that she fights back courageously and is making a stand for herself is inspiring for thousands of woman who face domestic abuse. the fact that she is being scolded and bad mouthed for dressing up even after facing a broken marriage makes me want to root for her. a woman has every right to still dress up if she wants to, irrespective of the situation of her relationships. in fact Nandini’s whole storyline and fight to find her own stand in this world could have been so inspiring. the dance sequence where she finally breaks off her mangalsutra and decides to start a new life was also very powerful.
    but the writers had to ruin it by making it the exact same time when kunal ‘falls’ for her. as if treating the subject of domestic violence maturely, about how with the help of our friends and relations we can find the strength to start afresh and move past abuse was not a topic engaging enough! No, they had to shoehorn an EMA into this, and now every time it seems that whenever Nandini and Kunal have their cheating moments and viewers feel angry at Kunal-Nandini, they add scenes where Nandini is being abused by various people so that we start to feel sorry for her. i feel like being manipulated lol.
    all these actors are so talented, why couldnt the makes restrict it to a statement against domestic abuse so that it could be a positive message to the large fan following that these actors enjoy? Kunal-Nandini’s ‘love’ comes across as selfish and cheap as they still want to keep it hidden and not even discussing about the situation with Mauli among themselves. Kunal says Nandini is feeling guilty. what are they gonna do about it? hide till Mauli finds out accidentally? Sigh.

  2. Well said by maulis mom, hats off to her, loved her dialogues today, waiting for next week episodes

    1. Mauli’s mom’s words may have been partly correct but her reasons for giving it is completely wrong. Anyone with a broken marriage is not considered abshagun or chammak challo as she puts it.

      I was disgusted by her behaviour today.

      Just because you hate someone doesn’t mean you can allow injustice to happen to her too.. how does that make you any better than those cheaters?

      I’m not saying nandini isn’t wrong. I’m just saying she didn’t deserve to be scolded or called all this for leaving rajdeep

      1. Yes. But all the words said by Mauli’s mom are so true if he consider the fact that she’s having an affair with Kunal.

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I am doubtful that ganesh utsav celebrate hone ke waqt bhi mouli ko nandini and kunal ke affair ke bare me pta nhi chalega.. As itni jaldi agr sach bahar aa jayega to show ka silsila kaise chalega or may be big boss ki wajha se jaldi end krna pade to pta chal bhi skta hai

    2. I saw guilt on face of kunal and nandini when mouli spoke rudely to nandini.

    3. How come any society is sooooo dumb that anyone can come and misuse anyone’s flat and nandini next door neighbour is least concerned about noices are they deaf???

    4. Today i didn’t get whom to hate more writers or dress designer??😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 both are bakwas..

    5. Kunal ki apni MIL ko di hui speech, mayank ke favour me kam or apne liye jayda lag rehi thi 😁😁😂😂😂

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      6. Aaj ki harkat se main samjg nhi paa rehi hun ki rajdeep ko treatment ki jarurt hai ya nandini ko?? As dono ko dekh kar aaj pscyo wali feeling aa rehi thi

  4. I feel sorry on nandini’s situation…but she should know how it feels to have a broken relationship….so what she is doing can never be justified….and kunal is worse than rajdeep…u have a wife yet loving another a woman…if a third woman comes along will he do the same to nandini???? Both cheap and characterless

    1. Yes agreed. Kunal love may change for third woman too.

  5. Nandani should not betray her friend. The story should change . They should show a woman is quite capable of taking care of herself and be Sucessful .
    Why bring extra marital affair into it.
    Don’t make this serial like an other serial. It will lose trp’s. It will be boring.
    Women themselves are enemy of women. To get women empowerment all women should support each other.
    In this it makes Nandani’s character deceitful. Don’t do this make her strong and a winner.

  6. Yes agreed. Kunal love may change for third woman too.

  7. Loved the dialogues of mauli’s mom.nandini must realised there is no value of other woman in society. She can’t get respect. Very weak role of nandini.and kunal must realised the value of wife in his life. But they both are very selfish they don’t think about mauli at all.hope mauli leaves them after knowing their affairs.nandini has no self respect…no dignity…want to watch mauli’s dignified journey after leaving kunal nandini. Mauli’s mom hates nandini from beginning .I think some people can feel the vibes of people.

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