Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Nandini plans the party for Mauli and Kunal

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 4th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini makes all the arrangements of party decorations at Mauli’s house. Mamma watch her making all the efforts and appreciates the decorations. She goes into kitchen and suggests about ordering the food from outside. Nandini says she promised Kunal and Mauli and will take care of all the cooking.
There, Rajdeep brings his and Nandini’s photo to the table. He was sure she must be making cheese in the kitchen right now. Nandini was exactly doing the same, he even knew the lines that cheese is made best at home. Rajdeep was curt that she knows nothing but household. He asks if she is now making her special cake for that Mauli. Nandini did exactly the same as he could narrate. Rajdeep laughed mockingly. He says the celebration she is preparing would surely get ruined, he would enjoy when she will be disgraced.
Mauli and Kunal return home. Mauli thinks they might have stressed Nandini. Kunal says party can’t be cancelled, they will help Nandini with the arrangements if she is unable to manage. Mamma opens the door and asks if everything is fine. Mamma makes a bad mood teasing. Mauli and Kunal cheers in excitement and couldn’t recognize their house. Nandini comes there concerned if everything is fine. Mauli says it seems this has all been done by a professional event manager. Nandini says it was her day, it was all needed.
In the evening, Kunal complements Mauli’s makeup. He suggests her to make a top knot hairstyle, it would suit the dress. Mauli wasn’t ready to put on a lot of pins and asks when he turned to be a fashionist? Kunal says he checkup the children but check out mothers. Nandini comes to the room and also suggests Mauli about a top knot. Kunal laughs while Mauli was offensive that Nandini and Kunal got the same choices and she is the odd one out. She finally agrees to tie her hair.
Dida comes to the hall ready for party in funky outfit. Mamma hides her smile. Kunal comes to complement Dida. Dida asks about the star of the evening. Kunal says stars also make late entries, she might be here soon. Everyone turn to watch Nandini and then Mauli. Mauli looks towards everyone quizzical. Kunal asks Nandini if she has seen Mauli, he couldn’t find her. Mauli was upset that she doesn’t look like herself. Mamma says she looks really beautiful. Mauli felt odd as everyone stared at her.
In the kitchen, Nandini asks Pramilla if Mauli seems happy. Is she enjoying? Pramilla says its Nandini’s appreciation that cheers Mauli more. Mauli was complementing Nandini’s efforts in front of all the guests. Her mother and brother come to party. She asks about dad, but he couldn’t come to party because their grandmother wasn’t fine. Nandini watches Mauli’s mother and Mayank and comes to take her greetings. She asks Mayank how old he has got. Nandini offers them sweets which Mayank complements. Mauli’s mother takes her aside and asks Mauli what she is doing here? Mauli says Nandini is staying here, she has left Rajdeep and made all the arrangements of party. Mauli’s mother asks if Mauli didn’t remember Nandini left her for Rajdeep. Mauli says only she can help Nandini in this tough time. She forbids her mother to say any arguable thing to her or Nandini. Mauli’s mother comes to kitchen where Nandini offers her something. She warns Nandini not to harm her daughter like she did years ago by leaving her for Rajdeep. Mauli is easily fooled but she won’t let Nandini play with her emotions again.
Kunal takes the attention of the guests but announces that this time its not for his wife, apologizing Mauli. Though Mauli is a good wife, partner, friend and daughter. He wants to name his drink after a very good doctor who is ready for her doctors every time, she can be claimed a brand ambassador of humanity for being the nicest human being. He feels proud to see that girl each morning and she is Dr. Mauli Malhotra. Mauli hugs Kunal.
Mauli’s mother and Mamma discuss they must have done something really good in life to have gotten such loving children.
Kunal says he wants to appreciate one more person. He stops Nandini and requests her to come forward. Nandini was nervous but everyone calls her forward. Mauli takes Nandini along. Kunal introduces the guests to Nandini. Kunal announces that Nandini made all the desserts and decorations for this party. The crowd cheers. Mauli’s mother discuss with Mama that Kunal finds good in anyone. Mama says Nandini is a nice girl. Kunal says Nandini is here because she is Mauli’s friend, they are talented and are ideals for those ladies who work in office whole day and aren’t appreciated, who are silenced in closed houses and are lost in the whistles of pressure cooker. They never get return for all their efforts. He calls everyone for a round of applause for these lovely women. Everyone cheers while Kunal asks for music.
Kunal dances with Mauli on “Dekha Hazaaron Dafa Aap Ko”.
Mamma was touched watching Mauli’s mother get teary. Nandini’s eyes also filled in tears. The guests clap for the couple. Kunal and Mauli smile looking at each other.

PRECAP: Makhija tells Kunal he didn’t know it’s such a party where women like Nandini are circulated. She goes into high profile parties and sell herself so that her husband get huge deals. She even came with her services to him, she pr*stitutes in high class.

Update Credit to: Sona

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