Dev (Colors) 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Dev and Dwani’s affair

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Dev (Colors) 4th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dev gives milk to his cat and makes breakfast, he recalls Mahek’s words that his baby needs him. Dev looks at his mother’s photo. Dwani comes there and says I am Dwani. Dev says really? dWani says you will meet original Dwani. I have my internship application. He reads her letter that I want to become like you sharp, intelligent and helpful. Dwani says I will be a nice intern. He says start working. Dwani sequels and hugs him. Dev says first rule is to not hug me again. Dwani gets a message from Mahek to meet her. Dwani says I am going, she leaves.

Riya comes to police station and says there is a ghost in my house, my cat Sweety went missing. Officer says there is no ghost, its your doubt, cat can runaway. Dev comes there and says we have to solve missing case even if its cat, file her complaint. Dev asks Riya. Riya says my cat got missing. I told my husband. Flashback shows Riya calling her husband and telling that their cat went missing but he didnt believe her. Then she heard cat noises. Dev hears her story and says I will go with you.

Dwani comes to Mahek’s house and gives her flowers. Mahek makes her sit and give her tea. Dwani thanks her for her help, she says we can have a new start, Mahek says you are right, I shouldnt keep an eye on Dev, he and I are not together. Dwani says he still loves you. Mahek says I dont understand what he thinks and does. Dwani says dont worry, you will solve troubles, you and Dev will raise this baby happily. Mahek says its good to hear. Dwani says I have become his intern, I will work with him and give him your point of you. Mahek looks on. Dwani looks at her and Dev’s photos and says you love Dev a lot. She says more than myself. Dwani says can I meet your baby? she puts her head on her stomach and says I heard his heart beat, I will meet you later, she leaves. Mahek recalls how Dwani said that she will be working with Dev, she thinks I will see till when you will keep working with Dev.

Dev comes to Riya’s house. Riya brings him to washroom and says my cat went missing from here, I heard noises. Then I heard noises in my lounge. Dev says you take anxiety pills? no worries, everyone has problems in life, I have too, I have logical reasons.. see this frame fell from wall? its nail was rusted, then he shows her duct and says your cat jumped from here and went to her lover, he shows her cat’s foot prints and says your cat cameback, your bulb blasted because ceiling have leakage, she says what about voices from ceiling? Dev says lets go on roof and search the cat. They come to one floor up and hears cat noises from a house. Dev thinks this flat is above Riya’s flat and noises were coming from here. Riya calls landlord and asks him to open the flat door, its locked. Flat owner says I will open it, I am a laundry man and I use this flat, I will bring the cat. Riya goes in house and searches for cat. flat owner says this is my flat, I dont use it much, there are wet clothes inside, be careful. Dev looks inside and sees clothes lined up getting dry. Dev says Riya’s ceiling have leakage because of water in your house. Riya finds her cat. Laundry man asks them to leave and says I have work.

Dev says to Riya that your cat barks at everyone, she barked at laundry man Manoj, Manoj is hiding something.

Laundry man Manoj opens his store room. He looks around. There is someone hiding there. Manoj finds a woman hiding, he grabs her and says how dare you shout? woman is in dire condition, her clothes, hair are rumpled. Manoj locks the woman in a trunk and makes holes in it, he says now you wont be able to shout.

Dwani’s father hears a news that Dev and a girl Dwani are getting serious, they were shown hugging. Dwani’s father calls DEv and says how dare you have affair with my daughter? Dev says there is nothing like that. Father says then how reporters got the video of you hugging her? Dev recalls how she hugged him in his room, he says I will find it. He gets message from Mahek that today is doctor’s appointment. Dev searches his room and finds a CCTV camera hidden.

Dwani comes to hospital and sees her stalker in operation theater, she talks to doctor and asks if he will wake up? Doctor says chances are slim, Dwani leaves. Stalker’s finger moves.

PRECAP- Dev shows secret camera to Mahek and says tell me you didnt install it in my room, didnt leak my and Dwani’s hugging clip in media? you are insecure. Mahek says yes I am insecure about you. Dev says there is nothing between me and Dwani, after this I cant spend a moment with you, he leaves. Mahek says I promise to get you back.
Dwani goes to Manoj’s house. She tells Dev that I took 5 crores to Manoj but he didnt let me in his house.
Dev comes to Manoj’s house and searches around. Someone attacks him from behind.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Mehak is obssessed for dev…. I hope to see meera back in future.. Finally zor aapa ka photo dikhaaya.. And where is dev and amod inspector frnd, who use to help dev as well as use to assist amod????
    7 episodes ho gye hai, and questions are not ending..

  2. What is the name of the actress who played riya

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