Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli excited about Kunal’s return

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunal comes to the room and cries looking at Nandini’s ring he still held. He splash water on his face.
The next morning, Mauli comes to the temple corner and prays. She recalls her past Karwachauth when Kunal used to wish her early morning and fast with her. He had decided to fast for her life as well, else what he would do without her? He had also arranged a surprise for her after moon sighting. This time she was upset and thinks this Karwachauth is still special, as it brought him back to her.
Mamma and Dida comes to Mauli with her Sargi. She touches Dida’s feet for blessings. Mamma forbids her to bend for her. Mauli eats Sargi from Dida’s hands. Mamma tells Mauli to continue eating a little for the whole day, but right now she lives for two lives. Dida asks Mauli

to be thankful that she got a mother in law as Mamma, and not like those in serials who enforce their daughter in laws to fast for her son. Mauli requests them to let her fast, this is really special for her. She won’t let any harm to her child. Mamma and Dida agree.
Nandini opens the door of her apartment. Kunal stood with a thaal of Sargi, and requests not to scold him. He comes to the house and says even if she wanted to break their relation, she still fast. Who could have brought the Sargi otherwise? He insists on Nandini to fast with her, and he can’t even gulp his scolding today. Nandini hugs Kunal, placing her shoulder over his.
Kunal was asleep and realizes it was a dream when Mauli wakes him up. He straightens up at once. Mauli was concerned if he is fine? Mauli brought a new dress for him in his favorite color and fabric; she always gifted him on Karwachauth. She hopes he like it. Kunal thanks Mauli only dryly and leaves the room.
Nandini was eating Sargi. Her shadow appears to her questioning why she is having Sargi when she broke her relation to Kunal. Nandini replies that not meeting someone doesn’t result in a broken relation, her and Kunal’s relation is unbreakable.
Mauli makes the arrangements of Karwachauth excitedly. Dida was cautious and warns Mauli to take care of herself. Mauli promises to be careful. Mamma comes there and sends Mauli to get henna on her hand. Sweety asks the henna girl to write Kunal’s name in Mauli’s design. She asks about Kunal? Everyone stares at Sweety helplessly. Then only Kunal walks into the hall. He spots a lady in saree and feels it was Nandini. He walks closer to place a hand over the girl’s shoulder. He withdraws himself at once as it was someone else; then looks towards Mauli who smiled while lost in her thoughts.
Nandini was getting henna applied in her hand. She asks to write Kunal’s name in the design, and prays that in the next birth she is Kunal’s companion. There in the room, Kunal also thinks that he and Nandini would be together in the next life, if not this one.
Mauli comes to the room after henna. Kunal stood in front of the wardrobe lost. She recalls how Kunal loved henna’s fragrance and always tickled her when she stood helpless after applying henna. Kunal turns around and finds Mauli silently staring. Mauli comes to the dressing and attempts to pick a catcher while being teased by hair. Kunal comes to her help and ties her hair into the catcher. He smiles watching Nandini’s face in the mirror. He soon realizes Dida had come inside calling Mauli. Mauli happily goes outside to give flowers to Mamma. Dida cautions her to walk slowly. Dida advices Kunal to keep great care of Mauli, he must keep her happy and not to let her bear any heavy burdens. It can cost a life of child, they are doctors and better understand the matter.

PRECAP: Mauli makes herself up for Kunal and thinks this is special for her because he has returned in her life. She will never let this relation break. Nandini gets ready and thinks she only fast for Kunal’s life. No matter they live together or not but his memories are the sourse of her life now

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I don’t understand what exactly is the writer wants to say??? You love one mouli and married her and next u can love nandini and wants to desperately marry her no matter what your family or mouli go through?? Is this called love ?? Now u are going back to mouli for your baby and still loving nandinii?? And nandinii if u really want to mouli and her baby to be happy why are you complicating there life with henna and fasting ?? I don’t understand why kind of friendship is this that you can take everything from some one and pray for this happiness?? Now two woment are fasting for one stupind man who does not understand the concept of loyalty?? Are you telling society that disloyaltie is so called kunal and nandini love ??? And mouli whats wrong with her ?? as per my understanding if writer really want to help bring some scence in people like kunal he should make mouli sue kunal and making him understand what he did ? Why are you trying to show kunal and nandini as greates lovers they are just disloyal and selfish people.

    1. I lover your comment and I totally agree! I don’t understand what they are trying to do with this show it almost seems like they are promoting infidelity calling it “love” very ridiculous. True love is pure and not evil. I find myself irritated with each episode as I’ve been hoping they would make Kunal cone to his senses and realise he was just infatuated with Nandini! But rather they’ve written each episode to paint their disgraceful act as something “special”. If things does not turn around for the better in this show some people will be misled that adultery is not a bad idea if you “love” someone else. I sincerely cannot call Kunal and Nandini’s relationship love.

      1. I love your comment and I totally agree! I don’t understand what they are trying to do with this show it almost seems like they are promoting infidelity calling it “love” very ridiculous. True love is pure and not evil. I find myself irritated with each episode as I’ve been hoping they would make Kunal cone to his senses and realise he was just infatuated with Nandini! But rather they’ve written each episode to paint their disgraceful act as something “special”. If things does not turn around for the better in this show some people will be misled that adultery is not a bad idea if you “love” someone else. I sincerely cannot call Kunal and Nandini’s relationship love.

      2. I love your comment they are glorifying Nandani How can a doctor Mauli bag Kunal knowing he does not love her Today kunal left Mauli next he will find another girl

    2. Couldn’t agree more with you! Don’t know how writers and even actors are convinced with this crap!

  2. this is so not right….. why mauli is that weak….we need a stronger mauli who can live without kunal….mauli is been lied to again….kunal only back with her because of nandini not because he love her….mauli deserve much better…she needs love from a man who respects her and not kunal…clearly kunal doesnt love her and will never even in their next birth he wishes to be with nandini.. why this craziness ??? please let dirty kunal go back with nandini and let mauli get a man who will love and respect her….

    1. I agree. How can mauli excuse him so easily??? Whole mistake is from him. they r showing this!!!!! Both mauli n nandini r wrong but kunal is innocent ?~~~??? He 8s the main culprit. Both the ladies should punish him for playing with their emotion n for not controlling his desperation. If he can fall for nandini today, tomorrow another woman for him.
      Director plz stop blaming women for all the mistake .. which era r u in???
      Plz show them the reaLity. Kunal character is having infidility personality.
      Don’t show mauli as a dependent.

  3. So i was right. Nandini doesnt care about Mouli or Mouli/Kunal relationship. Nandini wants Kunal to love her only, she thinks her and Kunal’s bond is special and unbreakable, but still she will push Kunal away to be Miss Mahan and then hug him happily when Kunal comes running back. She says she loves him but she doesn’t even care for Kunal’s feelings, only herself.
    And i am happy to see Kunal suffer.
    I know i said i wont comment anymore if Mouli is forced to stay with Kunal, but i saw some on location shoot, and it turned out i made another lucky guess. Mouli will save a child from accident, Kunal will see her and start doubting that how can Mouli be so active even while being pregnant. He will question Mouli. She will get hurt at this and lie to him that she is not pregnant. Fir kya? Kunal will run back to Nandini and celebrate karwachauth with her. I hope this is the last time Nandini does her mahanta drama, and the divorce and leap finally happens. (please no more rajdeep interference). Kunal doesnt deserve that child, not even a little care for his pregnant wife. Staying with Nandini he has also become a cry baby. Hopefully in a week or two we will get to see a strong single mother and successful doctor Mouli

    1. Hope something like that happen

    2. Dhara if you guess is right I will watch this otherwise no .

    3. writers are not able to make up their mind and are confused themselves. Nandini’s mahanta lasts only for one day each time. If they want to end her mahaanta in just one day, then why they are showing her mahaan again and again. Make up your mind girl and stop giving pain to Mauli. Everytime she does separation drama, Kunal loves her more and takes his madness to next level.

    4. Hope that was true… I can’t see mauli in that short term happiness.. Kunal will definitely break moulis heart once again.. poor mouli..

  4. Awww.. how unselfish Nandini and Kunal are. They want each other for their Next life but still will play for long life for each other in this birth. The show is becoming boring and pathetic day by day. They are showing Mauli weak and giving a message that husband can do anything still the family will forgive him even if he has not said sorry yet. According to them Kunal did not know the difference between right and wrong but in one day he is an ideal husband and son. Please they should end Mauli’s blindness soon.

    I think Mauli is not faking her pregnancy but Even if she does, I wont consider her a vamp. She was being cheated by both the cheaters behind her back in the name of true love. So why it would be wrong that she did the same to them. But the cheaters would tell her that now we lost respect for you as you separated us from our so called true love. Their feelings are feelings of true love, other people does not have feelings according to them and should just move on.

    I think kunal is still under impression that Mauli is using the child to get him back. He never cleared with her that why he did not tell about her pregnancy to him before and told Nandini. According to him, Nandini is mahaan and unselfish. But he will never know that Mauli was the one who did not mean to use the child to get him back.

  5. OMG, this is so pathetic and sad for Mauli. I think Mauli is going to say that her pregnancy is fake so that it give that grownup man, acting like a teenager, a way out to return to Nandini and not have his mom and grandmother pester her to take him back for the child’s sake. Mauli must be feeling sick inside to see how their lives have turned out. They are like two zombies walking around and pretending for the sake of the baby. They need to make this leap fast. They also need to focus on the Mauli’s life post cheated by her the two most trusted people and not so much on them.

    Yes, show they got married and living together because that’s what they wanted, end of their story. What else will you show, they got what the wanted but the one person who lost 7 years of her life now has to carry on with the stigma of her husband left her for her best friend, so at least show how she overcome the hurdles in her life and is a successful single mom with her own medical practice. Show her journey on how she overcame dishonesty and regained trust. Show someone falling in love with her and their story now. Kunal and Nandini will then find out that she had a baby and he has missed out on that important part of Mauli’s and the baby lives. Then he tries to impose his cheating self on Mauli for access to the child she should then stand up to him and say he was so happy when he thought that she wasn’t pregnant so that he can run back to Nandini so why he wants to be part of their lives. He couldn’t get away fast enough and made her feel like he was disgust just to be with her. Made her feel ashamed of herself and lost her self respect for ever loving someone who can so easily fall in love with another woman. Maybe then next story should custody battle which she will win after all the sordid details of Kunal and Nandini’s EMA comes out on record.

    1. I will be happy if the story is like this

  6. I don’t understand how Mauli is so blind and can’t see kunal not even showing fake smile to her but I have read somewhere that Mauli is faking her pregnancy and kunal wil find out about it and Mauli her self wil set him free and ask him to b with the person that he love and i have seen Nandini and kunal confirming the news I just can’t digest it if Mauli is faking her pregnancy her character is being destroyed completely plz return our old Mauli back who wil hide her emotion and stand strong and kick kunal out of her life He doesn’t deserve her not even one bit

  7. Seriously!! It is the most cheapest serial in the world!! No love, No friendship, No relationship matters to the writers of this serial. I found it most cheapest because, Leave the extramarital affair part, First of all, If this type of activities will happen nobody dares to help anyone whether friend or else!! Secondly, How one can think that after spending 7 years of relationship is worthless than 7 months?? Strange!! Thirdly, though Supreme court has legally passed the statement for these relationships but the husband-wife relationship is beyond any statements…. I request the makers either improve the story or stop this crap as soon as possible because Indians are affected most by watching serials and Movies!! I never watched this serial but know everything because one of my friend is following this serial as she can relate herself to this !! she has gone through this worst situation,,,,, Stop making anyone so called MAHAN!!

  8. Hats off to the mahaan nandini!! What sacrifice has she done.. there r people who go through bad marriage do they fall for someone else’s husband who was her saviour??? Come on how selfish is this?

  9. I am sure this is not a love…..that kunal shows both…becz at first he wished mauli and give the all loving slogans to her such as fasting, caring,loving etc…..,and now the same trick used in nandhini chapter too……is this love????and there is a possibility of changing to next chapter….pls makers bring aa right sense story……..really tooo irritating of kunal and nandhini….pls get rid of mauli from kunal ‘s life….it will be better for her

  10. What a backwas story it is giving a wrong impression for society. Marriage is not a doll game where once u vl be wth one nd later wth another. It is a commitment to be forever nd also trust
    There is no trust in this serial

  11. Preethika

    Ridiculous story d writer’s r showing…… Mauli gng to unite both Nandini and Kunal after understanding their love for each other nd after she came to know dat kunal is back just bcz Nandini insisted to go back(and takecare of Mauni nd her child)

  12. The latest spoiler is just nauseating…. no more even following written updates of this degrading and disgusting show. Openly glorifying SPINELESS MEN AND WOMEN. The script is so weak,totally unconvincing

  13. nandhinikunal

    this is not a story . this is reality. this is the only show that shows the real feeling of people who are having this type of situation. you people are behaving like there is no ema, divorce, second marriage in day today life. this show is not promoting ema instead shows the casuse of ema. be mature enough to understand the content and depth of story.

  14. I just hate this kunan. those people who want kunan romance is really shameless. they are alsolike kunan in their real life I think. I want mauli to lead separate life with her child. Also lead for mauli. Love is pure one. This two is having lust only. Totally disgusting serial

  15. ShraddhaSharma392

    Lines for all three, more for writers:
    They are so confused, even they don’t know whom to support, whom to highlight, whom kunal belong, what exactly they want and what they want to show to viewers…..they are just showing mouli helpless and immature child (as Kunal is someone who she want as either by cry or by zidd) rather than mature doctor, Kunal as confused person as what exactly he want in his life, and Nandini as biggest suffer and scarificer…. It may be reality of today, but they are showing too much, as even writers are not able to decide when to take leap….

  16. Seriously a disgusting story
    I do not watch
    But sometimes watch spoilers and update
    Upcoming only for mauli’s characters ( so much genuine)
    Kunal will run to nandini in karvachaut when mauli told him she is not pregnant ( not sure if she is pregnant or not)
    Hope these time mauli will get some brain
    Those who love kunan and spreading love for kunan by using many fake accounts on online , i think they are also like them or blinded by love for drishti and shakti( who previously did good shows)

  17. What a shameless story….. Is this called love ?this is not love.. and nandini don’t act as an innocent

  18. Anu88

    Now justified kunal nandini love …………….writer make mauli negetive and her fake pregnancy drama………….typical boring serial……………we don’t want a negative mauli………….

  19. I feel Mauli is lying to kunal about the fake pregnancy as she can clearly see kunal is unhappy and forced. if thats the truth, salute to Mauli. She finally understood the reality and will make steps to move on. They can either bring a new lead or show her as strong, independent single mother or both can too happen. But kunal and Mauli are done and theres no way to go back to old times.
    On the other hand, Kunal and Nandini together. Nandini finally gets true love. Kunal gets be happy. Mauli gets to be a happy mother.
    But if Mauli is truly not pregnant, all three are flawed and have made wrong decisions to be with their loved one. No one is maahan or vamp here. Just weak and confused.

  20. anjali sharma

    spoiler alert

    Silsila: Time for Mauli’s unexpected big decision… Kunal gets doubtful about Mauli’s pregnancy. Mauli rushes to save the little boy from an accident. Kunal observes that she was running just now and doesn’t feel any discomfort. He goes to Mauli to ask her if she is fine. Mauli falls down while saving the boy. She doesn’t feel any pain. Kunal wonders how did Mauli appear perfectly fine. He means that she should have worried for her baby in womb as well. He questions Mauli over her discomfort. He asks her how is she normal when she just fell. Mauli asks Kunal if he is doubting on her. Also, she tells him that she can never lie about her pregnancy. Kunal’s doubt doesn’t get resolved. Yamini takes Mauli for dancing with the ladies. The seed of suspicion grows in Kunal’s mind.

    Undoubtedly, Kunal loves Nandini. Mauli observes Kunal’s sorrow. She feels like she is caging Kunal. She tells him that he is with her just to share the baby’s responsibility. Likewise, she understands that Kunal is doubting on her. She tells him that suspicion can’t live with them. Rather, she asks him to go to Nandini and live happy. She doesn’t want Kunal to hurt himself and her. Moreover, she knows there is no way to get Kunal back. Kunal suspects on Mauli’s pregnancy.

    He isn’t aware that Mauli is really pregnant. He feels the family is playing a game with him again like the last time, when they lied about Dida’s illness. He backs out from the marriage, since he believes Mauli’s pregnancy is fake. Mauli also gets fed up by his constant suspicion. Mauli admits to him that she isn’t pregnant. She thinks her one lie can bring happiness for Kunal.

    Silsila: Time for Mauli’s unexpected big decision
    Kunal wants to live happily with Nandini. He is madly in love with Nandini. He rushes to Nandini’s house. He finds her doing Karwachauth puja for him. She does the rituals sadly while missing Kunal. He understands her sorrow. He stands in front of her so that she can complete the Karwachauth puja. Nandini wonders if she is imagining him. Kunal tells her that he is really with her. He completes Nandini’s fast.

    They get emotional. She asks him why did he come when he should be with Mauli. He reveals to her that Mauli isn’t pregnant. He tells her how Mauli lied to separate them. Furthermore, he tells Nandini that he will always be with her. Nandini gets too happy and hugs him. Finally, Nandini feels Kunal is free of old bonds. They get happiness because of Mauli’s humble lie. Kunal and Nandini spend romantic moments and look ahead to their future together. Mauli returns love to her best friend. Mauli wants Kunal and Nandini’s happiness. Mauli makes a big sacrifice for the two dear people whom she loves a lot. Consequently, Kunal decides to marry Nandini

  21. All such kind of serials mislead the society.what the writer wanted to tell ,to encourage the extramarital affairs… please do not encourage ,such serials would take immature women to a wrong path

  22. Latest spoiler shows that mauli lied to kunal about pregnancy and let him go.and kunal will marry nandini.i think in future they will show that nandini will have no child and she can never be pregnant again justblike yamini cursed her.then blo*dy kunal will come to mauli claiming his paternity over her child

  23. Pls start the journey of mauli , show her as a strong , independent women, who don’t need this cheap man to care her baby , she is self sufficient

  24. I think after the leap mouli will have the child and nandini could not have any child so selfish kunan will fight with her for the child . But it was expected from these two rubbish cheater the problem is kunan fan would also encourage that for the sake of their favorites to be happy and still make their disgusting romance .I think it would be expected too since from their point that is the real life and bla bla . I think this show is the most irritated ever. I stop watching but keep the update to follow mouli journey and I hope the coming for her is better.

  25. Writer is trying to convey how excusable and justifiable it is to have an extra marital affair.
    Sing this song to another crowd I am not enjoying or buying how Kunal the cheater can sleep with his wife’s best friend whilst looking his wife in the eye and feel no shame or remorse.
    And we the viewers must accept his degradable conduct as pure love.
    And we must accept how Nandini is sacrificing her extra marital affair so Kunal the Cheater can go back to his rightful wife.
    And the rightfully decent wife has to feel guilty for not handing over her husband to Nandini the Cheater.

  26. Kya ghatiya serial hai

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