Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Bari Amma’s plan fails

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaidika holds the sieve to break her fast when Sahil walks to her with a smile. He says he knew already that Vaidika would surely fast. She is his wife and would fulfil all rights of a wife. Vaidika was worried what if they get caught, he must go to Bhoomi who is waiting for her husband. Sahil keeps a finger over Vaidika’s mouth and says Bhoomi has kept a fast, he and Bhoomi are spouse in the eyes of world. But Vaidika is also love. He wants to make it clear no one can love someone as he loved Vaidika; he has now left his love story to God. He doesn’t know what future holds for them, but right know they stand here as husband-wife and lets fully live this moment.
Bhoomi comes across the corridor looking for Sahil.
Sahil teases Vaidika as she breaks her fast and looks at Sahil’s

face in the sieve. Sahil teases her while making her drink water from the pot and eats the bite of sweet first by himself. Vaidika smiles as they share an eye lock. Sahil tells Vaidika they will be together tonight, but its alright if she is uncomfortable. Vaidika says for Ved, each day is important but wants to speak about Bhoomi. Bhoomi reach there. Vaidika hides her aarti plate. Bhoomi was excited and takes Sahil downstairs for Pooja. Puneesh had filmed the celebrations of Vaidika and Sahil’s Karwachot. Puneesh thinks Sahil is really lucky, he is looting the pleasure of two wives at once.
Sahil stood in front of Bhoomi as she performs the rituals. He could see Vaidika’s face in Bhoomi. Puneesh comes to Prachi who was annoyed at him for being late. Bari Amma brings laddu to Bhoomi, they are made of pure desi ghee she got especially for Sahil. He loves them. Sahil was excited and gulps the whole laddu. Bari Amma thinks Sahil would stay drunk and half-conscious now, he will get into the wrong room and will not even realize it’s not Vaidika inside but Bhoomi. She won’t care then if Sahil even sleeps with Vaidika for the sake of Ved.
In the hotel, Sahil goes into room 109. Bari Amma thinks her plan would now accomplish. She had already planned with the hotel management, and Bhoomi is there in the room instead of Vaidika.
Sahil comes to the room. Vaidika was there inside and notices something strange. She notices the marks of lipstick on his neck, he recalls he lost his balance and Bhoomi supported him. May be he got it then. Vaidika says she understands that its Bhoomi’s right. She thinks Bhoomi finally got what she longed for, past five years. Sahil holds Vaidika’s hand. Both sit on the bed together. Sahil circles his arm around Vaidika, while holds her hand from the other one to kiss it. They come into a hug.
Bhoomi was ready to welcome Sahil in the other room. She was grateful to Vaidika as today her marriage would accomplish.
Downstairs, Bari Amma slaps the receptionist. He explains it was by mistake that Vaidika got the keys of Room 109. Bari Amma was determined not to let Vaidika win. She comes to Bhoomi in her room and says it’s all Vaidika’s planning, she must have taken Sahil into her own room. She snatched Bhoomi’s right and has taken her place in her life in the name of Ved. Bhoomi hysterically cries spilling everything around, and ruining the décor of the room. Bari Amma smirks and leaves the room, thinking that no matter she couldn’t be victorious but created enmity between the two sisters. Now Bhoomi will kill Vaidika.
The next morning, Sahil wakes up in the hotel room. Vaidika had left a note on the side table. Vaidika wrote she was leaving for home, she doesn’t know why God brought them into such situations but it’s only because of Sahil that she could gain courage of such a step. His respect for her has increased in her eyes. She now awaits for the news they need to save their son, Ved. She feels really lucky that Sahil is her children’s father, and wish Bhoomi and Sahil’s relation gets stronger with time. Sahil thinks He can’t leave Vaidika alone after using her. He didn’t know about Ved, but this time everything took place consciously. He will give the love of both parents to his child. He can’t leave Vaidika after using her.
At home, Vaidika was in front of temple praying for her children. Bhoomi comes home badly drunk, holding a bottle of wine. Vaidika tries to support her and snatch the bottle. Bhoomi shouts that Vaidika betrayed her and spent the night with her husband before her. She blames that Sahil wanted to come close to her, but Vaidika took him. Vaidika was shocked at the accusations. Bhoomi calls Vaidika a cunning and selfish lady, at least she could have spared her younger sister. She had only pleaded for her son and husband. Bhoomi asks Vaidika how was her husband in bed? Vaidika holds a hand to slap Bhoomi. Bhoomi was still accusing Vaidika when Sahil comes from behind and demands Bhoomi to apologize Vaidika.

PRECAP: Sahil confess his love for Vaidika. Bhoomi comes clapping and taunts that they only spent a night together and forgot about everything else. Sahil frees Bhoomi from their wedding bond and decides to divorce her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Omigawd…. ???????…..

  2. Leisa s morris

    Raji,naz,dolly,oh hell everyone I screames atd top of my lungs wen I saw d way sahil and vedika came close. I swear my heart was beating so fast it was as if I was there in d room with dem…oh my wrd wat a vision. Raji ur head could stop hurt now lol bjoomi got wat she deserved an empty bed while sadila got to revel in their luv. Leave it to BA to put a spin on tings she plotted yet her plan failed so wat does she do ? Put d entire blame on vedika but today I could care less,my jodi get their moment and ooh wat a moment. Bhoomi sorry gul ur left bereft

  3. Leisa, my heart was thudding in my chest. Finally, finally our beloved couple consummated their love and marriage ??????…and finally Raji could exhale, you see how she isn’t on the forum as yet…she’s basking in glory that Bhoomi got what she deserved….that karva chaut scene was ???…and the bedroom scene left us to imagine and all of us have good imagination!!! Whew… This is the moment we were waiting for for so long and right now I don’t care if this is the first try, Vedika has to become pregnant without waiting for second round.

  4. Nina

    Thankful for the beautiful moments which Sadika are creating in that episode. Since the beginning of the show it was pretty chilly, In ten months I kept warm. At last Vedika looks at Sahil and her arm go up for hug loved husband.

  5. Friends, Suhasi Dhami is a married woman in real life so I’m of the opinion that she had asked for the scene to be romantic but clean at the same time, she does come across as a decent Indian woman who however haven’t been tainted by the filmy world because I have never heard of any negative things about her. Leisa… Suhasi Dhami and her co-star had come home here many years ago while she was on YMGGK, as guests in a concert at Center of Excellence and my goodness, I saw her up close and she’s very beautiful, petite and dainty looking, I had made my way through the throng of the excited audience like a snake slithering, I don’t know how I did it but I did and I was only able to shake the hand of her co-star whose name was Karan on and off screen, well I almost fainted!!! I also met Surbhi Jothi who was doing Qubool Hai at the time and Leena Jumani aka Tanu of KKB when they were guests of honor at the Divali Nagar…about 2yrs ago, I think it was!!! They are all beautiful but Suhasi Dhami is almost etheral…. Just like in today’s episode at karva chaut, the darkness of the balcony added an etheral aura to her and she looked stunning in the red sari…. Wow!!! I count myself lucky..uh huh!!

    1. Leisa s morris

      Naz I remember wen dey came unfortunately I wasnt there but I loved her in all her zee tv serials,especially as abha and now as vedika

  6. So… Sahil has finally lost his virginity to the woman he would die for!! How much more romantic this could be!!! Since Vedika wasn’t in the scene in the morning, I would have preferred if he was wearing a different pair of trousers and maybe a T-shirt to add authenticity and logic to the moment, just my view, not saying it should be a Salman Khan thing, just a change would have been better. So, now that he’s gotten what is rightfully his, I would think that his love would be even deeper than before. I think Bhoomi should just pack her bags…

    1. Leisa s morris

      Yes naz I always find it strange and unrealistic seeing d couples fully clothed in d close from nite before after consumation. Im not saying dat dey should be naked but atleast a different set of clothing to give d impression dat dey actually got intimate as noone I know gets intimate with all dem clothes and wakes up in d morn still filly dressed in d same outfit

    2. nice one, our wishes had been grantd finally . from now on i wl sleep like a baby, many thanks to the writters

  7. Omg .. wow! What a beautiful scene. Finally 2 become 1. ?????. Never seen 2 people so much in love. The letter Vetika left is so beautifully written and Sahil response was heartfelt. He is so besotted. Love him to bits. Naz, Dolly and all friends our wish had been granted. Raji you will sleep well tonight.
    Thanks for listening writers.

    As for BA and Bhoomi I say “Keep Trying”

    1. Yes Pooja, thanks so much to the writers for granting our wishes, that’s why from time to time I cut them a little slack, they are way better than the other writers on the other serials, sometimes it feels like we are in our own little world with Sahil Vedika and US cheering them along, swatting the insects away from their beautiful cocoon… And your last line is perfectly correct…better luck next time BA and Bhoomi..hey, don’t you think that it’s very inappropriate for an old lady like BA to give advice to her Bahu on how to seduce her son? Ohhh right, that’s what the witch did with Yash’s father she seduced him and succeeded unfortunately Bhoomi’s brand isn’t working so she thinks she should tell Bhoomi how to do it and get this…she’s counting the chicken before the egg is laid, beaming on the intended news that Bhoomi would get pregnant.. LMAO!!

  8. Oh GOD finallyvthebdsy came when our sadika became one. I cannot tell u i am soooooooooooo happy. The lustful woman with full of pancake on her face was a sogjt to see. Only hope goes completely MAD n the vampire woman should be smashed to desth. Only wished that little more romance should hv been shown between our lovey dovey couple. Anyways something better than nothing. Naz n Dolly as usual waiting for yr comments.

  9. Yes naz u r correct. Since Suhasibis a married lady the wedding night scene was not over the board n it should be likev hat only. Love should be thrubeyes n body language n not falling on each other. Ialso think friend that suhasi is veru petite n naturally neautiful but our lustful barbie bhoomi tommy is just photogenic with loads of pancake on her kathakali face. In yesterdays karva chauth scene the lustful ladys face wasbfull of over the board make up. Wish sahil n vefika would hv been a couple in real life also. What a pair they make n the chemistry between them is out of the world. Friends u all r correct. Yesterday night i sleptt peacefully like a Baby. Really God heard my prayers. Now only thing is vedika should get pregnant. Writers pls listen to all sadika fans n dont disappoint us.

  10. Yes friends i slept like a BABY DOLL N PLS NOT BARBIE DOLL. I cannot forget the lovely n clean romantic htl scene between sadika. Thk GOD the writers didnt go overboard. Did u all noticevin that scene when sahil embraces vedikabn in turn when she leaves all her inhibitions n coyly keeps her hand on his shoulder he opens eyes with happiness since this is the first time she showed her feelings to him thru her actions. I think tjat must he the happiest moment for him. Oh how I wish i know it is too much to expect that sahil n vedika were a couple in real life also. As Naz said that sahil lost his virginity to the LOVE OF HIS LIFE. Friends i am still in a DAZE. Ifont know how ll i come out of it

  11. I forgot to mention one more thing. I am sure u all would hv noticed in the karva chauth scene when sahil bends his head to almost kiss vedika he is standing so very close to her that i literally blushed n almost faint. I had also seen this karva chauth scene in u tube nearly (dont laugh) pls, 25 to 30 times. U wont believe i am still watching it.

  12. This is the most decent love i have seen on screen..or its just overboard in the media.. Vedhika did look so very beautiful in that red saree and the way Sahil looked at her was so naughty and loving.. and the scene where sahil took her hand and she hesitated..omgggg..finally they are husband and wife in real context..
    And the scene where sahil reads vedika’s letter the next mrng, and he just touches the pillow was so very soft and passionate.. even that touch carried so many emotions.. it was like i myself was having some out of body experience.. literally there..
    And when sahil thinks to himself to protect and take care of vedhika as his responsiblity forever..
    Ahhh..finally….finally…Dolly is in luvvvvv….

  13. Yes i forgot to mention about the beautiful meaningful letter that vedika wrote n after that when sahil thinks about protecting her n loving her throughout his life was so touching. And also the dialogue on the karva chauth day when he tells her that nobody has loved n will love like him as he has loved her for many more births. I get goose bumps by his deep voice n the way he tells his romantic dialogue. Wish we had someone like him to love us.

  14. Raji I watched yesterday’s episode 4 times already. Love it so much??. Naz and Dolly I felt the emotions too. Wow… the love scene so beautifully executed and hats off to the writers

  15. Expose badi amma asap infront of sahil let the pen drive come out

    1. Naz sorry to hear about it. But at least u r lucy that some one loved u like sahil though u could never be his. If there is a GOD UP u will surely be united with him in the next birth witha HAPPY ENDING. I will pray for u. MAY GOD BLESS U N ALL OUR SADIKA FANS.

  16. we are all the romantic lots fa sure.. 🙂

  17. Ok all of u just i read in SPOILERS that some how sahil will get hold of the pendrive n he will be shocked after hearing BA commiting to all the crimes. He will come to know that she is the one who created mess n misunderstanding in his n vedikas life. He will then decide to leave BAs house n start a new life with Vedika n Ved n lustful bhoomi will be shocked seeing this that sahil is taking this step for vedika. Hope this is true friends in which case we will get to see beautiful n serene sadika scenes. Pls even you all read n cfm if this is true. Can u all imagine Sahil, Vedika, Arya, Ved n the new born all living together in a separate house. Oh not to forget NANI.

  18. We are the romantic lots for sure..:-)

  19. Hello my beautiful friends…all of you… Everyone wrote great feedback from the episode because the episode was awesome and long overdue. I also love love ? Sahil’s deep voice and his words are ?????..who wouldn’t want their beloved to tell them their heart so lovingly!!! Pooja, I also watched the episode 3 times again. Leisa, that’s what I always gripe about but you know, in Pavitra Rishta, Archana always went to bed in her nightgown and no make up and I’m daring to say that’s the only thing Ekta Kapoor ever got right in her serials…send them to bed like how they ought to go… Dolly, I felt the same way like you when Sahil was caressing the pillow, just like a lover would after a passionate night as he reminisced ….Raji, you are the one who never fail to make us laugh, read Leisa’s last comment on the previous forum, I echo her sentiment and you are truly a bright light here, it does feel like we are the most fun group on forums at the moment and I’m giving you a lot of credit, seriously….when reading your comments all I can see is drama queen but in a good way… Ladies, it truly is a blessing to have the one made for you love you the way Sahil expresses it…it’s THE most satisfying euphoric feeling ever to experience, I’m not talking about someone telling you that they love you now and few months or years down the line they tell you that they aren’t sure if they feel the same way like before, I’m speaking about the one who falls in love with you, grows that love but even though he couldn’t get you for himself, loves you still, loved you still, despite the distance, despite the fact that you were married to someone else due to reasons beyond your control, I dare to say, love you till he died!! Raji, the name Baby Doll evoked my memories, that’s why I’m touching this topic… 35 years ago I was a fortunate young woman who owned such a love but destiny is cruel at times, when Alisha Chinoy was called that name so many years ago, it was my pen-friend ( that’s what it was called back then when a serial was called Big Blue Marble who connected young people to the outer world, today we have social media) anyways…it was my pen-friend in the USA who gave me that name when I was 14yrs old and then the love of my life continued with it…. Sadly I lost him to death 3yrs ago but it’s reassuring to me to hear from his dearest friend that he died loving only one woman…how fortunate I am …to have been blessed with knowing someone loved me like Sahil loves Vedika… If you find a love like that Raji, consider yourself blessed!! I used to kiss his letters the way Sahil did, maybe he did the same with mines… The end!!! ??

    1. Muniya

      No doubt u r too lucky Naz…and i think its a dream for every lover to be loved that way?

    2. Leisa s morris

      Ooh naz u had me in tears with ur wrds…I dream of one day finding a luv like dat but fir now im settle believing dat it actually exist. God bless u and b happy always

  20. Muniya

    I can’t really say anything about this love overloaded epi??…just feeling like a crazy romantic who is still watching the scene…nearly 30 times???
    And now Bhoomi should just leave asap…

  21. Uff…gosh how can someone love so deeply how? Wen sahil said he cannot leave her after using her it was so worth falling for nd though i did nt watch the karva chauth epi, i saw d pic of sahil so close to vedika as if he wanted to kiss her nd Omg…my heart skipped, it felt like one d best things dat has ever happened seriously pepul like sahil shud be present in dis world, lots of girls wud be lucky.

  22. Ajj, The world would be a better place if we have more men like Sahil around. People would have more respect for woman as well.

  23. You are very correct, thanks for d correction i was 2 excited to knw what i was writing i also meant by the statement ‘girls wud be lucky’ dat they will get everitin they want, pooja. Love respect e.t.c thanks

  24. Wow ???? it was so emotional knowing two love birds finally connect ! That witch got what she deserve, love prevails 🙂
    I hope Sahil really divorce Bhoomi 😕

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