Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal ready to give his marriage another chance

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 29th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mauli was in her room taking clothes from wardrobe when an old card fell off from between. She reads, “Jaana, it’s not any birthday, neither any festival nor any celebrations; it’s only a card for her because she makes every day festive. I love you Mauli, Yours Kunal”. Mauli thinks time has drastically changed their paths.
Nandini tries Kunal’s number and was worried where Kunal can be if not with Mauli. She thinks Kunal must surely be there.
Kunal sat on a bench at a green spot. He recalls Nandini’s words about Mauli’s pregnancy and about her inability to marry him and snatch him from his child. Nandini silently joins Kunal on the bench. Kunal asks if Nandini has seen the sun, it enlightens the whole day and sets in the evening; but again rise the next day

with a beautiful morning. Why their love is unlike this rising sun, why it’s always setting? Nandini says may be they selected the wrong path or direction, they only have to live with the time; as it is. Kunal understands at once and says they can get over with the darkness on the way. He won’t need to live with Mauli and his child; he can still prove to be world’s best father and even Nandini will take care of him when he is with them. Nandini says it’s impossible, when his child grows up he will hate them both. Kunal asks what when the child would realize there is only silence and coldness in his parent’s relationship. Nandini advices Kunal to give his and Mauli’s marriage another chance.
At home, Mamma welcomed the guests for Pooja. Mauli was concerned that Dida didn’t have the breakfast and now she is waiting for Bhojan. Dida says she prayed to God for a gift on Karwachot tomorrow. They begin the festivity of Pooja.
There, Nandini and Kunal look towards each other sadly. Nandini hugs Kunal in tears and says he would never be able to give his marriage a second chance, if she stays around. They understand the situation well, it’s only the heart that isn’t compelled. She requests Kunal to agree on one last thing, she demands him to take her engagement ring back from her. Kunal was helpless and pleads not to do this. Nandini asks him to stay strong, else what would happen to her? She won’t be able to get rid of past memories otherwise. Does he want so? She turns to walk away silently, Kunal holds her hand to stop her. Amidst heavy tears, Kunal takes the ring off Nandini’s hand. Nandini hugs Kunal and kiss his forehead. She says her life would be filled with darkness after he has left, but the memories of his love would remain as a source of power for her. She says “I love you”, Kunal replies “I love you too”.
During the Pooja, Dida prays to God for being a savior of Mauli’s marriage.
Nandini finally runs away crying. Kunal was left with the ring in his hand.
Kunal walks home. Mauli turns to look at him. Mamma notices his presence in the hall. Dida was also alert. Kunal signals Mauli to listen to her. She walks towards him. Kunal asks if they should give this marriage another chance. He is ready for it. Mauli was in a disbelief and breaks into a cry, hugging Kunal tightly. Kunal doesn’t hug back. Mamma goes to hug Mauli, then caress Kunal for bring back home. Kunal then walks to Dida and hugs her. He was lost and didn’t speak much. Dida was happy that her prayers have been answered, they will celebrate Karwachot tomorrow, zealously. Kunal walks inside. Mamma asks Mauli to give him sometime to adjust and be normal.

PRECAP: Dida advices Mauli to keep eating little after intervals. Mauli wanted to fast as its very special for her, she won’t let any harm to her child. There, Kunal promises Nandini to fast together, he didn’t want any stress from her. Nandini hugs Kunal.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I guess precap is about kunal’s dream

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. So writers made Nandini Mahan by making her scarifice love…😐😐😐😐😐😐

    2. Liked the emotional😢 conversation b/w kunal and nandini…atleast they are doing something for baby who is innocent… Though I don’t want Mouli or baby to have Kunal in their lives, but atleast they did for baby, rather than giving priority to their cheat love…😇😇😇

    3. I hoped Mouli doesn’t forgive Kunal never ever but she showed most weekest person… She was immature and will remain same even now…I agree Kunal returned to Mouli because Nandini asked him to do so, but Mouli and family forgave Kunal so easily as nothing happened, they are idiot and stupid…Mouli hugged kunal and forgave him easily…. Now this make me think Mouli is more stupid than anyone…😐😐😐😐😐

    4. None thought that Kunal have returned but will never be same… He might fulfill his duties but only because Nandini asked him to do, not because he want to do… Iss se better to writer Nandini and Kunal unite kr dete or Mouli ke liye koi better person introduce krte…😕😕😕😕😕😕😕

    5. I feel more bad for Kunal, though I know he did wrong but he has turned puppet, jo jaisa chahe vo vaisa uss se krva raha hai, uske baare me koi nhi soch raha hai na mouli, na family or na nandini…😢😢😢😢 (I hope writers don’t introduce 3rd one in his life😂😂😂😂😂😂😂)

    6. It was so funny to see that Nandini asked Kunal to remove ring. 💍As it will remind about their love!! But what about KN locket and karvachuth fast….😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    7. Devi Maa ne Mouli ki maang bharvai thi kunal se, ab kunal wapas aaya jagrate pr…
    Devi maa ne Devi ki chunri di Nandini ko or kunal fast rakh raha hai nandini ke liye.. Bhagwan bhi confuse hai kis ko aashirwad de..
    Karvachauth ka fast Nandini ka pura hoga ya Mouli ka???🤔🤔🤔🤔

    1. about your 5th point, i feel all three – Kunal, Nandini and Mouli have become puppets. No one is doing anything by their own wish. Mouli wanted something else but her in-laws manipulated her, pushed her behind Kunal, and when Mouli said she wont stop Kunal anymore, then mamma went and scolded Nandini. Kunal is also treated like a shuttle taxi service by Nandini, always telling him to go, first without explanation and now cause of baby, not considering how Kunal might feel or if the separation will even work. As for Nandini, everyone comes and tells her anything, or even straight away kidnaps her, lol. But i guess Nandini is least puppet-like of the three, because she mostly stays alone and is not bounded by marriage or in-laws.

    2. They cant bring new lead for mouli as there was dd quitting dram recently i dont know how much of it was true but sudden whitewashing of nandini proves it all.
      And yes I agree mouli is the stupid character now.I had great expectations from this character

  3. I watched a lot of youtube videos in two days (my bad) and the precap with Nandini is most probably a dream. Anyways, here’s a scenario: Ths husband tells the wife in every possible way that he is not interested in her, that he doesn’t love her anymore. The wife gets pregnant but is unsure of how to tell the husband about it. She is not even sure if the husband will want the baby. She is still hopeful that maybe once the husband knows about the baby, their marriage will begin to work again. Although her husband has tortured and humiliated her on numerous occasions, she is still hopeful for her husband’s love. She tries telling him but something happens and she isn’t able to. Ultimately, the husband finds out in the wrong way and gets unhappy with the wife, questioning her…. want to guess about whom i am talking? Rajdeep and Nandini lol. Kunal and Mouli’s story has now become completely parallel to Rajdeep and Nandini’s. It took a miscarriage for Nandini to walk out of that marriage finally. Wont be surprised if the disgusting writers throw another miscarriage at the viewers.
    Seriously, i thought Mouli was better than this. What happened to the lectures she once gave Nandini about woman’s self-respect? What happened to the woman who had filed for divorce on finding about the cheat? What happened to the woman who clearly told Kunal that the one months is only a formality for Dida? Maybe in-story the in laws, the pregnancy, the video misunderstanding together broke Mauli. Maybe the writers didn’t like how much love Mouli was getting and they had to show her as a weak, running after man as well. Whatever it is, this Mauli is just as weak and pathetic as once Nandini used to be (or still is to some extent). How can she accept Kunal back so easily when even last night he insulted her so much in front of Nandini? How can she accept him knowing that he had been engaged to Nandini? How can she forgive all those lies, cheats and humiliation? How can she even hug him? Mouli once trusted Kunal and couldn’t see that he was falling for Nandini. but after all this, can’t she still see that Kunal still is thinking only about Nandini and doesn’t want to be with her? He didn’t even smile on hearing about the baby! This show and its true love story had only one character that i liked until now. But strong woman characters have to be sacrificed to justify the beautiful leads, right? I wont comment any further. And if the story continues with Mauli and Kunal continuing in a loveless marriage, and Nandini going away, and post leap Nandini comes back stronger and Kunal again runs after her, i wont even read the updates anymore

    1. Perfectly written, couldn’t agree more! Don’t like the fact that Moli is ready to forgive Kunal so easily and her blindness! He already confessed that he doesn’t love her! Where is her self-respect?! I’m sure Nandini will somehow return to Kunal’s life, after some years and then what? Should we watch Mouli’s and Kunals marriage ruining again? Well, not me!

    2. I liked your comment about showing the parallelism between the two couples. I actually thought its about Kunal and Mauli. Yes, I agree that they are butchering Mauli’s character now just to increase the fan base of Kunal and Nandini. I think its too late now. No one would be able to digest Mauli as a weak and both mahaans as strong character now. If they would have been this strong, the wont have done EMA.

    3. Dhara to this extend all character have been butchered to the wrost. Kunal lost his morality and sanity. Mauli lost her self-respect and brain. Nandini lost her innocence and rightfulness. Writers does not know anymore how to continue the story, what to do with the character and how to justify the main story. It would be better Indian tv show have a small number of episode. Like some pakistani or korean drama. Enough to develop the character, project a story with consistence episodes and end in a satisfying note.

    4. The CVS clearly thought that can move on Nan and kun,but most of the people were angry so they just twisted everything. everyone except a few were waiting for mauli as a strong independent woman so they just gave that role to nandini,I think they will make Nan pregnant and she will raise baby without Kunal so that they can praise [email protected] please don’t say mouli is stupid,CVS want all hate for mauli and praise for Nan.there is no meaning in staying with Kunal but usually people do that for baby which is actually very dangerous and pathetic

  4. Okay so what the F*ck is happening ?
    Are these people trying to prove those colony aunties right
    Shadi me dikkat ?
    Domestic violence ?
    Cheating husband ?
    Bas baccha karlo sab theek hojayega.

    I don’t understand indians
    Always trying to glorify ema

    Baji rao mastani :- kashi a devoted wife but who cares sacha pyaar hogya rao and mastani ko
    Aap ke aa jane se :- bhoomi a good wife but who cares
    Kehne ko humsafar hai :- who cares about poonam sacha pyaar is the priority.

    See I know it’s possible to fall out of love. And we should discuss about it. But we can show that 2 people can separate in the least disgusting way ever. Thodi sharam dikhai cheater ki ankho me. Etc

    Don’t glorify it

  5. Today i agreed somewhat with Kunal. Although he was just finding excuses to stay with Nandini, but it is true, what kind of life the child will have stuck between loveless parents? Nandini said if Kunal divorced, the child will hate him and Nandini. But if they didn’t divorce, the child might end up hating both his parents and have other psychological problems… and i have no faith that Kuanl will be even a decent father, forget about good, irrespective of whether he stays with the baby or not. He is not even one percent happy at the pregnancy news. He doesn’t care about the child and is going back only because Nandini insisted. Kunal should just divorce Mouli and let the child grow alone with Mouli. (Mouli of even a month back would have been a wonderful single mother. Can’t say about the present one). At this point of the story, it makes no sense sending Kunal back like this. No one will be happy.
    But i guess the writers dont have any other storyline. This “who will Kunal end up with” is the whole point of Silsila. If Nandini leaves, then Kunal can pine for oxygen and same thing can repeat. But if Mouli leaves, how will they continue melodramatic story with all three? Maybe through baby? I dont know. And without Mouli, Kunal and Nandini’s love story will have nothing to show. How long can you show dates and gifts exchange? Maybe Rajdeep will keep Kidnapping Nandini and Kunal will keep rescuing her. He has already saved her from swimming pool, from truck, from building suicide, from fire, from earthquake, from internet…. what next? Poison? guns? Knives?

  6. Patricia  25th Oct 2018 – 12:58 am

    Reposting….Mauli should go to a different state with her pregnancy.
    Mauli does not need Kunal to accept her because of a baby neither does she need further rejection or pity love. She needs to move away from this obnoxious Kunal and Nandiani. She needs to think with a clear head and mind then she’ll realize she can live without Cheaters.
    She is educated and can financially care for herself.

  7. OMG, it really is useless commenting but I can’t help it. They are writing this show as if Kunal and Nandini are so great and making people loose respect for Mauli for accepting Kunal back. What happened to the strong character they originally introduced. When Kunal is always going to look lost and having Nandini on his mind, how will she feel, like leftovers. Just make do with seconds. I am sorry but can’t watch this show if it continues down this road. I want the stupid writers to give Mauli a strong role as she is the main actor in this shows by far. I actually like the actress playing Nandini from her Ek Tha Raja days, but in this show, I think Mauli is the main lead but just because Nandini was popular from that time, it’s all about her.

    Anyways, it already went downhill but I am sure because people are still watching it, they writers think it’s still a top shop. It might be a top show but on the negative side. People are watching because they can’t help but be curious to know if Mauli will eventually wake up and decide she doesn’t need Kunal in her life. Actually, now they should introduce someone who takes a liking to Mauli when Kunal decides he want to give it a reluctant 2nd chance. Let him feel jealous when someone else shows interest in Mauli.

    1. It is not a top show the the trp is 0.9 that why they are introducing separation as it makes viewers watch and wait for a conclusion

  8. Started hating this serial, why savi g a marriage is that important and always women need to save the marriage, they showing strong character of mauli too weak that she just want her husband he betray her or scold her even after his faults everything is acceptable and she will fast for him, disgusting.
    I loved balika vadhu character much more after her husband did same. Anandi wad mot literate but strong. May mauli kick this kunal and nandini and take revenge. Destroy them totally.

  9. Chandra Kanhai

    Well very sad episode today will miss #kunan hope leap happens soon but what is it with mouli and family I don’t know if Indians are that accepting when your husband falls in love with someone else and he comes bk and it’s like the stepfords wife club they like Okey dokey lets just continue with business it’s like the twilight zone with that family! Mouli has turned into a doormat and nandini has emerged the stronger personality

  10. While I hate that they got Kunal back to Mauli in this way i.e without realizing his mistakes and showing both of them as mahaans to sacrifice their love, I like watching kunal crying for his so called love Nandini. This is the same way Mauli would have felt when he left her two days back and told her to move on . He is getting the taste of his own medicine now. So Dear Kunal , the same advice applies to you as well : “Keep on crying(We love to see you cry) if you don’t get Nandini, like the time would have healed Mauli’s wounds, they would heal yours as well. Internally, I wish you stay alone until you realize your mistakes and do repentance for hurting Mauli so much.

  11. Hmmmm so much bad comments about Nandini character it’s seems like everyone forget the real story Mouli is not so strong woman than Nandini Nandini facing so many problems in her life marriage during that time Mouli give Nandini so much advice and encouraging her to be strong and move on in her life, so what happened now Mouli? Why don’t you Mouli take that advice that you give Nandini during that time so funny Mouli , so after all is just a show but it’s happening in real life elso , when I watch this drama I feels like I watch real life story, anyway I just like kunal and Nandini chemistry Kunan I miss you so much, carry on guys all the best team silsila

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      Mouli’s advice to Nandini was to “be strong” … not “be strong and grab my husband as a “free” token of my love and concern for you” … shameful woman 😠

    2. Mauli is a kind, innocent, loving character. When you have these attributes you are taken as being stupid by some, not kindhearted. Nandini was offered help but centipedes will always be centipedes.
      Their 1st instinct is to bite even when its offered help. So Nandini as the true Centipede, bit Mouli where it hurts the most as a thank you for helping. Kunal knows Nandini was weak and was starving for love and a man’s closeness so he stepped in like a chivalrous pig. Men take their piece of sweetness wherever they can get it at the expense of wife, mother, grandmother. Kunal and Nandini are true CHEATERS FOR LIFE. THEY BOTH BLIND SIDED THE ONE WHO TRUSTED THEM THE MOST.
      WRITERS…Make Mouli strong and kick Kunal out of Mouli’s ife. Women need to have some self respect and that goes for Nandini too. HAVE SELF RESPECT WOMEN.

  12. DannyComments

    Emotional Episode😭😭😭 My heart was so heavy for
    Kunal and Nandini 😢😢 and I don’t think it is fair to Mauli to be stick with a husband who o longer loves her😟

  13. 0nly things matter t0 fans is chemistry 0f kunan…n0 need 0f st0ryline..they can watch wh0le sh0w with0ut any st0ry 0nly r0mance 0f kunan ..hell….this is the 0nly reas0n India serials c0ntain l0ve st0ry..n0thing else…

  14. The half-man who couldn’t give respect to the mother of his child will be the best father is the world. What a joke, The guy who make his wife pregnant while sleeping with his mistress is taking about being good father. How dare that douchbag think nandini will raise the child with him.

    Mauli will go into labour he will say “it is a difficult moment for nandini”. Mauli will raise the child again credit will go to nandini, he will probably come up with crap like ‘ nandini ma is your yashoda ma, she loves you more than the mother who gave birth’ then again nandini drapped in stylish saree, flower on hair, puja’s thali in hand start a crying dialogue about how much she loves mauli’s child and want to be a mother too and bla, bla, bla until she has everything that is mauli’s
    Homones imbalance during pregnancy make women extra sensitive, emotional but we are used to the strong, independent, mature, smart, daring mauli who is also the most graceful, dignified, realistic character in this show. There are no reason to humiliate nd deprivate her from self-respect than glorying the so called sacrificial leads. It is a shame writers thinks we are so stupid and blind to fall for these cheap tricks

  15. Luthfa

    Why it always happens that Men get the chance to return back if he wishes and everyone lets him also?Dida and Radhika are worried about very relation which is already broken but they want Mauli to rebuild it.Why and for what?Just because Mauli is pregnant so she has to get back her husband as Kunal is the father of her baby?It seems Dida and Radhika are considering Mauli’s baby as a ladder to bridge the gap between Mauli and Kunal.Kunal was not happy at all hearing the news of baby but agreed to fulfill the responsibilities as Nandini asked him to do so.When he failed in his responsibility of handling a marriage of seven years then what is the guarantee that he is not going to fail in the case of baby too?And why Nandini always make it look to Kunal that Mauli wants to have Kunal back on her own saying this or that to her?In Friday’s episode she met Mauli to know the truth of her pregnancy but on returning home she behaved like only Mauli was forcing her to give up Kunal for the sake of the baby.Nandini is doing everything but Kunal is thinking Mauli is desperate to get him back despite knowing the fact that there is nothing left in their marriage.Both Kunal and Nandini are throwing their own situational decisions on Mauli whenever those suit their purpose to console Mauli.What Mauli actually wants they have no idea and even if they know,they choose to be silent or feel guilty momentarily.Very nice!

    1. I felt the same about nandini. She didnt once mention that it was rajdeep who told het about the pregnancy. She only said ‘mauli ne hume khud bataya’ as if mouli called her to tell her instead of the other way round. Then she did all emotional drama of they cant marry anymore and kunal went to question mouli, thinking why mouli had to say all that. Nandini just want to keep her own name clear and show herself good, but she doesnt care at all about mouli’s relation nor does she want kunal and mouli to rekindle their love. She just wants kunal to stay with mouli forcibly but still love true love nandini. And if kunal again reacts and insults mouli saying he loves nandini only, they goody nandini will return all smiles and dresses.

      1. Luthfa

        Hello Dhara,

        Exactly my point.What Nandini does is-she gest ready for Kunal,does romance in between all the tensions,makes his favourite food item and if time gets spared she probably thinks about Mauli and the injustice she is doing to her standing near a tea or milk pot in the kitchen!She could clearly mention about Raj but no,she did not.But what made me irritate like anything is Kunal’s pensive reaction hearing the news of baby and his so-called explanation on his and Mauli’s “Family Planning”.Till date I knew that people do family planning to welcome a new member in their life but here got to see the opposite!Kunal’s words clearly indicate he is thinking that yet to born baby now has become the most difficult hurdle in the path of his and Nandini’s mutual,happy married life which he was to get soon!But news of the baby came to him like a bomb shell and destroyed all his excitement as well as Nandini’s.Nandini’s logic behind sending back Kunal was most hilarious.It seems Nandini is playing passing the parcel game with Mauli and her in-law’s,making Kunal that parcel!LOL!!!!

  16. No woman with self respect will accept Kunal.They destroyed beautiful Mauli’s character. Two dirty selfish people are fit to live with each other. Mauli’s is finacially independent and good person in heart. All destroyed by stupid creatives.

  17. Now also not thinking mauli”s stress

  18. Ridiculous is the only word I can think of now. Writers are you so much in loss of ideas that you have forgotten to show your so called male protagonist even a sane human.
    He is sad about his love… oooo Chotto baby. 16 year old he is isn’t he?
    And his lady love is sacrificing? God what is wrong with creativity these days🙄
    Are Bhai at least make it feel a bit sad … I Felt like hitting the two so called obsessed lovers.
    Spineless characters : Kunal and Nandini.
    Give some dignity back to Mauli if you have even one bit of creativity left in you or make this Kunal realize his mistake

  19. The writer of this shitty serial is Gajra Kottary…so called celebrated author!!

  20. Serial is really stupid… Mature doctor Kunal crying like 16 yrs old boy….What about his commitment towards his 7 yrs of marriage….Mauli…Show your self respect and throw Kunal out of your house and life.Other side Nandini is sacrificing her love for baby… blo*dy shit…What type of friend u r.

  21. What kind of a person kunal is.He is not only worst husband but also a worst human being.Generally a man of his age would be emotional hearing he gonna be a father…even a worst person is excited for his first baby .But he is sad and if an option to abort the baby or to choose nandini is given then I guess he won’t take a sec to kill the baby.

  22. In my opinion, this is the most realistic part that the show has shown. Extramarital affairs are not uncommon. Mostly, the infidel partner realises his mistake and goes back to his family. Cause he feels the love and respect for his family is greater than his/her personal needs. It takes time. But the family eventually forgives him and they live as nothings ever happened. This is where the show is going right now. Where the husband gets back with the wife just for the sake of the kid. It’s not right, but it is society today.

    All you guys feel Kunal and Nandini have done a big mistake, and look at them in the negative sense. What the writers are trying to do is show you that Kunal and Nandini also have feelings and think about other people too. But the way they have portrayed it is rubbish. So it is not coming through.

    Extra marital affairs happen. But it does not happen with a couple like mauli n Kunal. Those 2 were perfectly suited for each other. And Kunal was madly in love with mauli right before Nandini entered. His feelings for Nandini could be termed as attraction. Not love. They showed that Kunal was Soo in love with Nandini, that he left is loving family, his career, his morality for her. Secondly Nandini was shown as maulis best friend and a gem of a person, who had suffered a lot in life. Her falling for Kunal could make sense. She had a husband who tortured her for years. Kunal was the supportive caring guy who lent her a shoulder to cry on. Problem started when she realised Kunal also likes her. But given that mauli is her best friend, she cannot betray her. If Nandini was as great as they had her out to be initially, she would have let her feelings subside and backed off.
    Also the way Kunal acted after the affair was known was despicable. They could have shown some more emotions in him, other than him being blinded by nandinis love. It’s ok to fall in love with someone else. But how can you stop respecting or caring about the lady you spent so many years with?

    If the writers wanted to show a love affair between KN they should have shown some distress in KM marriage prior to nandinis entry. Or shown a more mature behaviour on their part, once the affair was known. Instead they showed clear disrespect towards maulis character.

    Mauli was the only strong character the show had. Only that was portrayed right. Whatever happened, she was nowhere at fault. But she wants to be a better wife and give their marriage a second chance. Her love towards Kunal despite everything is justified.
    She didn’t want Kunal to come back only for the kid. But in this scenario he clearly has, and she can see it. She still has a hope in her heart that Kunal has some feelings for her too.
    Her wanting to forgive Kunal also makes sense. But only if he is sorry for what he did. Which he is not. So her accepting him back with joy does not make sense. She hasn’t won. It’s just a compromise. Maybe in her happiness, she is unable to see that. But mauli being a mature character, should have reacted better.

    Anyway, the actors are not at fault. A character is as good as its writers. The series had a good storyline. But the writers and directors have clearly failed to deliver. A waste of talent and opportunity. I expected more. Hopefully the show can pick up. The best thing to do atm, is let things be as they are. Show a leap, and an unhappy Kunal Mauli.

    P.s. There is a show on Jio tv about extramarital affairs. Starring Ronit Roy Mona Kapoor . Kehne ko Humsafar hai. That is really good!

    1. Yea. They showed the realistic pov of EMA, but badly expressed. Lacks logic. Kunal is idiot but he was at least honest with nandini. Once he realised that he loves nandini, he started prioritising her and when mauli initiated for divorce, he was shocked but didn’t attempt for convincing mauli to amend her decision. Even in the date night, he could have pretended that everything is planned for her but he revealed the entire truth. It is bitter but he made both the women realise his perspectives about this whole drama.
      Even now if he hadn’t crying for nandini, I would have doubted his intentions clearly.
      The only think is mauli is so prefect and their relationship was splendid. So it made no sense when kunan happened. Apart from that, the tried their best shoe the reality despite heavy criticism.

  23. Guys according to telly reports new update mauli has faked her pregnancy and Kunal will come to know about it and will leave her. This is what was left to make our mauli vamp . Guys most of the mauli’s fan do not Kunal to be with mauli becoz he doesn’t deserve mauli but what is this ? Mauli nd vamp just to justify nandini nd ema . Regret watching this show but now enough will stop watching it .

    1. well, i hope it turns out like this – ‘Mouli sees Kunal still has no interest in her. But she knows dida and mamma will keep pushing her to Kunal. So she decides to say that she had faked her pregnancy. Kunal gets angry and happily divorces her to run back to Nandini, Dida and Mamma are also unable to say anything this time. Mouli leaves by painting herself as the bad person, but in another city she gives birth to a child and strongly continues with her job and raises her kid.’
      Why else will Mouli refuse to even tell Kunal about the baby if she had faked pregnancy to only get Kunal? That will be nonsense. Anyways, there also many fake spoilers going on, so can’t say how the story will proceed anyways. There was one interview in which the actor playing Radhika said ‘the original storyline with which we had started the show has been more or less discarded by now’ So even the makers are changing the story everyday.

  24. I feel this serial was VERY APT for the current scenario time but our society who always like typical saas bahu serial, where bahu is shown Mahan and saas as strict or typical love story jiss mein end mein ladka ladki mil jate hai and story ends. But no body likes real life story; I want to appreciate the story writer for having courage to bring this kind of topic in our society and I really feel bad that the serial didn’t got appreciation nor the audience understood the real meaning of the serial.

    Now tell me kya real mein kisi ka husband apni wife ko chod kar uski friend k sath nahi jata? I have seen a lot cases in my real life and REAL LIFE MEIN AISA HOTA HAI. This serial was never shown in a way to promote extra marital affair but to aware the REALITY, jo off course audience ko hajam nahi hua. I want to appreciate Shakti Arora for taking this role and really justifying the character and breaking his chocolate boy image. He knew ki character like this will not be appreciated by audience but he still did it.

    Same for Dhashti Dhama, she is a famous and well known face in Indial serial. She choose this character which is so different from sati savitri character which she had played in past. But people you all are literally abusing her with bad words. She is JUST PLAYING NANDINI character. Shoot karti hai aur uske baad apne ghar jati.

    One thing our audience need to know that their is difference between reel and real life. They are artist; they play a character but camera band and their character ends their. Don’t abuse someone in person.

    I watched one IV where Shakti arora’s mom (reel life) said jiss story k sath they have started, waise story toh rahi nahi aab. Writer just write stories depends on audience reaction.

    Apko nandini kunal eksath pasand nahi the, toh alag kar diya. Apko kunal aur mauli sath mein chahiye the toh mila denge.

    My personal view:
    I am not pointing anyone in person, this is my FIRST EVER reply because they have made it such a huge deal.
    If meri best friend aur mera husband aisa mere sath karte toh mein dono ko apne life mein nahi rakhti because both lost my trust. Also I feel if my husband doesn’t feel anything for me and have feeling for someone else, I rather let him go

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