Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop applies haldi on Ishika’s face and blesses her

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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 29th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanchan applying face pack on Ishika’s face and keeps cucumber on her eyes. She says her face will glow tomorrow. Rupesh says what is the use, haldi will be applied on her face. Roop calls Ishika and asks her not to get angry. He asks when she will reach there. Ishika asks where. Roop sees Ranvir coming and asks him if he told Ishika to come to choose card design. Ranvir says I will handle. Ishika hears him. Roop tells her that they will pick her. Ishika says ok. Roop asks Ranvir to inform him about his plans and says I told Ishika that we will pick her from her house to choose card design. Ranvir says you would have asked me before telling her. Roop says I have handled the situation anyhow. Kinjal asks Roop to take handkerchief to wipe Ranvir’s tears. She

says a girl shall know that her yes/no has no values for her would be husband. She says Ishika will not marry such guy. Roop takes handkerchief and goes.

Mota Kaki asks Purvi to see the lehenga design. Purvi refuses to share mandap with Ishika and says that will be my special day. Vinay says Purvi is right. Mota kaka says our money will be saved. Praful says we will give you more big car. Vinay asks Purvi to agree, but she refuses and goes. He tells everyone that he will convince her.

Ranvir and Ishika are at the card shop. He asks the card shop executive to print his name on the above and Ishika’s name at the end. He thinks to make Roop jealous.

He calls Roop and tells him that he has chosen this card. He says my name will be on top and Ishika’s name will be down. Roop says don’t you think Ishika’s name will be at top. Ranvir says his name will be on top only. He gets a call and goes. Roop says Ranvir can’t select a card, but wants his name on top. He asks Ishika to choose card. Ishika likes a card. Roop says paper quality is not good and asks her to see other card. Ishika thanks him for suggestion and says my selection is right. Roop asks how do you select Ranvir? When did you like him? He says bhai’s face is good, but what is the quality which you like in him. Ishika says he is a honest man, strict but sensitive, caring and good at heart. Roop says good and says since when you like him. Ishika says when he called me for his birthday, I understood then that he is a nice guy and says he celebrated his birthday with orphan kids. Roop says when did you celebrate birthday with you. Ishika says you shall know and says last month. She goes. Roop calls Kamla and asks her if Ranvir’s birthday is tomorrow. Kamla says yes. Roop says we will celebrate your birthday tomorrow and I will think of the script tonight. Roop and Ranvir bring the card. Shamsher likes the card and asks Kamla to keep it under the God’s feet. Bua tells that they have to send haldi to Ishika. Roop asks them to pack it. Ranvir says my younger brother is going rightly.

Next day, Bua calls Kamla and says we have to give ancestral jewellery to Ranvir’s wife and taunts her. Kamla brings all the jewellery and gives to Bua. Bua says all. Shamsher looks on upset. Vinay brings shagun haldi for Purvi. Kanchan hugs Ishika and purvi. Mota Kaki asks Kanchan to ask when Ishika’s haldi will come. Roop brings haldi with band baaja. He says Waghela’s never gets late. He says I have to do an important duty today and gives haldi. He says I brought surprise gift for you both (ishika and purvi) and gives flower ornaments. He says I saw you searching on internet so thought to bring. Kanchan asks Roop to take shagun haldi for Ranvir. Roop says ok. Kanchan asks everyone to come and apply mehendi to her.

Shamsher asks Kamla why did she give all ancestral jewellery to Ranvir’s wife and asks if she will not give anything to Roop’s wife. He says although our relation is bad, but he is my son and even he can’t change his parents. Kamla says when did he ask you for Gold/Silver. She says he loves you a lot, but you don’t regard him as your son. I never asked why you loves Ranvir more than Roop. She says you never tried to understand your son. She says Roop is our son and can never post pictures of the girl in bad light. She says Roop is more precious than those jewels. Shamsher looks on.

Roop applies haldi to Ishika and blesses her saying he wants her to get all the happiness of the world. Everyone looks on. Roop sits beside her and asks her to smile. She refuses. Roop says I want to keep this pic and match with your pic after your marriage. Ishika smiles forcibly. Roop takes the pic. Rupesh goes to drop him. Kanchan and others applies haldi to Ishika and Purvi. Kanchan gets emotional. Ishika hugs her.

Shamsher is about to wish happy birthday to Ranvir. Roop stops him and says I want to do something for bhai. He comes to kitchen and mixes something in haldi. Bua comes and asks what is he doing?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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