Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal-Nandini confess love for each other

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 29th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunal reach the venue of conference. He finds a mother and a daughter speak to each other. Inside, a birthday party of a girl was going on. He recalls Nandini’s birthday
It was night. Nandini sat in her window and recalls Mauli crying only in front of her, how she claimed Kunal as her life. He isn’t only her love but her life. Her worried face in the morning, tensed that Kunal is walking away from her. A shadow of Nandini appears and advices her to step towards her love. Kunal’s love isn’t one sided, Nandini also loves him. People long for such love, and Nandini got this the hard way. Nandini objects, but the shadow urges her that they both love each other, no one can interfere between them. Nothing can be purer than love. She was about to forward her hand towards the shadow when a second shadow appears. It forbids Nandini to do so, what’s she going to do. Doesn’t she realize Mauli is her friend, how she can claim over her husband. She helped her, would she betray her now? She must leave this place and go away from everyone here, before she ruins Kunal’s life. When the shadows have vanished, Nandini decides she must go away from here before things worsen.
The next morning, Nandini calls the property owner that she wants to vacate the house due to personal problems.
Mauli finds a letter and was tensed that she will again have to do all the paper work. She was upset that there are so many hurdles in Kunal’s clinic. She has been trying for it since long now.
The property owner calls Kunal informing that the lady who lives in his house has decided to leave the house today. Kunal was tensed and calls Nandini. Nandini doesn’t pick up the call and instead continue to pack her bags. Kunal hurries back as he can’t let Nandini leave the city. Mauli tries to call Nandini but Nandini ignores her phone call as well. Mauli was worried why Nandini didn’t take her call.
Nandini sits to write a note for Mauli. “She is leaving, and can’t give any reasons. She believes she must return to Lucknow. She was lucky to have a friend like Mauli, but Mauli’s happiness is her top priority. Had she told Mauli she wouldn’t have let her go”. The phone bell rings again, it was Kunal.
Nandini leaves with her bags packed. She stops by the name plate outside but doesn’t take it off.
Kunal was driving back to city.
Nandini gets into an auto rickshaw. Kunal runs towards the house and rings the bell impatiently. He waits outside for a while then runs down the stairs. The guard tells Kunal that Nandini has just left, she hired an auto. Kunal was stuck in traffic and runs by foot. Nandini reaches the bus depot and gets in the queue for ticket. She purchases a ticket for Lucknow and comes into waiting area. Kunal reached the bus depot and looked around. Nandini hears the announcement that bus for Lucknow has reached its station, they must get in queue to board the bus. Nandini was left alone in the waiting area as others hurry towards the bus. Kunal reached the waiting area and shuts the door tightly behind him, relieved that Nandini was inside. He says she can’t go, he won’t let her. He fell on the floor in front of the door. Nandini also sits right there on the floor. Kunal says he tried his level best but couldn’t stop himself, Nandini is there everywhere around. He was helpless. Nandini asks why he came here, and didn’t let her leave. She can’t get away from him, how can she kill these beautiful emotions? She never thought there exist such emotions that take one off the earth; she never knew such companionships exist. She could never realize someone can love her more than herself. Why he filled her barren life with beautiful weather. She never felt this deficiency, why he made her realize this. This isn’t right, he must let her go. Kunal says this has happened in the right time for sure, but it’s too beautiful to be false. Not everyone is lucky to feel what he does right now. He tried hard to go away from her, but he was broken. It wasn’t easy to return to her, he tried to stop himself a hundred times but likes its said Love is God’s gifted, only God knows its mysteries. Both get up. Kunal says he can’t step back or deny his love, it would be the biggest mistake of his life. He wants to opt this truth today. She is his reality. “I Kunal Malhotra, considers myself the culprit, accepts that I love you a lot.” Do you love me? He picks her bag and asks for her hand in his. She holds Kunal’s hand.

PRECAP: Mauli was worried as a photo fell down. She wonders why there are hurdles in her tasks. She promises Kunal to fix everything.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. f**k it …not gona watch serial…. Writer n directr banayga serial n dekhna sirf tum serial wale cast only ….public aisa nahi dekhga betr to end this serial..

  2. Thank you so much for written updates and that to as quickly as possible.. Your efforts are really praise worthy.. Thank you again. Keeping going your good work.

  3. Disgusting, makers are showing ema as pure love chi thoo, this show should be banned immediately wat say guys, disgusting Kunal n nandhini, there are no words to describe how shameless they are, day by day it’s going rubbish, if u want to prove it as true love then do one thing better close mauli characters let her die instead of making her negative and spoiling her character, anyways there won’t be any importance to mauli u will b busy in making romantic scene between these shameless cheaters, then what is the need for maulis character, guys is there any way to sign petition

    1. Yes it should be banned…….

    2. Swarnaragput

      Yup it should be closed,yeh kya shik dena chahte hain ki apni best friend ke bare me mat socho,bhalai ka jamana nh h

  4. Poor mauli 🙁

    Idk why but I feel Kunal perhaps never loved mauli. What if he thought of that as love? And now he feels differently.

    I’m not making excuses for him.
    Lying to your wife is not excusable .

    I just hope instead of having vamps, they proceed in a diff manner

  5. at least Nandini wanted to leave, but Kunal has no consideration for his own wife. Mauli is getting stressed due to his behaviour, but still working hard for his clinic. but he can only think of Nandini. pure love, isnt it? so will his next step be to divorce Mauli? i hope Mauli throws divorce papers at his face and goes away and starts a new life of her own and achieves the best. after this, even Mouli would lose all trust in friendship and think twice before helping another person. this is the message of the show. and also, dont trust your husband ever. because pure love can happen anytime.
    i would have still understood if it was only Nandini. she suffered a lot in her life, and then meeting a gentle person who cares for his wife can make her think of all things she herself should have had. but Kunal?

    1. I totally agree with you….why Kunal?

  6. Nandini ka samajh ata hai y she fell in love with him.. but can’t get y Kunal.. when did he exactly fall for her? Just started following this serial..

    1. He fallen in love with her, when he saw her dance in rain

  7. ShraddhaSharma392

    I agree the thing they are showing is not going to impress all not even me, that if you help your friend, mutually he/she may fall in love with your husband/wife, anyway, today my comment is not on this, but on love confession.
    It was really unique, though many show adopt same method either at bus stop, at train station or at airport, but their way of expression was different, I liked that part…
    Though I know both are wrong but little mistake is of mouli also, she indugled herself in work and fulfilling kunal dreams, that made kunal far from her (which was almost clear in 2nd or 3rd episode of show)…

    1. hi Sraddha… what i dont understand is doctors do have busy life. it is just what the profession is. emergencies may arise any time and you cant say that i am not in a mood, or i want to take leave because then lives will be lost. but how come Kunal has so much free time? he is also a doctor. being in the same profession he should understand even more but he treats it as something like ‘mauli doesnt give time’. how come? and even then, its not so bad. with all work stress, Mauli isnt rude to him or taunts him that i am doing more work. she is strong and positive always, but Kunal just doesnt appreciate.

    2. i wouldn’t say kunal got distanced from mauli because of her busy schedule, but it was because she trusts him way too much, i mean you should trust your husband or whatever but she treats him as if he’s not human, like she’s 1000% sure he’ll never get attracted to some other girl. i mean if she was really smart as they are portraying her to be, she could’ve handled nandini’s case without involving kunal to much. ya know when you got a smocking hot friend who is so vulnerable and is wifey goals stay in your house, OF COURSE any man would easily fall for her. mauli is a doctor, she should at least understand human psychology.

    3. @Istabraq thank u thats why i said its all their fault she practical hand kunal to nandini unknowingly sadly….she is the sweetest person but a bit naive in that area…look when she gave the dress he brought her to nandini,the pizza etc i feel sorry for her she dont deserve it but you leave a vulnerable women all around man….the out come is human nature

  8. Priyanjali Guha

    I had hope in this serial until yesterday but today I have lost all hope. The serial is sending out such a wrong message, an extra marital affair is being shown as true love, disgusting! I might understand Nandini’s point of view, after being abused for so many years, being a victim of domestic violence for seven years, finding a man who loves her so much might have made her lose the right path and not consider that she is breaking her best friend’s home, the best friend who put herself in danger to save her from an abusive husband, the best friend who gave Nandini shelter when she had no one to turn to but Kunal? Nandini tried to resist the love she was feeling for Kunal, she knew it was wrong and she tried to leave the city but Kunal did not even think about his innocent wife, Mauli! He is cheating her in the name of true love, shameful! Mauli should not hesitate before divorcing him, the way he did not hesitate before cheating her. Utter nonsense in the name of true love.

    1. Omg I totally agree. I just read updates now I want to get to when mauli finds out and what she does about it. Hopefully nandini commits suicide out off shame. Its disgusting. Close the show

  9. NO! NO! This is so wrong. Of course Kunal thinks he can do this, all men think they can. Lekhin Nandini, what the hell? She can’t snatch her best friend’s happiness to creat her own. It is wrong and bound to go wrong! I can’t believe it, Mauli told her in private how important Kunal was for her.

  10. The person wants the presence of his wife ,if she forget love her husband this will happen ,just because she giving gift ,that doesn’t mean that she never be with her husband ,the husband really needs his wife in his relationship. Just saying l love you does not makes sense

  11. Thank you someone with a different point of view….to me its all of their faults mauli because she had her husband as nandini’s caretaker while she work(who will not feel some sort of attraction after spending all that time together..i also know her heart was in a good place…but she was a bit naive)…kunal for being so weak minded and inconsiderate (by stopping nandini) nandini for allowing herself to fall for kunal i do give her props for leaving but she should have stuck with it atleast for all the things mauli have done for her….i do understand that after what she have been through it would be easy to fall for kunal because he is the total opposite of her husband but it should have stopped at admiration….. to the person who fine they should ban this show come on that’s going too far consider all the hard work the cast and crew put into this project you don’t have to agree with it but why do you want them to be out of a job they all know what they were signing up for they choose to portray these characters atleast appreciation their work if you are a true fan or don’t watch you can always support them on another serial but dont wish them all to loose their lively hood especially the crew they work the hardest

  12. Pls stop this show asap, upcoming story is so disgusting n horrible pls change the track, upcoming track is abt Kunal and nandhini consummation

  13. Too much guys. How kunal can betray his wife and nandini how can she fall for her friend husband who helped in her bad times. Serial makers I loved this serial but today’s episode was yuk .

  14. DannyComments

    So much emotions..beautiful emotions..if you had watch these scenes you would have felt their pain..How can a feeling feel so wrong and right at the same time..damn you LOVE! ..Oh poor poor Mauli…it’s not your fault..the heart is always a puzzle

    Thank you so much Sona for this detailed lovely update.

  15. Mona146

    true love ……..seriously!!bullshit. nandini is a cry baby and selfish all the time. when she has to choose between rajdeep and mauli she chose rajdeep being concerned about her marrital life. now she chooses her happiness over mauli’s. madad karne wala har banda true love partner nahi hota. agar koi uncle pita saman madad karta hain toh kya woh bhi true love partner banega. iska kabhi koi bhai nahi hosakta.

  16. It’s just a serial….. but in real life Sri devi betrayed her friend …. kya kiya sabne…. after her death (even wen she was alive) everyone treated her like diva….. tab kyu nhi uski movies ko boycott kiya… tab kaha the aap logo k morals…. bt because we can give comments here…. we will say watevr we want 2….
    I really liked d episode nt because of ema… bt because of the chemistry n acting

    1. Exactly. Bilkhul sahi

      So many actors have second or third wives even though their wife was still there. Why do we still treat them as God then ?

  17. I just can’t believe it’s only nandini or kunal’s fault. It’s all of their faults

    But Kunal has made his decision and they all have to face the consequences now. Wonder how it’ll turn out?

    On another matter, I really liked the love confession. He knows what he is doing and accepted himself as the culprit. Even though this is going to ruin mauli’s life, I am glad he finally told it.

    I wonder if nandini will be conflicted again? Guilt is a powerful emotion. Each time she spends time with Kunal, will she fall in her own eyes? How will she face mauli?

    Don’t end this show. I really want to see how the story turns out. It’s different than other shows and frankly, much better acting.

    As for it being disgusting, how is an obsessive mother killing her Dil not disgusting? Why do people still watch that show?

    Ema happens in real life, more than you think. But if you start questioning your family or stop trusting them just because of a fictional show, are you really that insecure?

    PS : they all looked so cute today : mauli in her outfit, nandini in that beautiful blue saree ( love the colour and her earrings) and finally in that pink suit.

    1. It’s just a show so watch as that! They have movies like this also and no one says anything about that and as someone mentioned in above comments a lot of actors have affairs and no one points fingers at them. I like the serial and it is like khabhi alveda maat khanena. I’m sure a lot of people loved that movie. And like earlier comments this type of stuff happens in reality as well. Mauli should have told Kunal the truth that she was working overtime and extra so she can fulfill his dream, so he wouldn’t have thought that she doesn’t have time for him. In response to earlier comments, both are doctors and they have emergencies but Mauli was doing extra time/work/days to fulfill Kunal’s dream and Kunal never asked her to do all that she took it upon herself to do that and that left no time with kunal.

  18. If Kunal has made a decision being a man he should tell all the truth to mauli right and confess that he loves nandhini now that will be better rather to continue their relation on maulis back and giving her life time scar, what’s the point in it am also interested in knowing what will happen in future, n what will mauli do when she comes to know the truth for that only am reading updates hope it happens soon,

  19. Guys… This serial started with the concept of extra marital affair. Were the promos not enough to give out what you should be expecting from this serial? So for all those cribbing about banning it or stop watching it, you should have not started watching it in the first place. Secondly, they are not showing something that doesn’t happen. Things like extra marital affair happen all the time around us and they are showing just that. We need to deal with it maturely and not take inspiration from it. EMA is a harsh reality of life which we must admit and be open to seeing it in TV serials or movies.

    1. We all know what is the great result of extra marital affair.. so it would be better if they show this with less affections …
      Not with tag of true love…
      Or if it’s true then show the society how to handle it with passion… until divorce..

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