Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update Amayra leaves Sikandar’s house

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Kulfi complains to Sikandar that her mother’s potli is lost and now she will never know the truth about her father. Sikandar tells Kulfi that the truth cannot be stopped and no one can stop it from getting known. Sikandar tells Kulfi that she has done a big task by singing on stage in front of so many people and he is proud of her. Sikandar asks Kulfi not to worry as he will handle everything. Mohender confronts Lovely and he realizes that Lovely has manipulated Tevar to believe that Kulfi is his daughter. Lovely says that Kulfi will get a father but Amayra will lose her life if Kulfi does not go. Lovely hears Sikandar booking an appointment for a DNA test. Lovely thinks that this test will prove that Tevar is not Kulfi’s father. Lovely think she has to stop Sikandar from doing DNA test. Tevar is very angry and tells his manager that he will tell Sikandar the truth about his past relationship with Lovely. Minty calls up Tevar and questions about his relation with Kulfi.Tevar gets angry with Minty and breaks off their engagement.

Kulfi sees Sikandar’s mother being tensed in middle of the night. Kulfi assures her that she will not go anywhere. Next morning, Mohender goes to meet Tevar and tells him that Kulfi belongs to their house. Tevar asks Mohender to ask Kulfi’s Mami the truth. Mohender says that everybody is involved in conspiracy. Sikandar’s mother sees Tevar dancing in happiness saying that he will get his daughter home soon. Sikandar’s mother thinks that Tevar will be heartbroken if he finds out that Kulfi is not his daughter. Sikandar’s mother sees Amayra sleeping on the garden bench. She confronts Amayra and Amayra tells her that her family left her and went away after concert. Flashback shows that Amayra was locked in the make-up room and everyone had gone away leaving her there alone. Flashback ends. Amayra says that no one cares about her whether she lives or dies. Sikandar tells Kulfi that DNA test people will come and they will know whether Tevar is her father or not. Mohender comes there and is about to tell Sikandar the truth but Sikandar’s mother comes there along with Amayra. Sikandar gets shocked seeing Amayra in disheveled condition. Lovely also sees Amayra and gets shocked. Sikandar tries to go near Amayra but she pushes him away. Amayra says that everyone forgot her. Amayra tells Sikandar that he wanted to perform with Kulfi and therefore he locked her in make-up room. Amayra says that everyone in their house loves Kulfi more than her. Amayra says that when Kulfi was lost everyone went out in search for her. Amayra says that she was missing from home one whole night and no one thought about her. Amayra says that she will leave this house and go away. Amayra tells Cutie that she wants to come and live with her. Cuties takes away Amayra. Kulfi and other family members plead Amayra not to go. Sikandar asks Amayra not to leave him and asks her to give him any punishment. Amayra leaves with Cutie.

Precap: A man brings Nimrit’s potli. Sikandar opens the locket and cries

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. OK so are they finally revealing the truth to Sikandar. Cause that would be great. Stop dragging and just reveal the truth please.

  2. Joshua D'Souza

    Lovely got what she deserved, she tried to play and manipulate people, instead it has backfired on her with her daughter Amarya leaving!! Don’t get excited over the precap as knowing Star Plus they will not reveal the truth instead drag the series on for another month!! I can’t bare to see Kulfi crying over her father and I hope she finds out the truth!! I feel for Tevar as he is a good man with a good heart but Lovely is playing with emotions and when the truth comes out his life wil be ruined! BALLE BALLE TEVAR

  3. Felt really very bad amayra

  4. Jasmin philip

    They won’t reveal anything. This same serial is going on in malayalam channel still he don’t know kulfi is his daughter.


  6. I don’t understand one thing if lovely will change kulfi’s locket and put tevar ‘s pic as father then who will be her mother ?nimrat or lovely? They must ask her mother’s name then everything will be clear. Why no Inquiries for her mother and why kulfi is not asking tevar if he is her father then what’s the name of her mother. They just dont want to clear anything and just show only lovely wins and she is only smart.dont like character of lovely. She is the murderer of nimrat and still doing injustice to kulfi that’s disgusting. Hope tevar and sikandar know her reality soon.

  7. when Sikandar can notice kulfi is his daughter and why everytime lovely can do so many evil things first. I’m waiting the happiest moment when the father gets to know his daughter after this while she is beside him. Why is everybody scared of lovely…..

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