Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 23rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal irritated with Mauli over Nandini’s shifting

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 23rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunal tries to put off the fire by his shoes. He then tears the burning piece of her dress.
Mauli was on her way to Nandini’s home.
Kunal hugs Nandini tightly after the fire was put off. Nandini hugs him back.
Mauli reach the apartment which was dark. She finds the bag and phones in the lounge and sense something was wrong. She comes towards the room. Nandini and Kunal stood away from each other. She asks what are they doing, Kunal explains he came to pick up the luggage bag. There was an air pressure, the door was shut and the door knob came out. Their phones were also outside. Mauli calls it crazy, she kept on trying the phones as well. They must have stayed stuck here had she not arrived. She then notices Nandini’s saree was also burnt. Nandini says it burnt with a candle. Mauli was concerned if Nandini can live alone? She suggests her to rethink about her decision, how will she face if there is some problem and she is alone? Nandini says she will learn with time. Mauli says everyone at home is really tensed, they tried calling for more than once. She takes Nandini’s hand to leave.
The next morning, Mauli was getting ready for hospital. She gets a text from Jai promoting their show.
On the breakfast table, Mauli ticks the list of house renovation. She says only an electrician’s work is left. Dida claims them to be super-fast, Nandini can shift after electrician’s work is done. She says after watching Mauli and Nandini no one would call Lucknow people as lazy. Mauli tells Dida that the wiring work was Kunal’s duty. Kunal was annoyed and explains he called an electrician but he promised to call when free. He turns to leave the table. Mauli asks why he got angry at her. Kunal was irritated that she isn’t showing any trust, why being in a hurry and ruin the work. Mauli says Nandini only wants to shift as soon as possible and that’s it. Mauli asks Kunal to relax a bit, she can speak to their society’s electrician. Kunal was annoyed and says he would call the electrician and offer him double payment to him. Mauli asks why he is behaving this way. Kunal says her tone was as of accusing him, he didn’t delay any work deliberately. He was stubborn and leaves home for hospital. Mauli was tensed. Dida was determined to take a good class of Kunal in the evening, this attitude is unacceptable. Mamma assures Mauli that Kunal’s mood would improve by evening. She leaves for clinic but Mamma gives her juice to finish. Nandini eyes Mauli sadly who was trying to stay composed. She asks Dida for a favor.
In the room, Nandini calls the electrician and reminds him about Kunal Malhotra’s call. The electrician says Kunal never called him, else he would have completed his work on priority. Nandini says may be Kunal was busy and asks the electrician to visit today. She thinks she knows why Kunal didn’t call the electrician, but it’s the right time for her to move away from here.
At night, Kunal returns home and finds Mauli packing. He asks who is going. Mauli says Nandini is shifting tomorrow, she called the electrician and the work there is complete. Nandini comes there saying she called the electrician, one of his task had been lost so he came and fixed the issues. Nandini looks towards Kunal who sensed Nandini knows his truth. Mauli comes to hug Nandini and cry that it’s her last night in the house. Nandini tells Mauli that this house and every moment spent in it is special and will always remain special to her. Mauli was upset but Nandini convinces her that one day she has to leave anyway. Mauli agrees. Nandini walks outside thinking about Kunal.

PRECAP: Nandini opened the door for some electricians and was herself busy on phone with Mauli. Rajdeep was among the men who broke into the house.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Intriguing to learn that 89% of people are in favour of extra marital affair! When the this serial started it certainly did draw my attention but now either the director has changed or else his brain has gone on a permanent holiday to encourage family viewers to be perverted as he is! This serial has a lesson which is never trust your best friend because she/he can always turn out a “fiend” rather than a friend! Change the serial name to “Resident Evil” as this is the role that Nandini portrays! Disgusting!!

    1. totally agree with u

  2. A independent woman

    ??? I always thought that love doesn’t exist this serial proved me right Kunal fell in love with Mauli proposed her married her lived with her for 7 years now suddenly when he saw a girl getting drench in rain he fell for her?????? I don’t know why are I guys feeling pity for Mauli she is a strong girl and moreover living with a flith like Kunal Mauli should live alone
    I agree with kunan fans there chemistry is amazing it a perfect combo of cheapness both are equally cheap. I don’t Mauli to end up with Kunal these two bastard should end up together. What I think Mauli should leave Kunal Mama and Dida should live with Mauli and I want kunan to live in helll they both don’t do work all day sitting at home and showing their lust as pure love chotiiiiiik
    I am laughing ???? thinking how in starting they show namdni as scared when someone hugged her formally now she is hugging a married mam but no issues because it’s pure love ?????
    I wish you director to something like Mauli and you will understand it you sick person ????????????????
    Just to hell with your kunan disgust your blo*dy mind you cheap person
    And justdisgust kunan
    Cheap people
    B*t*h namdni u deserve Rajvir only

    1. Haha you’re so right.. I’m just watching because I’m curious to know what would be Mauli reaction when she find show.

  3. I agree with you Mauli deserve better than this Kunal and she should stop working so hard for Kunal dreams????

  4. I just loved your comment and the way you portrayed it in a funny way hope we can friends✌✌

  5. Either love d serial or leave the serial…. bt stop dis endless discussion. ….. These r all fictional characters guys…. n u all r talking like kunal should do dis…mauling should do dis n bla bla… dey will perform as per director’s wish… n if u guys have problems den start directing ur own serials…. bt dnt abuse the characters … it just shows ur frustration in lyf… I bet half of the haters will ready to do dis kind of serials (if offered?)….
    Nd plz admin block the facility of leave or read comments fr dis show (fed up wid the hater’s comments…. plz guys start discussion on more important issues rather than dis serial)

    1. True… these all r fictional characters… pls guys understand….

  6. Wowww such a nice serial and a unique concept love this serial love the chemistry of kunal and nandini❤

  7. Wowww such a nice serial unique concept love this serial love the chemistry between nandini and kunal❤

  8. Someone wrote earlier that Kunal likes Nandini …only because he has lust….seems to be true…saree is a beautiful attire but alas the way Nandini drapes it looks beautiful for model but not for a character like a girl next door…. anyone can fall like Kunal.and designers don’t understand they are creating a wrong image ….so it is just lust…and after seeing this serial moral is don’t trust your friend…and someone also said resident evil…good name

  9. When a sister can marry her brother-in-law, a saas killing and separating her bahu from her son, a bhabhi fighting for money etc etc

    How can we trust them then? Why will anyone get married seeing the so called saas in soaps? There isn’t a rational side to the shows.

    A simple explanation is you don’t like it, don’t watch it. There is no need for name calling. People who watch it and like it are able to separate the show from their lives and that’s what makes a TV show click.

    1. True…..Nd to all d intellectual guys “first understand the difference between lust n love before commenting “

    2. True… i liked ur last sentence…

  10. Mauli and rajdeep also look good , hope in future he will began to like mauli, it will be interesting na

  11. I really wish that the people who watch this show and support the main concept get a spouse like Kunal and a best friend like Nandini 🙂 😀

    1. It isn’t real life but a serial. Are you saying that people who love Ishqbaaz or Kum Kum Bhagya should get spouses who distrust them and face insult and near death instances repeatedly? Or that people watching or championing Shakti should marry a transgender? That was a low blow.

      I think people are normalized to saas bahu saas drama so they don’t register the overall negativity and fiction of these soaps. It isn’t real, but if you dislike it or have catty opinions, do not watch, baas!

  12. I just wanted to say for the negative commenting people that “IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE SHOW THEN STOP WATCHING..WHY 2 GIVE SO MUCH STRESS IN YOUR MIND”…. In the very first video the makers have already shown the’s a different story than the saas bahu serial so we like it and moreover it’s only a story not real life..

  13. See just like you have the right of expression so does others. I don’t understand this concept of watch the show or leave it. Bhai we may have our own reasons to watch or read the the show. We have every right to state our opinion. And like you enjoy their chemistry and like to watch that, I like to watch mauli journey and see this best characters life and her own path so I will watch it for her. So stop ordering around.
    Anyway mauli doesn’t need that creep Kunal. She needs someone lots better.

    1. Well said..

  14. No written update for 24 aug episode(?)…. really happy……. bt upset fr the haters…….. aap logo ki gaali reh gyi aaj k liye?? …. n miss/Mr lolwa (whatever you u r) if u can’t pray fr anyone den at least dnt curse anyone.. it shows ur mentality.

  15. I dont support extra marital affair. But I also dont find these characters a fiction. I have seen such beautiful couples breaking up due to extra marital affairs and it is really sad that it is very common these days. Serial might turn up to a good learning lesson too for certain couples. I hope there wud b something good at the end. I totally sympathise Mauli cause she definetely didnt deserve such a married life for the kind of sweet and strong person she is. Kunal and nandini both seem very dumb to have feelings, but this is common and truth of our society.

  16. Thnx to the negative comments no written update for Friday and as a fan of drashti and aditi im disappointed….i normally read the WU before i get home to watch….everyone is entitled to their opinion but when you constantly bash the actors and show knowing well thats what the show base on is annoying

  17. Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka, Nandini bids goodbye to everyone and Mauli, dida and mamma get emotional as she leaves. Mauli goes with Nandini to drop her to her new apartment.
    Mauli asks Pramilla to take Nandini’s luggage and keep it in the car. As Mauli and Nandini reach the place, Rajdeep sees them. He gets to know that Nandini has shifted to a new place and he gets happy. Nandini enters her new house and performs the grahpravesh puja. She then hugs Mauli and thanks her for everything. Rajdeep then gets on the mission to know Nandini’s room number. He hears the watchman saying that Nandini has shifted on the 9th floor. On the other hand, Nandini talks to someone over phone.

    Rajdeep decides to take revenge from Nandini and teach her a lesson. Rajdeep enters Nandini’s house as an electrician and watches his wife talking on the phone with Mauli. Rajdeep fails to harm Nandini and the electricians go after completing their work. Rajdeep hides in Nandini’s house and tries to harm her. Nandini talks to Dida and Rajdeep decides to take revenge that Nandini will not forget the day. Just then someone comes and Nandini goes to open the door. Mauli’s servant comes to help Nandini and Rajdeep gets annoyed seeing her. Rajdeep decides to leave but then says that he will soon return when Nandini will be alone.

  18. I love shakti arora so mch bt i dont watch this serial bcoz of d concept…dont wish to watch shakti in dis character ?

  19. Guyz actually how they are portraying the show is to make it look good .. He falling for her while she drenching in rain… But you think deeper its a real life issue is lives of so many ppl out der.. Its a generation problem… Even married ppl r falling out of love nd just moving to another person.. You know for we ppl relations r just getting shallow … Patchups breakups just going so casual moreover moving on is just like taking a shower….. Love is beautiful… We look around us so many lives falling apart … Serial is conveying one of the facets of society maybe in a dramatic appealing manner but they do happen!! And it just clears us more on how we wanna be … What we wanna cchoose..we need to get our mind be strong for stuff in our lives ..

  20. I think this director is heartless person, he never know what happens with that lady who really face this type of marital affairs. Her life become totally hell not only wife but with their kids also. No one going to care whose falt but blame always has to face that innocent one. Because this so called society and even family says ” definitely she have some problem that’s why he goes to find new one”. I hate this story as well as this director

  21. I used to love Shakti Arora so much but I don’t want to watch this serial anymore as I hate to see Shakti in this kind of cheap role !!! Can’t believe he agreed to play this character !!! I love Mauli…such a lovely character …love you lots Mauli ….

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