Movement Arts lover V/S Silent Arts lover?????( An OS for now…!)

This is of two individuls, who are different from each other. Anika Vardhan Trivedi, a dancer loves arts which opens the minds with words and movements. Shivaay Singh Oberoi, a businessman loves silent arts like writing, painting. They wished that they get a  partner who has similar behaviour. But what destiny has with it is something different. They do believe in the institution of marriage, but hate each other because of differing opinions. Even, media had high TRPs while they were giving news of each others meeting and fights. So, you can imagine what would be for their marriage!?

Shivaay doesn’t go for any dance or programmes, as he hate too much noises. So, as we guess he wouldn’t have gone for any parties. Anika was exact opposite of him. She loves watching dance and music shows. She was the one who always arrange a party or programme for any one. Basically she is an event manager. So most of the programmes managed by her had a special touch with music and dance.

The Oberois’ knew the Trivedi’s before itself. In fact, Shivika’s marriage was fixed before itself. They knew it but as you know they can’t oppose it.???

At last, they got married. The media got their TRPs as usual! It was the hot news for 1 week! Their so-called first night was called a World War 3. Omru were keeping their near the door to know what will happen between them. But as these both couldn’t hold on to the abusive language the newly wedded couples use, they went to sleep.??

Days passed on, Anika would do her dance practice before Shivaay comes back from office and Shivaay used to do his writing in a different room. They never talked to each other except for formal things.

It happened once, when he came early from office. He could here music, but didn’t mind it at all, as for the first time, it attracted him. He went inside the room to see her dancing. For the first time, he was looking at someone dancing that too sincerely. He never knew that open arts are something to explore on. Suddenly, she stops. As you guess, she saw him.

A: Why are you early today?

S: Why? Can’t I come early or what?

A: I just asked. Anyway, I am not in any mood to fight.

She goes. He was for the first time out of his world of paintings and writings. She, not willing to face him went inside the room where Shivaay used to write. There she saw a bundle of papers. and some books. She sat there reading till it was dinner time. She was too for the first time out of her world of music and dance. They felt a certain urge to explore what each other loved. They were regretting being egoistic about each other.

From that day onwards, he went early to the office and came back early, just in time to see her dance. And she utilized the time sitting simply by reading his novels and understanding his interpretations. The family too noticed this sudden change in them.

So, now Mr. Silent arts lover went to watch Mrs. Movement arts lover’s performance and of course, she doesn’t know it. Even she reads his books and ideas, every time he goes to office and as expected, even he doesn’t know it. ??

Gradually, they understood each other very well such that they developed a soft corner for each other. They started getting adjusted to each others’ mannerisms, likes, dislikes, etc. They knew that they could give each other a chance. At last, they fell for each other.

It so happened when Anika got an award for the best dancer for a competition. Anika assuming that he would not come went to the function without informing him. But he wanted to surprise her this time, by confessing his love to her. He knew his writings were read by someone as he noticed a different but a familiar scent in the room. As no one dared to enter, he immediately recognized it as hers.

She wore her new dress gifted by her mother-in law Pinky, which was selected by Shivaay unknown to her. She went to the function.

Even though, this is one of the happiest moment for her, she wished if he was with her at this moment. Suddenly, the anchor announced her name. She went to the stage. As she received the award, there were a lot of popping questions asked by the media reporters to her. At last, one of the reporters asked where was he? It strikes her, as she wasn’t prepared to answer it. She didn’t know what to say at that moment. She was blank. That’s when, she heard a voice from behind.

V: How can I not attend my wife’s award function?

Anika had a wide smile on her face. She didn’t know how to express it. As you have guessed, it’s Shivaay. He went to the stage and replied,

” I was here, at the end of the hall just to watch her.”

R2: Mr. Shivaay, weren’t you and Anika great enemies?

S: We were, but not now! She is my wife!

R3: You both had different opinions. Then?

S: Yes, we had different opinions. We didn’t dare to look at each other’s opinions as we were egoistic to the core. But for once, for the first time, we explored each others world. Now I know that she wasn’t wrong, in fact I was wrong, not considering about her.  As usual, when you don’t get to hold, will you hold? No! That’s what happened between us. Now, I love her from my heart! (He knew his plan went off, because of the reporters.)?

R1: Is this true, Mrs. Anika?

A: Yes, even I love him.(He was surprised, happy, what not to say!) He is right. He has told what I really want to say!??

So, marriage is not about people with similar opinions, but it is about people who are willing to accept each other!!!!

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