Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Nandini brings Kunal home after accident

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 21st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini brought Kunal to hospital, he was given the treatment. The doctor comes outside. Nandini was tensed and inquires about Kunal. The doctor says he would soon be conscious.
Mauli reached the hospital and watch Nandini inside Kunal’s room, she stays outside. Nandini cries and tells doctors to take blood from her, but she won’t be able to live without Kunal and might die if Kunal doesn’t get well. Kunal opens his eyes. Mauli backs up and walks out of the hospital. The doctor allows Nandini to take him home, the nurse would give them prescription.
Mauli sits on a bench in the hospital and sobs thinking about Nandini’s words and care for Kunal she just witnessed. She thinks it used to be her condition when Kunal was ever hurt, and today Nandini is in the same condition.

helps Kunal walk out of hospital room, his arm resting over her shoulder.
Mauli wonders when Nandini fell in such much love with Kunal, she always thought no one can love Kunal like she does. Kunal and Nandini walk past Mauli while she still sat on the bench. A nurse converse with Nandini as Mrs. Kunal Malhotra and gives her the prescription. Mauli watch them leave hospital.
At night, Nandini prepares soup for Kunal. Kunal lay in the bedroom still recalling Mauli’s face and his decision of leaving the house. Nandini helps him sit up and gives spoonful of soup, requesting him to have a little.
At home, Mauli sat on dining table with Mamma and Dida. Nandini’s words still echoed in her mind. She tells Dida that Kunal is fine, Nandini has taken him along. Mamma watch Mauli’s hand tremble while she eats her meal; tears fell off her eyes as she sobs badly. Dida cried silently. Mauli stuffs her mouth with bites of meal.
Kunal gulps the medicine. Nandini applies the ointment on his face.
Mauli comes to the room. A photo of her and Kunal fell off as she forces the door shut. She holds the frame and cries hugging it.
Nandini helps Kunal lay back on his pillow.
Mauli goes into the washroom.
Nandini turns the light of the room off when Kunal had fallen asleep and walks outside.
Mamma comes to Mauli’s room and hears as she sobbed in the washroom.
Later, Nandini return to Kunal’s room and sit beside him. She caress Kunal’s hair as he was asleep. Kunal dreams about being with Mauli and sits up at once. He was shocked to see Nandini sitting with him, she hands him a glass of water saying it was only a dream. Tear fells off Kunal’s eyes as he lay down again.
The next morning, Nandini was in the kitchen. She thinks Kunal would never say no to kheer. Kunal’s phone bell rings, it was Mauli. Kunal takes the call at once. Mauli speaks in a composed voice that she wants to meet him. He confirms if she is fine? Mauli asks him to meet in an hour. Kunal was ready to come at her said venue. Nandini comes to the room and asks if Kunal is going somewhere? Kunal says it’s important. Nandini asks him to eat something before leaving. He promises to be back soon.
Mauli calls Pramilla for a glass of juice as she comes out of the room ready. Mamma was happy that she is returning to life. Dida says Mauli could have taken an off for a few more days, but Mamma stops Dida as this way Mauli would be busy.
Rajdeep and Jyoti were in the same car. They watch Kunal leave Nandini’s apartment. Rajdeep smirks that this day would cost heavy on Nandini, he has got someone who thinks just like him. Jyoti and Rajdeep were both determined not to spare Nandini.
Nandini finds Kunal’s watch on the side table. The doorbell rings then, Nandini opens the door thinking it must be Kunal. She was shocked to see a bunch of ladies stand outside with Rajdeep and Jyoti. Jyoti blames Nandini of being characterless and trying to trap husbands of other women.

PRECAP: The women grab Nandini and forces her outside the apartments. They attempt to blacken Nandini’s face.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I am gonna blame (entirely) kunal for this. He is the one who cheated on his wife. I can’t see in what way is nandhini better than mauli…? Mauli is the best in every way. How come kunal’s love for mauli vanished? Just like that, uh!!! The part which I don’t understand is how one can fall in love when he is already in love… And what kunal did is a terrible sin. He has to pay for it. I hope the story line makes kunal pay the price. I don’t want them (kunal&nandhini) to lead a happy life. They have to suffer each and every single second especially kunal has to suffer with pain like he can neither die nor live. Cheap cheater kunal, may you suffer a lot in the upcoming story. Fingers crossed for that.

    1. I agree with you, even though not fully, nandhini can use the excuse of her broken marriage and loveless life for the sin she committed, which in no chance justify her sin, but kunal, he was leading a perfect life, mauli is perfect and loves him more than her life, then why?? he is shame on man

  2. If there’s one thing Indians are good at, it’s degrading women. Don’t see the character as a person. Think of what they represent. Nandini represents the suppressed desires of women. All she ever wanted was to be a doting wife. Kunal represents the ever present cheating tendency of men. It’s true. Men are easier to tempt because let’s face it, women are the more seductive of our species. It’s not wrong, we women are naturally equipped to charm. And thirdly, Mauli’s character. A neutral trait both men and women share, overconfidence and blind faith in love or life.

    Then again I lost interest once Kunal started thinking with his hormones.

    1. Well,Nandini is a despicable character!

  3. When is this show shutting down.i hate this show.romanticizing cheating.

  4. Director and story writer won’t stop continuing direction or stop writing …. Bcoz they love extra martial affair very much…. After dis so much happening from viewers fans also they continuing showing cheap story cheap romance of dis cheaters…. Mostly in real life of serial director and story writer they have affair I think so that’s y they showing same story as a true love so called extra martial affair stupid serial…. They are from Mars so only showing idiotic serial like dis…. They testing the patience of viewers…. They don’t have manners first v need to scold for director and story writer…. The problem is not kunal or nandhini character bcoz just they doing their role… V need to scold blame on colors channel and director n story writer….Keep prompting dis type of serial 😠😠😠

  5. There no use of blaming or scolding bcoz they just keep continuing nonsense cheap track… First of don’t have manners for colors channel and director-story writer here… They just spoiling name fame of serial leading actors by creating dis type of roles like characterless…. But v keep blaming on kunal and nandini just a character but it’s giving wrong message to society n making mauli character weak here…. Ema as true love…. Stupid serial

  6. Oh god dont exaggerate with your so called ethical messages. Have enough of this hypocrite ‘this show gives wrong messages to society…bla bla bla’ comments. This is real life! It happens that married woman or man fall for another person. And if some hubby or wifey cheats on her/his partner after watching this show its bc of lack of love in the relationship and not bc of a tv show.

    1. good point yezabel

  7. I hate kunal too core…… he is so shameless, more than nandhini, and nandhini, can’t she at least once think of mauli, she knew how upset mauli was thinking of kunal, still she didn’t even bother to inform her. And kunal, if he had any guilti his mind, he should have left nandhini’s side the moment he got consciousness, btu this guy, he has no rights to cry on mauli.

  8. To all those who are saying this is show, and they are showing what is happening in society, ohh ya we also know that this is polluting our society and we are also aware of that, no need to broad cast in tv for that, and spoil already spoiled society if they want to show that in tv,show it’s damage of having such relationship instead of worshipping it as divine n pure, this is the first how where negative things are shown as pure n divine,

  9. Such a bad story line..
    it’s so disgusting… what do they want to portray??
    Do they want to tell that extra marrital affair is good??
    Before I used to watch this show for drasthi…
    but I’m totally hating the character of Nandini..
    I started loving mouli…
    Such a good person.. now a days ni wife is like mouli…
    She’s is the bestesttttttttttt
    Such a caring friend, loving wife and good daughter in law
    her care for her family… it’s really something women should learn from her
    Plz mouli now don’t be soooo good and do sacrifices leaving Kunal to Nandini…
    I’m hating Nandini…. she’s not at all ashamed
    Now I support Rajdeep
    Girl like Nandini needs such punishment
    And Kunal doesn’t deserve mouli at all

    Plz makers…
    Plz bring a good hero for mouli… Kunal should feel jealous and should know what mouli went through when he is with nandini

    Do justice for mouli… r else no one will watch this show

  10. Yes negative things are shown as true love thats very bad.i think they want to give more imp to shakti arora and drasti but not mauli (aditi).drasti looks psycho as nandini why they dont show her negative then only kunal mauli can reunite but they dont want to give negative role to drasti nandini. We are interested in mauli journey but they dont want to prove them wrong thats so cheap story. Everyone hates nandini but still they want to show she is innocent.

  11. Nandini is the worst character in this show. She is shameless and dont care for mauli. And still makers want ro show her true lover. Wow how can someone cheat best friend and still no regrets and dont want to leave kunal. They both have no regrets for cheating mauli. Show them suffering in life and kunal must feel he has done.wrong to chose nandini over mauli.

  12. Nandini is the worst character in the show. The writer and producer are promoting martial affairs. I think that’s the way they used to live. It’s not good for our society and the youth and for sure not for marriage couple

  13. If drasti dhami nandini does not want to turn negative in this show then tell her to leave this show.we don’t want to see her crying face .replace her character by someone else who is ready to become vamp. Drasti just want lead character and wants much imp than mauli .hope she leaves this show otherwise viewers won’t watch this show.

  14. The spoilers indicate Mauli patching up with hubby …..not that Raj will say sorry but he comes home to see his grandmother who pretends to have fallen sick to unite the couple….I hope this spoiler is not true….Mauli should n’t accept a man who has slept with his wife’s best friend and pretending to be a victim….Actually it is Mauli who is in such mental agony that she tells Nandini that she stopped feeling anything as there is just void inside her…..And these two betrayers are behaving as if they are victimised… ,I hate Nandini….she is a typical home wrecker ….And the way she was crying and fussing over Kunal in the hospital,I felt like giving her a slap..Yes,I love Drashti as an artist but this character is such shameless ,it just does n’t matter who the actress is ….Anyways I hope Mauli won’t forgive Kunal that easy …if she does so,he will do the same after a few days interval… Nandini and Kunal should be made to feel guilty both by the society and their own conscience .They can not title this EMA as love outside marriage and defend themselves….To come out of one’s existing unhappy marriage and get divorce,there are many grounds ,one of which is adultery….So Mauli can drag him to the court and divorce him petitioning that he has committed adultery but Kunal can not divorce Mauli saying that he is in love with another woman….being in extra marital relationship with another woman or man is legally called adultery not love…As of now ,adultery s not punishable under law but certainly one of the grounds for seeking divorce..I hope the makers of this serial won’t glorify this illicit relationship as ‘love’ outside marriage and insult the institution of marriage ….If Nandini ‘s husband is a beast ,she should have divorced him and remarried…not to bow down to Kunal’s unwanted advances..

    1. Hi Lakshmi… i saw one promo where Mauli files for divorce, but in order to get that, the court says they have to stay together for one month and see if they want to patch up. Dont know which is true. But Mauli still doesn’t know that Kunal and Nandini had slept together. These two dont have the guts to come clear and tell everything they have done behind Mauli’s back. Mauli reacted so much when she saw Kunal has changed his password from ‘jaana’ to ‘Nandini, that she decided to leave the house. I am sure once she knows about the physical intimacy, there is no way she will be able to live with Kunal again. But we will see Mauli breaking down again 🙁 one shock after another 🙁

  15. Dhara, i hope the spoiler that you have read is true…Mauli should thank the writers if she gets only one month to live with Kunal before getting the divorce….In practice the couple should be living separately for atleast a year before approaching the court for divorce and the court gives minimum six more months to live together and patch up their differences….The actual process is very lengthy and time consuming….The duration of a divorce by mutual consentst varies from six to eighteen months and a contested one will take years to conclude…
    Ofcourse this is just a serial ….So Mauli and Kunal may have to live together for just one month before they are divorced…
    Thanks for the clarification Dhara,,you know I have missed many crucial episodes ….Really feeling bad for Mauli…Still the ultimate shock of her husband’s intimacy is awaiting her…I think Mauli has called Kunal to discuss about divorce by mutual consent….What else is there to expect from him after being ditched so heartlessly…I hope Mauli won’t come to know that Kunal has already gone too close to Nandini to step back…..the agony will be excruciating….

  16. they won’t reunite kunal n mauli instead they going to marry kunal with nandhini… Just cheating cheating colours channel promoting extra Martial affair as true love… Here problem is rajdeep is a abusive,pervert, playboy etc… But wt was the fault of mauli is she abusive wife like rajdeep…. Wt she had done just she worked day n night hardly to fulfill kunal’s dreams n little neglected dats all is she stopped loving caring kunal or is family she gave full support for nadhini in her bad situation as backbone to make her independent…but wt she did just broke her own best frnd marriage n house slpt with kunal how cheap nandhini n kunal disgusting creatures…. Here nandhini behaving like physco n kunals wife… They keep continue their lovey dovey cheap romance just a lust…. Give justice for mauli…. Mauli given divorce now kunal waiting nandini divorce from rajdeep to complete after dat they going to marry n finally going to kill mauli while she still alive… How could they do like dis to mauli no guilt ashame on their face idiots…. Let’s mauli give divorce to kunal n move on in her life n gud things will happen in mauli’s life achieving more huge success in professional personal life she must get trustable n more loveable guy to her n by seeing these kunal should get jealous on mauli n want to suffer wt he did for mauli…. Kunal n nandini should suffer more how much they gave pain suffer for mauli double they should suffer in front of her only…. Feel bad for mauli love u mauli

  17. Plz maker’s clarify wt was the fault of mauli here is she abusive wife for kunal…. Wt kunal is doing to mauli is deserving to her wt her mistake is mauli bad women character less like nandini is she cheated is husband Kumar or is family wt else she done give justice to mauli make new entry of hero in her life he must deserve mauli as best choice make kunal and nandhini suffer suffer more they want get punishment wt they did for mailing…. Make mauli to get huge more successful in her professional n personal life by these kunal should feel more jealous of mauli he want to bend under the feet of mauli wt he did for her n even nandini also…

  18. I think we should stop watching this show as they don’t show as per our expectations. They are not interested in mauli’s journey. It’s too irritating to watch nandini.

  19. I am surprised how people justify Nandani’s character. in doli armnoo ki we had seen how urmi fought for her dignity rajdeep is not that much cruel. but with the help of her hasband’s friend she came out from that mess. so y couldnt nandani . Mouli helped her for the same reason.

  20. Hi! Actually the reply was meant for someone else, and also I agree with you. I actually am looking forward to maulis story from here on, she definitely deserves better people in her life than the so called import people.

  21. nandani was leaving for good, letting go of her love for kunal because she also considered Mauli.. but kunal stopped her and promising her they’ll stand together when it gets rough… the second time was when they met after Maulis brother marriage, nandani wanted to leave again and he held her back saying they will stand together. so it’s not 100% nandani fault. every movie has a lesson it all depends on the way u learn so if u have difficulty in your marriage it’s not because of silsila. I LOVE TEAM SILSILA… KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

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