Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Hidimb attacks the pandavas.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and balram with sudhama at rishi sandepani’s ashram. Sudhama becomes a student of sandeepani and thanks kanha, saying my govinda you have helped me so much in my life now that I will be able to fulfill my parents last wish. Kanha smiles and hugs sudhama and says my friend, I shall always be with you.
In Mathura, bhadraksh goes to kansa worried and scared and says bhagwan, there is a really bad news for you. kansa says what happened? Bhadraksh says vasudev’s sister kunti is coming with her five sons, the pandavas! Kansa says what? That kunti is coming? Her sons are all divya and powerful, another problem has arisen! Bhadraksh says they will go through vrindavan and there kanha will meet them, it will be a big problem. Kansa says what to do now?

they have to be stopped from going to vrindavan.
There in a forest, kunti calls her 5 sons, Yudhishthir, Arjun, bheem, nakul, and sahadev! Where are you all? Come fast. All the brothers are in the forest, each of them doing a work and collecting things for the rest of their journey, as they hear their mother’s voice, they run towards kunti. Everyone come and say yes mother, we came! Kunti says where had you all gone? Bheem says mother I plucked fruits for us to eat, yudhishthir says mother I brought water for us to drink, Arjun says mother I brought some wood to be burned for our food today, nakul says mother I brother a watermelon for everyone to eat, sahadev says mother I brought flowers. Kunti is happy and says you all did the preparations for the rest of our journey. Kunti says now we should rest somewhere in this forest for today night, tomorrow we will head towards vrindavan. Bheem says but why vrindavan? Kunti says we have to go through vrindavan and then Mathura, so we will stop at vrindavan and also meet brother vasudev’s friend nand ji and his son kanha! The pandavas get excited and say kanha? We are very eager to meet kanha, mother, it will be so much fun. Kunti goes with her sons and makes a resting place for the night as they all prepare for food and wood to be burned.
There bhadraksh says to kansa, bhagwan I know the right demon for this job, Hidimb! Kansa says hidimb? You are right, he is my old friend. Bhadraksh says yes bhagwan, hidimb is your friend and he would very much like to eat all of these pandavas and their mother, he would thank us for giving him free food. Kansa laughs and says send hidimb now.
Rishi sandeepani says to kanha, prabhu you freed me from my curse and after that my guru, rishi rudracharya had also given me a blessing, that in future you would be my student. Kanha smiles and says rishi sandeepani, I know that and I shall fulfill your wish as I shall become your student with my brother balram as well. Rishi sandeepani is happy and he takes blessings of kanha as he has tears.
There as bheem and all brothers are eating food with kunti, bheem says I love these fruits so much as they are tasty. Yudhishthir says brothers, eat quickly after that we have to sleep and get up early tomorrow, we have to reach vrindavan. Arjun says yes brother, we know that don’t worry. As they eat, suddenly a groaning sound is heard. Kunti says what was that sound? Be quiet, there is someone here. suddenly hidimb stands very tall in size and he picks bheem, Arjun and nakul and says I will kill you all, I have been hungry and now you all shall be my food, specially you fat kid! First I will eat you. bheem gets angry and says demon, you cannot do anything to us, you need some punishment now. kunti says be careful sons. Arjun removes his bow and says let me teach him a lesson, Arjun aims an arrow at hidimb and fires it.

Precap: Arjun and bheem and the rest pandava brothers fight hidimb and says we will kill you as you dared to target our mother.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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