Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti sandwiched between Rohan and Pari

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 21st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishti sat outdoor on a bench and thinks about Pari’s attractions towards Rohan which she had mentioned a number of times. Mishti gets a call from Rohan, and kiss his name. She says it didn’t even take three days for everything to turn around, I love you but can’t express this to him anymore. She cries why this is happening to her.
There in the room, Rohan thinks Mishti doesn’t leave a chance to tease him. He won’t be able to focus on work, and two days without her would be extremely difficult. He types a text message.
Veer races his car as he thinks about Mishti’s slap, and her insult towards him. He smirks as he stops his car and sits on the car bonnet. He thinks Mishti only met Rohan in their engagement, and she fall in love with him in such a short time. He always bear insult for her mistake. Mishti only saw his love till now, but now she will witness his hatred. Even Rohan ruined his friendship. He will make sure there isn’t a single moment of love in their lives. Rohan chose Mishti over Veer, now he thinks Mishti is in a difficult situation now and will have to choose with from among her sister or Rohan. No one will be the winner in this game of love, and surely Mishti is going to lose.
Mishti cries while reading Rohan’s message. He deterred to tease her more than this when back, he is coming soon and she must be ready to say I love you to him. Mishti cries, repeatedly ignoring Rohan’s calls. She thinks about all her good times with Rohan, their love, their planning for future, Rohan’s wish to hear I love you. The phone bell rings once again. Mishti throws the phone away. Pari comes to Mishti, she wipes her tears. Pari tells Mishti I love Rohan dearly, he is my life and even dearer than life. He taught her about life as a friend, and she lost himself for him. His words bring smile on her face and its love that she is at once happier person. She feels a strange fear, that someone would snatch her love. She demands an assurance from Mishti that her love will not be incomplete. If Rohan would love her as much as she loves Rohan. Mishti holds Pari’s hand. Pari says if she loses Rohan, she might die. Mishti place a hand over her mouth to shut it. Pari says her love for Rohan is immense, she can’t even imagine Rohan with someone else. She asks Mishti to speak that Rohan would be hers. Rohan calls Mishti from behind, she turns around and Rohan stood there. Mishti turns around and Pari wasn’t there anymore, it was a day dream. Rohan tells Mishti he loves Mishti and would die if he has to live without her. He is helpless if Pari loves him, she must tell Pari that they are in love with each other. She shouldn’t even think about it, and he would say it to Pari if Mishti doesn’t. They are made for each other, Mishti always claimed him to be hers. He matches his forehead with Mishti’s, and asks if she loves him.
‘Your name has been engraved on the lines of life
I belong to you only; how should I state this;
She isn’t his love only, she is his insanity;
He will be destroyed if he doesn’t get her;
Why these questions; why troubles;
Crossroads were difficult to reach; why part us again ’

Mishti tightens the grip of her hug but fell forward. She cries sitting on the floor, caught in such confusion.
There, Pari returns home, lost in deep thoughts and crying. Radhika asks why Pari was late. Pari doesn’t reply and walks straight to her room. Pari reads the ‘I love you’ note. Pari wonders if it’s possible that Mishti left Veer for Rohan. She can’t understand as Mishti and Rohan could never get along. She thinks about all the times she had caught Mishti with Rohan. She thinks if Rohan and Mishti really love each other, what did Rohan’s behavior with her meant. She recalls all the times she and Rohan had been playfully close. She thinks it can’t happen, Rohan only loves her. May be whatever Veer said was a lie, but then he showed her the proof of Mishti and Veer being together.
Mishti cried loudly when at once she watches Mauli’s shadow, draped in all white. Mishti stands up at once and comes to hug Mauli. She says she needed her the most right now, she didn’t know Pari loves Rohan. Had she known, she must never have moved towards Rohan. What’s her mistake in all this?

PRECAP: Rohan reads a poetry for Mishti, how he longed to see her face. He tells her about his decision that he would instantly ask about her hand from Dadi. There, Radhika shares with Mishti that she has decided to get a date of engagement for Pari and Rohan.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. DannyComments

    Indians!! Don’t you ever ask other people’s opinions too? You just go ahead and plan a date without confirming if truly they both are happy with it! Crazy Indian writers

  2. Is this a web series or typical ekta kapoor show I have a doubt I thought s1 is worst but s1 is far better , heard again kidnapping track is on cards, oh god where its leading too

  3. Is this a web series or typical ekta kapoor show I have a doubt I thought s1 is worst but s1 is far better in execution, heard again kidnapping track is on cards, oh god where its leading too

  4. Oh god where this is leading too,heard that again kidnapping track is on cards, writers had totally lost it, its going Like typical ITv shows

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