Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Antra comes back

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 21st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
AJ says Antra.. Antra walks in. Everyone is in shock. Antra says Akshat.. Antra walks towards her. Laxmi says is this is a ghost. Antra says I came back after years. I would look like a ghost. Our relationship won. God didn’t keep me away from you. Your love didn’t let me die. It brought me here to you. Can’t believe your antra is here? Touch me. You will believe. AJ touches her face. AJ says you are alive? She says yes. But I was incomplete I am complete now. He says you can never know how happy I am to see you. Antra hugs dadi and says ma.. Dadi says where were you? She says your prayers saved me and brought me back to this house. DAdi says you met an accident but you are here how? Antra says AJ’s love brought me back to life. Once Angat tried killing me. Angat says I am sorry about my mistake. Antra says I have forgiven you. I have left God behind. Antra says I was critically ill. I know AJ won’t let me go. You did that AJ. You did everything. When the ambulance was taking me to the hospital and it fell in a ditch. AJ says don’t’ remind me of that night. I couldn’t save you even though I was with you. You left me and I couldn’t do it. I hated myself for not trying enough. Why you left and I was alive but you are here today. Antra says your love woke me up from a long sleep. AJ looks at Guddan. He says you mean?

Antra’s doctor comes in. He says I was treating her for all this time. Her ambulance fell in a village. My team and I were there on a camp. When she was brought there she was alive but in a coma. We couldn’t contact anyone. She fought for her life. Like a power wasn’t letting her go. Last week she opened her eyes. We asked her she can’t leave the hospital. But when she came here I realized it was your love that kept her alive. When I see you two I realize miracles do happen.
Antra looks at the ring. Antra says all these decorations.. Whose engagement is it? Dadi says when Antra is here we have to find some solutions. Thank you for coming. Bhushan says you are right. it is someone’s engagement. It is my daughter’s engagement. Antra faints. AJ picks her. He says what happened. Antra.. Antra.. Doctor says she is very weak. AJ takes her room. Guddan picks the ring.

Scene 2
Saru places all her jewelry in the idol. Durga says bribing God? SHe says God sent Antra back. Durga says I gave up. But look who God sent to stop their love story. Saru says let’s see what happens to her now. Durga says Guddan thought she was his present and then his past came to present.
Bhushan says to dadi please say something what would happen to Guddan now. Dadi says the circumstances. He says didn’t you know about circumstances when Guddan risked her life to save this family. Kaushaliya says AJ will be on our side. Bhushan says he has to. If you can’t question him I will. He can’t ruin Guddan’s present and future. Guddan says it is between us. I will question him. Durga says to Saru Guddan has no place in this home now. Guddan recalls what Antra said. She collides with a lamp.

Doctor is checking Antra. Guddan comes there. She holds AJ’s hand and takes him out of the room. Guddan says I made a mistake. I don’t want to do this engagement. I don’t’ want any relation with you.

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  1. DannyComments

    Worst cliffhanger ever!!!

  2. Akshat is a coward. I wonder if he really liked Guddan.for the way he did when he saw antra was only love I saw. he did not look at guddan at all.
    and those devils durga and saru were happy again. durga can do something about her self.

    1. Can Angad please start remembering that it was Durga that convinced him to go after Guddan for starters…….and AJ his Angad because he did not have evidence to prove that Angad had no part in Antara’s death……something fishy going on

  3. can anyone translate that part of guddan and akshat for me when they were in the room at the end.

  4. So Durga and Saru not enough to make problems in their lives add Antara too…i give up on trying to understand these writers and if India have a format they need to follow for these serial because this sure as hell not new to tv just unnecessary drama….oh well let’s see how far and how long they going to stretch this I already seeing guddan going to step back knowing how much antara means to aj is what step he’ll take now

  5. The second I heard Antara is coming back, I stopped watching GTNHP. We all know what an angel Guddan is, so she definitely will step back to allow AJ to be with Antara…not sure what to make of Dadi’s reaction either? I understand its a shock for everyone……so you allowed to forget All the pain, suffering Guddan had to go through? Hell, NO!… can anyone remember how long ago Antara ‘died’…15years? ,if that long ago, the writer’s have a lot of explaining to do

  6. How in heavens name can a “dead woman” return to her husband. What scheme did Durga and Saru come up with to bring an imposter in the house. AJ and his brother start putting their brains together and remember those events that happened 15 years ago. Now Guddan life will be destroyed because of those shameless scheming low down lousy daughters -in-law.

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